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Blogger vs WordPress: Which One to Choose when Creating your Blog

Blogger vs WordPress. One of these Content Management Systems could be ideal for your business and blog needs. Find out (...)

alt Matheus Clemente
Aug 4 | 6 min read

The complete CRO guide you need to optimize your site’s conversions

Conversion is an essential part of Digital Marketing. Even if you use various digital channels, the transition(...)

alt Matheus Clemente
Oct 26, 20 | 14 min read

WordPress Hosting: what is and how to choose one

If you browse the internet, you’ll realize that WordPress (WP) is everywhere.  The CMS is not only the most popul(...)

alt Matheus Clemente
Jul 13, 20 | 7 min read

WP Engine: the pros and cons of this WordPress hosting

Given the success of WordPress as a solution for Digital Marketing, many companies provide services focused on the (...)

alt Matheus Clemente
Jul 9, 20 | 7 min read

Rock Stage SFTP: learn how to upload files to your site

WordPress is the most suitable solution for creating corporate websites or blogs, regardless of the company type.  Howe(...)

alt Matheus Clemente
Jun 15, 20 | 3 min read

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