20 Best Email Marketing Tools To Improve Open Rate In 2023

The best email marketing tools this year

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A good email marketing tool is at the core of every successful Digital Marketing strategy. And it isn’t hard to understand why.

Email marketing software makes creating, sending, and analyzing the data that comes from each of your campaigns a much easier task.

The Email marketing technique is often used to build consumer trust to develop a long-term relationship with those who buy from your brand or use your services. 

Right now, 42.3% of Americans subscribe to email lists. Therefore, your business should be using them to get ahead. 

So take a look at the list of email marketing tools that will help you with this task!

    1. SendInBlue

    SendInBlue - email marketing tools

    SendInBlue is a powerful email marketing software with a full set of tools to automate your marketing efforts and grow.

    The software not only helps with your email marketing needs but also helps automate SMS, simple landing pages, and ads. 

    Once set up, it works on autopilot, allowing you to segment, retarget, and reach customers easily.

    What is great about this tool?

    • SendInblue is good for both businesses and individuals. Pricing options are based on the number of messages delivered each month.
    • The tool is easy to use and has a fast learning curve even if you never used email automation marketing software before.
    • SendInBlue offers a generous free plan, so you can try all the main features before spending a single dollar.


    • The free plan includes up to 300 emails per day.
    • Prices start at $25 per month.

    2. NotifyVisitors

    NotifyVisitors is an email marketing tool that helps businesses generate leads, increase engagement, and track the effectiveness of email campaigns.

    With its powerful automation features, NotifyVisitors streamlines the email marketing process so that marketers can focus on crafting attractive messages and sending them promptly. 

    It also helps marketers analyze email data to get insights into what content resonates best with customers and make informed decisions about future email campaign strategies. 

    Plus, its easy-to-use interface makes NotifyVisitors an ideal email marketing solution for both beginners and experienced email marketers.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Drag and drop content editor
    • Customizable and pre-made templates are available
    • No need for coding knowledge
    • Advanced Segmentation


    • Free plan available.
    • Paid plan starts from $49 per month.

    3. Constant Contact

    Constant Contact - email marketing tools

    Constant Contact is a leading marketing tool to automate how your company reaches customers. 

    It offers a complete toolkit for marketers, including an option to sell your products to clients without them having to leave their email platforms.

    It also features landing page builder tools, integration with Google Ads, and automated email resend to make sure you get the attention of your readers.

    What is great about this tool?

    • This tool works better for small businesses, with features that go beyond what most email marketing software offers in the market for cheap.
    • Constant Contact offers great support to users, with many guides, webinars, and other types of content to help those that are still learning.
    • This software also offers tools to enhance your brand’s social media presence. Within Constant Contact, website users can create coupons and downloads to present special offers for their customers.


    • It doesn’t offer free plans.
    • Prices start at $20 per month.

    4. SalesHandy

    saleshandy - email marketing tools

    SalesHandy is an easy-to-use email marketing platform that helps to send personalized cold email campaigns. 

    Deliverability being one of the most important factors for success in cold emails, SalesHandy enables your emails to get delivered to your recipients’ primary inbox. 

    It supports custom domain tracking, which helps to avoid email spam filters. Additionally, using an addon, you can verify the email addresses before scheduling campaigns to reduce bounce rates and drive high open and response rates.

    SalesHandy also randomizes intervals between sent emails to mimic human-like sending behavior, further boosting delivery rates of your cold emails.

    What is great about this tool?

    • It integrates with HubSpot, Insightly, Zoho, Copper, Outreach, Pipedrive, and 2,000 more using Zapier.
    • It is available as a Chrome Extension and Web App.

    Pricing Plans:

    • Regular Plan: $9/user/month (billed yearly)
    • Plus Plan: $22/user/month (billed yearly)
    • Enterprise Plan: $49/user/month (billed yearly)

    5. GetResponse


    GetResponse is a great tool for those who are getting started with marketing automation. 

    This email marketing software offers, among other things, a workflow to help you understand the buyer’s journey and build better offers with these insights.

    It helps get your company more leads. Using three simple concepts — conditions, actions, and filters —, a marketer can build all kinds of interactions and triggers to get more customers on board.

    What is great about this tool?

    • GetResponse is the best tool for medium-sized businesses. It features intelligence tools, along with email marketing tools at a low cost.
    • This software comes with the Perfect Timing tool that helps predict the best time of the day to have your emails sent to your clients’ inboxes.
    • GetResponse also features tools to help create landing pages, webinars, and other types of content.


    • It offers a free 30-day trial.
    • Prices start at $15 per month.

    6. MailChimp

    Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing software solutions in the world. 

    Among its main benefits, we could mention its simplicity. A marketer can get a lot done with the free version of this tool, but it’s the paid plans that offer the most.

    Mailchimp comes with a content studio, plenty of professional-looking templates, and a bunch of analytics tools that will help your marketing get better over time.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Mailchimp’s tools are very easy to use and available even in free plans.
    • It offers many important metrics to help your Digital Marketing strategy develop.
    • Mailchimp offers A/B testing tools and integrates with most other popular marketing platforms.


    • It offers free plans for up to 2000 contacts.
    • Prices start at $9,99 per month.

    7. ActiveCampaign


    ActiveCampaign is the best tool if you want to build a strong relationship with customers. 

    This software not only creates beautiful email marketing creatives but also helps you use dynamic content and segmentation to start personalized conversations with your audience.

    It comes packed with plenty of sales and marketing automation tools that will help your brand score better leads and sell more.

    What is great about this tool?

    • ActiveCampaign can be easily personalized for all your needs. It focuses on the steps needed for your brand to build a relationship with customers.
    • This tool offers a Lite plan for those who only need email marketing features for an affordable price.
    • ActiveCampaign also offers a full automation tool suite for Enterprise plans.


