3 ways to use our new scheduling feature

    Real-time content is our bread and butter. We continue to see increased engagement with this “live” format of content publishing—this January we hit a record 3 billion engagement minutes. There are times, though, when real time is difficult. What if you need to put your content through compliance before publication? What if you’re too busy during your Q&A to push all that great content you created ahead of time?


    We built our new scheduling feature to give you increased control over when the content in your events and campaigns goes live. Here are 3 ways to integrate it into your future content engagement initiatives.

    1.       Schedule approved content

    Your legal team got queasy when you mentioned a live campaign because they want to ensure any branded content adheres to their strict guidelines. Not to worry, get their approval beforehand and schedule it to be published at the most relevant time.

    2.      Improve the flow of your content

    So you’re hosting a live Q&A and you managed to secure all five outspoken subject experts. You know they will all have a lot to say about this topic they’re so passionate and knowledgeable about, so how do you keep the event moving? Why not schedule the questions ahead of time? It’s a great way to ensure you get through all the great questions your audience want answered and keep the Q&A on track while still giving your audience a “real-time experience.”

    3.      Highlight sponsored content

    Did you land the sponsor of your dreams for your next live event? How can you guarantee they get their money’s worth from the collaboration? One great way to make sure that all the content you want to publish makes its way into the live event is to schedule it. That way during a live event you can devote your attention to creating great, engaging content- making both your audience and sponsor happy!

    Interested in learning more? Contact us or sign up for one of our ScribbleU training courses.


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