AI Email Writer: Top Tools, Benefits, and How to Spot AI-Written Emails

Email is essential in business, and AI is revolutionizing it. Discover the best AI email writers, such as ChatGPT and AI Copilot, and learn how to use these tools effectively. Understand the benefits and challenges of AI-generated emails and tips for maintaining authenticity in your communication. Enhance your email strategy with AI while keeping a human touch.

Updated: June 24, 2024
ai email writer

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Email has been a part of daily business life for decades, and that won’t change anytime soon. You have to read, write, and consolidate emails all the time.

It only makes sense that AI would break into this aspect of professional life and try to automate as much as possible. In fact, you can leverage AI tools to help you write great emails that still keep an essential human touch.

You can also use AI to spot AI-written emails, collect data, and do a lot more. That’s why today’s conversation will focus on AI email tools and how people interact with them.

    The Best AI Tools for Email Writing

    With so many options available for email writing, let’s jump right in with the best tools.

    ChatGPT is the first to come to mind, and for good reason. It’s one of the most powerful AI writing tools, and you can certainly use it to create emails. It’s extremely intuitive and easy to use. On the downside, it doesn’t come with the very best in email compatibility, but it still works.

    Next up is Microsoft Copilot. Microsoft’s generative AI can write entire emails for you, and it integrates perfectly with Outlook, assuming you use Outlook. It’s not as friendly with other email platforms, but you can still make it work.

    Third on the list is AI Copilot by Rock Content. Like the other contenders on this list, this AI tool serves a wide range of functions and helps with many kinds of writing. One area where it shines is in email writing. You can write single emails or entire marketing campaigns.

    You can find plenty of additional writing tools, but when it comes to email, these three stand out the most.

    How to Use AI to Write Emails

    Regardless of which AI tools you choose, you need to know how to use them.

    Now, specific interfaces and instructions will vary from one AI to the next. Loading up Microsoft Copilot is a little different from logging into ChatGPT.

    Assuming you can access the AI in the first place, using content generation with email writing follows some consistent steps.

    If possible, you can load a template that the AI will follow. This can help with things like introductions, subject lines, and signatures.

    Once templates are done, you can tell the AI what you want it to write. You will need to provide context-building information — like who you are emailing and why. It can turn that information into a formal email.

    For example, in AI Copilot, from Rock Content, this is the screen where you tell the tool what you want it to do:

    Once you have the AI email, please do not send it as is. AI writers are very useful, but they still have a long way to go. You want to put a little time into personalizing the email. If that isn’t viable (such as for a cold contact email), you still need some of your personality and authenticity to shine through.

    Here’s an example of the results you get from AI Copilot:

    So, read through the email and rewrite phrases that sound particularly robotic or unlike you.

    Once you’re done, you can send the email.

    If you’re trying to do this at scale, you may need to dedicate a writer (or writers) to the task of humanizing your content. As for AI, as long as it integrates with your marketing tools, it can pump out emails faster than you can send them.

    Free AI Tools for Email Writing and Sending

    When it comes to the specific tasks of writing and sending emails, which AIs do the best?

    ChatGPT stays on the list, as it has a free version that works well.

    Beyond ChatGPT, you can consider any of these, as their free versions integrate with email platforms and simplify email writing and sending:

    • GMPlus
    • WriteMail
    • HubSpot AI Email Writer
    • Ghostwrite

    While these tools offer a lot of power to your email processes, keep in mind that they are free. That means you will get limited support at best, and the free versions of AI tools usually come with sparse features.

    If you want greater automation and more resources at your disposal, consider upgrading to a paid service.

    How to Tell if an Email Was Written by AI

    Let’s start with a hard truth. You cannot, with absolute certainty, tell if something was written by an AI or a person. It’s easy to think otherwise, but you’re underestimating the size of this problem.

    You might think it’s easy to spot low-quality bots and AI writing, and that’s mostly true. The problem is that there are some impressively poor writers out there, and sometimes content that certainly must be bad AI is actually written by a living, breathing human.

    The opposite situation also makes this difficult. The best AI writers are pretty good, and at the very least, they write a little better than the average human. How do you distinguish imperfect AI writing from imperfect human writing?

    As you can see, it’s tricky, and there are no perfect methods. Despite that, a few tricks and tools can help you mostly identify AI emails. They aren’t foolproof, but they work more often than not.

    First, there are a few things you can identify with your own eye.

    Good AI writers use perfect grammar, spelling, and syntax. Occasional typos are usually an indicator that something was written by a human, as odd as that may seem.

    On top of that, AI emails tend to follow similar formulas. Different AIs will mix up the formulas compared to each other, but if you get a slew of emails from someone, and they all follow the exact same presentation, then it’s probably AI. Even if you write all of your emails from the same template, you can’t help but vary things at least a little. It’s human nature.

    So, those tips can help you spot AI, but you can also use tools. Remember, the tools aren’t perfect either, but there are algorithmic tests that can spot a lot of AI writing. They are especially useful in finding content that is written by competent AIs that aren’t quite at the top of the game.

    Just remember one thing. Occasionally, the best tools will still flag human content as AI, and that’s just because human writers can be a little robotic from time to time. It happens, and you can always double-check your AI tools using the tips you just learned.

    Adding Authenticity to Communication

    There’s a lesson to learn in all of this. The same scrutiny you level at emails you read will be leveled at emails you send. People will wonder if your emails are written by AI or not. The best way to address that potential issue is to add authenticity to your communications.

    Some of this comes from your own personality, but some of it comes from strategy and processes. If you have to send out a lot of emails — especially for marketing purposes — then it helps to utilize systems of authenticity.

    A perfect example of this can be found with the AI Copilot at WriterAccess. This service pairs seasoned writers with AI. While the AI does the bulk of the busy work, humans add authenticity and “humanity” to the writing to take away from the robotic consistency you might otherwise get.

    Here’s how it is simple to request this type of service in WriterAccess:

    This service allows you to save money by leveraging the efficiency of AI while still maintaining the benefits of professional human quality in your email writing. You can create single emails or entire email sequences. The service adapts easily, and you can get started with a 14-day trial at WriterAccess.


    Human Crafted Content

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    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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