9 Best Interactive Infographics to Get Inspired

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As shown in a survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute in 2017, interactive infographics are among the most effective types of content with interactional features (58%).

They are engaging, thus, the audience tends to share them and become leads. Given these points, it is interesting to know the best interactive infographics to get inspired and use them in your company’s marketing strategy.

The same study indicates that interactive infographics are, along with quizzes, the third most effective type of content used in the early stage of the buyer’s journey (59%).

Moreover, they are also very helpful in the middle stage. In other words, your company can include them in campaigns directed to all stages to accomplish its goals.

In this article, you will discover the nine best interactive infographics and learn when you can use each of them to create interactive experiences. Let’s dive into it.

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    1. Content-Focused Infographic with Quizzes

    This type of infographic presents information, usually based on research, about a topic. Between the sections of the content, there are quizzes related to the topic that help to educate the audience and help them test their knowledge while they read the infographic.

    Content-focused interactive infographics with quizzes are ideal for displaying the main points of white papers or research reports, for example, because they allow you to break the complex content into an experience that facilitates understanding and engages your audience.

    Besides that, they encourage your prospects to look up the full version of the material, which means that you can allow them to download or access the full version under the condition of filling in a lead form.

    As a result, you increase qualified lead generation and engagement, as well as educate your audience at the same time, showing your business expertise.

    2. Social Infographic

    A social infographic is the best option if you aim to stimulate your audience to share factoids, stats, and information about your services or company on social media. You can include quizzes and videos within the content.

    In addition to being engaging, they increase traffic on your website, grab attention, and considerably boost your audience’s engagement and interest in your solutions, which leads to more conversions.

    3. Map Infographic

    An interactive infographic with a map allows the users to click on specific points and see relevant information about the location (such as address and description) and images taken there.

    This asset is very useful to guide the participants of an event showing in which places its activities will happen, what are the points of interest near them, and how to get to each of them, for example.

    In this case, it is also possible to include other pieces of information related to the event, such as links that direct the users to the schedule of the event, and subscribing button.

    As a result, your company grows its subscriber list and encourages users to share information while the event is happening, grabbing the attention of other people who might be interested in taking part in it.

    4. Timeline Infographic

    You can use this infographic to show the timeline of your service, company, or product using animated and interactive features that entertain your audience while it learns more about those topics.

    Just like content-focused infographics with quizzes, timeline infographics enable your company to increase engagement with your brand and lead generation.

    5. Comparison Infographic

    This infographic compares two aspects side by side highlighting their similarities or differences. It is helpful to compare similar concepts, or the performance of distinct marketing tools, among many other topics.

    For these reasons, it can help your prospects to understand the characteristics of the available options and choose the best one for them. Therefore, comparison infographics can drive conversions.

    6. Branded Infographic

    As its name indicates, this type of interactive infographic presents details about your company and its services by using interactive and animated features on a single page.

    This is an innovative and compelling way to introduce your brand and show your audience how you can help, and the results that you achieved, for example.

    Therefore, branded infographics are useful to build trust and increase conversions, since they display information that impacts your audience’s purchase decision.

    One idea is to use branded infographics to release your annual reports, including sections about your organization’s story, awards, accomplishments, goals, and a contact page.

    7. Process or How-To Infographic

    An infographic that uncovers a process or teaches how to do something, for example, how to create a specific type of content, is far more helpful for your audience when it is interactive because it is easier to understand the instructions.

    For this reason, it will be more valuable to your audience and, since it is also more compelling, they are more likely to share it and fill in lead forms.

    8. Informational or List Infographic

    As the names indicate, these types of infographics convey information about a topic, which can be presented in the form of a list, such as “top tens.”

    It is especially effective to grab attention and drive traffic to your website because it stirs up your audience’s curiosity and interest. As a result, it is possible to reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

    9. Exploded View Infographic

    In exploded view infographics, your company can break a service, a tool, or a product into parts and present each of them separately, making it easier to understand them and see how they contribute to making the whole process or object work.

    Educating your audience, especially when it comes to your services or products, is useful to build trust, since it shows your expertise, and stimulates your prospects to move through the buyer’s journey, realizing how your solutions work to solve problems.

    After discovering the best interactive infographics this year, learning for which purposes and cases they are more appropriate, and understanding the benefits they can bring to your company, you are prepared to include them in your next interactive marketing campaigns.

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    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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