How to use AI to Supercharge Your Copywriting Skills

AI to supercharge copywriting skills

    Copywriting is a craft. It’s not something that can be learned in one sitting. It takes time to master the art of writing effective copy.

    The problem is that most people don’t have the time necessary to learn how to write copy well enough for their needs. But, what if you could have a team of seasoned copywriting experts at your fingertips, 24/7 for the cost of a daily cup of coffee?

    Well, now you can! Artificial intelligence is the latest trend in digital marketing and it’s being used to supercharge copywriting skills for marketers all over the world.

    In this blog post we’ll dive into what AI can do for you by providing examples on how to implement this technology in your marketing workflow.

      What Is AI And How Can It Help You With Copywriting

      So what exactly is AI? Well, it stands for artificial intelligence and at its core is a technology that’s designed to mimic human thought processes.

      It achieves this by tapping into a machine-learning engine that’s designed to learn through repetition from a large dataset of examples and improve over time with continued use.

      For example, in the past this technology was trained on how to play chess by running through thousands and thousands of actual matches until it became so good at it that it started regularly beating world champions.

      So, how can AI be applied to copywriting? Simple. By feeding it millions of web pages written by expert copywriters until it becomes good at emulating them.

      And now, the first suite of AI-based copywriting tools are starting to hit the market and they are, well… quite amazing!

      The Benefits of Using AI

      The main advantage of using AI is that it helps you produce more marketing content in a fraction of the time.

      Right now, AI tools are not good enough to fully replace copywriters, this may take several more years. But they are really good at coming up with great marketing angles in seconds.

      In essence, gone are the days of spending hours on end staring at a black page trying to figure out how to write original content day in and day out.

      Now, all you have to do is to give the AI engine basic instructions and wait a few seconds for great content ideas to start coming out.

      Here’s a case in point: two thirds of the text in the introduction of this article was generated using an AI copywriting tool!

      All I had to do was to provide the title of the piece for the AI robot to generate three different introduction angles, which I then combined into one followed by final tweaks to weave in my idea for the article.

      Ways to Use AI In Your Marketing Strategy

      Image by Colin Behrens from Pixabay

      As a marketing professional, you’re not alone if you’re struggling to keep up with all the content requirements demanded from you.

      You have to constantly come up with marketing ideas for multiple channels of communication, making sure that your content is always original and engaging: whether you’re updating your blog, your social media accounts or your email campaigns, among many others.

      With the assistance of an AI copywriting tool, you’ll now be able to:

      • Create blog posts in a fraction of the time
      • Create engaging social media posts at volume
      • Compose email subject lines that result in high open rates
      • Produce compelling meta titles and meta descriptions for high click-through rates
      • Even answer questions on Quora!

      So, let me show you some cool examples of how you can supercharge your copywriting skills with AI. I’ll be using for the examples shown below, since it’s the most advanced AI-based copywriting tool out there right now.

      Examples of AI-Generated Marketing Copy

      1) Basic product marketing

      Oftentimes, you’re tasked with turning a basic product description into a narrative that’s compelling to your clients.

      One of the popular marketing frameworks you can use is AIDA (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action), another one is PAS (Problem/Agitate/Solution), and another one is BAB (Before/After/Bridge).

      Instead of scratching your head trying to figure out how to fit your product into one of these frameworks, you could just let the AI bot do the work for you. Then all you have to do is to polish it a bit to make it shine, or you could leave it “as is,” as I did in the example below. 

      So, let’s create a fictitious product description for an AI-based keyword research tool and enter it into the AIDA framework copywriting generator.

      Here are my inputs:

      Company/Product Name: My AI Pal

      Product Description: “A new keyword research tool that uses AI to unearth high volume low keyword-difficulty keywords to rank your pages high on search engines. With My AI Pal you’ll no longer have to spend hours on end to discover just a handful of keywords using expensive SEO tools. Now, you’ll be able to get all your keyword research done in minutes.”

      Tone of Voice: Casual

      All that’s left to do is to click the Generate AI Content button, and voila!

      Pretty cool, right?

      If I had to come up with all of that on my own, for sure I would have taken a lot longer than the minute it took me to come up with my product description!

      Let’s do another example.

      2) Blog post outline

      Let’s say you’ve now been tasked with writing a blog post to educate your clients on how to use your new AI-based keyword research tool.

      Well, you could sit down with a blank page and try to think about the different angles you could use to approach your outline, or you could use the Blog post outline generator in with the following inputs:

      Blog post title/topic: How to use AI tools to do your keyword research?

      Tone of Voice: Helpful

      Here’s the AI output:

      Now, you can take this outline to the next level by making changes, or just use it as is.

      Full Disclosure: I also used AI to generate the outline for this article!

      3) Meta description for a blog post

      Cool. Now, you finished your article and you want to come up with a meta description that makes people want to click through to your page in the search results.

      Well, again you could spend a chunk of time trying to come up with it from scratch, or use the AI bot to do the grunt work for you.

      Here are my inputs:

      Company/Product Name: My AI Pal

      Blog post title: How to use AI tools to do your keyword research?

      Blog post description: “A blog post about how to save hours of work using AI tools to do keyword research to rank high on search engines.”

      Keyword: keyword research

      And, drumroll, please…

      The only change I would make is to take out (AI) from the proposed meta description and presto!

      4) Alluring email subject lines

      Now, you want to send an email broadcast to your list introducing your new fancy AI-based keyword research tool.

      You got the body pretty much figured out (if not, you can always use the AI bot’s AIDA framework to come up with it) and now you want to create that killer email subject line to maximize open rates.

      No Problem. We’ll now use the Email Subject Line generator. Here are my inputs:

      Company/Product Name: My AI Pal

      Tone of Voice: Helpful

      What is your email about?: This email is about promoting our new software tool that uses AI to do keyword research on the fly.

      And, here’s the AI output…

      Simple but to the point!

      Let’s close the article with a fun example.

      5) Answering questions on Quora

      Many say that answering questions on Quora can be an excellent strategy for driving organic traffic to your site. The problem is time.

      To get significant traction you need to answer lots of questions, and who has the time to come up with well thought-out replies at scale?

      An AI robot, of course!

      Let’s pretend someone asked Quora whether AI can be used to do keyword research. Let’s see what the bot has to say about this.

      Here are my inputs:

      Question: Can AI technology be used to do keyword research?

      Information to include in the answer: SEO

      Tone of Voice: Helpful

      And the AI robot says…

      Not bad. Clearly, you would have to clean this up a bit, but at least you get the main angle served on a platter and you could even reuse a lot of the words.

      Wrapping Things Up

      As a marketing professional, you know full well that effective marketing communications is pretty hard to do these days when the demands for new content are relentless.

      The new suite of AI-based copywriting tools just hitting the market won’t do all the work for you (not yet!), but at the very least they’ll give you a clear competitive advantage and definitely make your life much easier

      This article was written by Marcelo Beilin, a ​Digital Marketing Consultant and blogger​ who helps clients take their traffic and online revenue to the next level. He also helps readers find the perfect tools to earn online income at​.

      You can connect with him on ​LinkedIn​.


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