    • It offers free 14-day trials.
    • Prices start at $9.

    8. ConvertKit


    ConvertKit is best suited for small brands and influencers, who need a powerful tool with many resources but can’t invest too much on it. 

    It was developed to help a person build an audience and make a living from it. 

    ConvertKit makes it easy for customers to start a conversation with leads and even finish a purchase right from their inboxes.

    What is great about this tool?

    • ConvertKit was developed with eCommerces in mind and offered many great tools to help brands sell more online.
    • This tool offers the most comprehensive and easy-to-use marketing automation tools in the market.
    • ConvertKit offers a visual builder interface to help you create amazing email campaigns.


    • It offers a free plan limited to 500 subscribers.
    • Prices start at $29 per month.

    9. Drip


    Drip is another marketing automation tool meant to build long-lasting relationships with customers. 

    It includes a full CRM tool and lots of customization options to make your clients feel unique.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Drip was developed to cater to influencers, bloggers, and managers of small or medium-sized eCommerce businesses.
    • This tool is beginner-friendly and features intelligent marketing automation tools to help you sell more products, whether they are digital — like webinars and software — or not.
    • Drip features tools that help you understand how your customer behaves when he receives your messages. Because of that, it offers some of the best analytics resources in the market.


    • It offers a free 14-day trial.
    • Prices start at $49 per month.

    10. Keap

    Keap is a professional tool that features a full CRM tool for client management, appointment tools, and full invoice and payment processing.

    This helps you do all your interactions with customers using a single email marketing platform.

    The software focuses on follow-ups with customers and makes sure you will get in touch with every single one on time.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Keap is an all-in-one marketing tool that integrates full CRM software to your email marketing strategy.
    • This tool was one of the first to introduce drag-and-drop features to help with building layouts, and it is still one of the best when you need to make your emails look great.
    • Keap thinks out of the box with advanced segmentation and subscriber tagging tools so that you can segment your customers with perfection.


    • It offers a 14-day free trial.
    • Prices start at $79 per month.

    11. MailerLite


    MailerLite helps you build custom campaigns, manage automation, and perform surveys using only one tool.

    It generates powerful data to help your brand increase its success over time and features complete analytical tools that allow you to understand the insights received on your emails.

    What is great about this tool?

    State of Marketing Report 2024
    • MailerLite is available in multiple languages.
    • This tool is one of the quickest in the market. Besides, customizing emails with it is a breeze. It features flexible templates that can be adapted to almost any situation.
    • MailerLite is best for smaller companies, freelancers, and small businesses due to its affordable pricing.


    • It offers a free plan limited to up to 1000 subscribers.
    • Prices start at $10 per month.

    12. Mailjet


    Mailjet is one of the most straightforward email marketing tools you will find. 

    It offers integration with email clients’ APIs, full contact management, and other tools to help you grow your audience and increase sales over time.

    Personalized email templates are its best feature as they allow content to be simply customized. Each of your customers will feel special, getting a Mailjet email marketing.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Mailjet offers a full free version with enough email marketing tools to help small businesses build campaigns for cheap.
    • This tool offers one of the most intuitive interfaces for building emails with a few clicks.
    • Mailjet offers the most reliable email delivery thanks to its SMTP features, built to make sending emails an even faster task.


    • It offers a free plan limited to 6000 emails per month.
    • Prices start at $9.65 per month.

    13. Maropost

    Maropost will help you to acquire, engage and convert clients through email marketing and automation campaigns.

    Using this tool, you will have access to a cloud-based marketing automation platform designed for multi-channel customer engagement.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Maropost will let you automate your marketing across channels: email, mobile, web, and social.
    • You can integrate the tool to other platforms, such as Facebook, Salesforce, Shopify, Google Analytics, 3dcart, among others.
    • Maropost has its own group of deliverability experts, who monitor each Maropost account, providing 1on1 guidance. 


    • Essential: features email marketing, marketing automation, audience management, integrations, and 24/7 chat support.
    • Professional: features email marketing, mobile marketing, marketing automation, audience management, integrations, and full support.
    • Enterprise: features email marketing, mobile marketing, unlimited marketing automation, unlimited audience management, integrations, and full support.

    14. HubSpot Email Marketing

    HubSpot Email Marketing

    If you’re in the market for fantastic email marketing tools that take all the guesswork out of customer relationship management, then you can’t beat HubSpot Email Marketing

    Not only is it easy to use, but it comes attached to a sky-high deliverability rate plus numerous additional features.

    Personalization is critical when it comes to successful CRM campaigns, and HubSpot makes it easy to personalize and preview messages across every segment of your recipient pool. 

    Plus, a handy smart-send feature simplifies getting your messages to the right people at precisely the correct times.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Detailed reporting to help you assess the success of your messages.
    • A/B testing that lets you compare and contrast your messages against one another.
    • Easy automation that makes it super easy to scale your outreach strategy.


    • HubSpot offers this program for free for up to 2,000 monthly sends.
    • Some enhanced features are available for HubSpot Marketing Hub subscribers.

    15. Sender


    If you’re looking to launch a superior email outreach campaign on a budget, then Sender is a truly excellent choice for several reasons. 

    To begin with, it’s highly reliable when it comes to actual deliverability.

    Sender is also a terrific option for email marketers looking to create beautiful, professional-looking newsletters their recipients will look forward to receiving, even if they have no working HTML knowledge. A wealth of customizable templates make it simple.

    Sender also boasts some seriously impressive analytics capabilities. It helps you easily track who opens your emails and when they open them, among many other details.

    What is great about this tool?

    • A great analytics package that makes it easy to track recipient actions in detail.
    • Highly competitive deliverability rates.
    • User-friendly support for newsletter production and customization.


    • