The 6 Main Insights For Marketers From Our Jam Sessions in 2022

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The content marketing universe is a wide space full of different possibilities, knowledge and experts. Inside it, we can find an endless variety of subjects that may help professionals and businesses succeed in their strategies. 

With so many topics to cover and subjects to specialize in, it is easy to understand the need for becoming an expert in specific areas of digital and content marketing. 

Rock Content has been a global leader in Content Marketing for years, thanks to great professionals and specialists that help our brand with their expertise. In order to bring even more knowledge to our audience, we have launched Jam Sessions: a webinar series in which we invite brilliant minds and experts in marketing, content, and sales. 

Our guests dive deeper into specific topics of their expertise and share great insights in live broadcasts that can also be watched on demand. There is also a dedicated page to spotlight each episode, just like Netflix, but free and for marketers.

In this article, you’ll be able to get a glimpse of the speakers and subjects we discussed in Jam Session throughout 2022. Take a look:

The First Steps of Content Marketing in 2022

For the first Jam Session of the year, we had the Senior Market Research Manager of SEMRush, Fernando Angulo as our guest speaker. Fernando brought great insights regarding marketing trends and potential paths to follow

An important point that was mentioned, and which every marketer should keep in mind, is whenever a campaign is being planned: solve the audience’s pain points while having a human approach. 

He also mentioned the TikTok trend for the year not only for entertainment but also on music, news, and advertisement. He cautioned us to be very careful in this channel, since the audience have well defined thoughts, “they will love it or hate it”, so you better know what you are communicating and to whom it may target. 

The correct use of data may help with that, but also on web pages and SEO, to compare with competitors and have a better understanding of the market.

Building a Scalable Content Strategy

Byron White is the Founder of WriterAccess, a content creation platform that helps businesses produce high quality content at scale. He has years of experience with content marketing, being a brilliant speaker and also the creator of Content Marketing Conference.

Some of the important advice from Byron was the relevance of having a consistent content deliverability to the audience in order to keep the proper nurturing and keeping the brand positioned in the market.

He stated that quantity should not be more important than quality, so keeping the right balance is the best way to reach the desired results. Companies may have challenges when creating a scalable content production, so planning correctly, knowing what the main goals are, and updating and expanding the content that already exists can be a good start. 

The next step is outsourcing the production to the right creators. Thus, quality and quantity can be maintained while the inhouse team focuses on the strategic aspects. A content creation platform with expert professionals will play an important role in this step. Here’s a tip: try WriterAccess and take your content creation to the next level.

Using Content Marketing as a brand-building strategy

In 2022 we also talked about branding. Brianna Dunbar is an American entrepreneur, mother and wife that encourages other women to become entrepreneurs and great professionals. She holds the podcast The Badass Basic Bitch.

She shared some of her expertise in content creation. Different formats may help you reach different people and expand your networks. 

Personal branding is another interesting approach to improve results. By encouraging you and others to create their own authority by creating content on social media, podcasts and other channels, brands may take advantage of trustworthy individuals to reach wider audiences.  

How to reach wider audiences by using Local SEO

No matter if we are talking about global or local businesses, SEO is a must for a successful digital marketing strategy. Amanda Jordan is the Director of RecketyRoo and nails it when it comes to Local SEO.

SEO strategies are well known for ranking pages on general search engines according to keywords. Thus, Amanda brought up the importance of ranking certain keywords and types of content for specific locations. 

If you are running a business with a local offer, or are expanding to new locations, it is worth keeping eyes open on how the searches in that location may help and how the regional behaviors may impact your campaigns.

CMOs’ Workroom: How to Market During a Downturn

In 2022 our CMO Vitor Peçanha met with Andrew Hoerner, the CMO at Coherent in one of our episodes to talk about marketing during downturns.

In this high level conversation, they made some important points on how content assets are important for attracting and converting new customers. 

They also talked about decision making during recession times, like spending smarter and identifying new opportunities to keep the business growing even during tough times.

As leaders, it is important to keep your eyes open to what is working and bringing results and what is not. Whether weekly or monthly, leaders should help their teams by focusing on what leads to reaching their goals wisely.

Planning an SEO Strategy for 2023

As already mentioned, SEO is an essential part of a digital strategy, so in order to get ready for 2023, we invited Richard Fenning, the SEO Director of Sherlock Communications to talk about this topic.

He brought some concepts and relevant information about SEO and how algorithms work giving results on the web. SEO is very dynamic and evolves as the human interactions evolve as well, but Richard pointed out 3 evergreen points for this strategy: links, content and load speed. 

These three as pillars for SEO bring some challenges and also new trends, like AI content creation, which is interesting but needs to be used intelligently by professionals.

Some of his recommendations for SEO in 2023 were: invest in SEO teams or freelancers, add SEO to the strategy from the beginning of each project/campaign, match SEO and UX/Devs.

Want to see more?

These were just a few highlights of what we shared in our Jam Sessions in 2022. The webinars usually last around 60 minutes so we have enough time to cover the topics properly. 

If you want to learn more about digital marketing with high level professionals for free, click here to access our Jam Sessions Hub and dive into an interactive page full of amazing insights. 

Stay tuned for the next episodes!


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