How Brands, Agencies, and Media Buyers Can Use Push Notifications Strategy?

Push Notifications Strategy

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Have you ever thought about using push notifications strategy for advertising?

Push notifications strategy involves quick messages that pop up on devices, offering a straightforward way for businesses to talk directly to their audience without getting lost in a sea of emails. 

Instead, they offer timely updates, instant reminders, or promotions, aiming to engage users by bringing valuable information right to their fingertips. This tool is becoming increasingly popular in online marketing because it can reach users efficiently.

    Why Choose Push Notifications Strategy?

    No advertising channel will stay effective forever. Diversifying the channels you use not only opens up the possibility of reaching new audiences but keeps existing audiences from getting fatigued by the same formats. 

    We spoke with PPC (pay-per-click) and Media Buying specialists to find out what challenges they used push notifications to overcome, and here’s what they said:

    • Harder to find a fresh audience
      The pool of fresh users is shrinking within conventional channels, driving the costs up. Relying solely on these platforms makes it increasingly challenging to discover new users for your product or brand. 
    • The costs are rising
      Traditional digital advertising is not only competitive, it is becoming cost-intensive. Brands are trying to reach the same audiences through the same channels, causing the auction to overheat and the cost of optimization to rise. In addition, the time required to fine-tune campaigns is increasing, putting additional strain on marketing resources.

    Anna Avramova, Performance Team Lead at PropellerAds, adds: “There is no unlimited audience in any field. Companies offering some services or goods grow much faster than the number of potential consumers. Therefore, competition is getting hotter every month; competitors are fighting for the attention of users and need to invest more and more not to lose this crazy race”.

    • Competitive Pressures
      Your competitors use the same channels. This inflates the costs of advertising and heats up the auction for visibility. Exploring alternative channels becomes not just a strategic choice but a necessity to avoid being caught in the crossfire of bidding wars. 
    • Declining user engagement
      Users have become accustomed to conventional formats, leading to a decline in engagement. The challenge is to break the monotony of these standard approaches and rejuvenate user interest with fresh, innovative ad formats.

    These challenges pose a real threat to scaling advertising campaigns, which makes push notifications an ideal alternative to more expensive, traditional options, like billboards for example. 

    Push Notifications Strategy for Different Audiences

    Depending on the kind of business you run, you’ll have different objectives and goals for your advertising. We’re all familiar with how traditional ad formats can be used for brands, agencies, and website owners to reach their desired audiences, but what about push notifications?

    Let’s unpack how they apply to different audiences.

    Push Notifications for Brands

    They cut through the noise, delivering your message straight to the user’s device. This direct line to potential customers isn’t just about catching their eye; it’s about providing them with valuable information at the right time and encouraging them to engage with promos, special offers, giveaways, and discounts. 

    • Drive sales instantly 

    Push notifications are particularly powerful for direct promotion and driving sales. Imagine being able to notify your customers instantly about a new product launch or an exclusive sale. 

    • Brand awareness and retargeting 

    Push is a great tool to work either with a fresh audience and boost brand awareness, or retarget your existing audience in the future. 

    • Save money for testing

    Brands can use Push notifications as a tool for extra monetization and therefore – recover testing budgets. 

    Leveraging Push Ads for Agency Clients

    Just as push notifications serve brands by directly promoting their products, they also open up countless possibilities for agencies looking to grow their clients’ brand awareness with a new marketing channel. Aims agencies can reach with Push:

    • Step towards multichannel marketing

    Agencies can harness the power of push ads as an extra channel in their marketing arsenal, tailoring messages to mirror the client’s voice and goals. This is the most efficient way to preserve the audience and establish an active presence around various digital environments.

    • Audience engagement and re-engagement

    Versatility makes push notifications a fit for various strategies, whether it’s launching a new product or keeping users engaged.

    • Customization for more personalized advertising

    Their effectiveness lies in the ability to reach audiences with precision, so that every campaign not only captures attention but resonates with the intended message. 

    One of PropellerAds partners, a member of the digital marketing agency, claims that his advertising kit included only Popunder before. However, after scaling, optimizing and adding Push notifications, he experienced 40% ROI growth for his eCommerce campaigns! 

    Website Growth through Push Notifications

    As a media buyer and website owner, you may be wondering if you can use push notifications for growth too. The great news is that, yes, you can!

    • Attract new visitors and keep them

    Not only do push ads help retain current users by keeping them engaged, but they also attract new visitors by promoting intriguing content directly on their devices.

    • Increase traffic 

    Push can help boost visibility and increase traffic by notifying users of new content, special offers, or updates, all in real time.

    • Scale ad campaigns

    Scaling a campaign with Push can improve performance manifold, like one of PropellerAds’ partners proves by his case study. Adding Push to his arsenal, he managed to boost conversions by 20 times. With special instruments for Push (Badges and Demographics and Interests Targeting), he managed to increase CR by almost a 2,5 times and beat the issue with decreasing user engagement by setting interests-driven targeting. 

    Bonus: Push Notifications in Numbers

    Although it’s a relatively new ad format, it’s already being used by media agencies, affiliates, advertisers, and brands around the world. The effectiveness of this format, the cost, and the reach are the big attention draws to this ad format. 

    Let’s break down its effectiveness in numbers:

    Daily impressions – 7 Billion

    CPC – starting from $0.001

    Top GEOs: USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, India

    Great for: 

    • Financial products: loans, insurance, trading, credit cards
    • eCommerce (from apparel to pet products)
    • Dating apps and websites
    • Utilities for mobile (cleaners, VPN, etc.)
    • iGaming
    • Sports
    • Apps & games

    Pushing Forward with Notifications

    Push notifications are your secret weapon in your marketing toolkit. For brands, they’re a direct line to customers, making every message count. Agencies find a fresh canvas for creativity, painting their clients’ messages across the web. Website owners discover a magnet for traffic, pulling in curious clicks with each alert.

    But beyond the strategies and best practices, push notifications represent a shift towards more personal, immediate, and engaging online experiences. They remind us that making a genuine connection with your audience is still king.

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    Kira Vessiari

    Kira is the Head of Content at PropellerAds. Kira loves to talk about media buying and affiliate marketing, with a special focus on creative ad strategies.


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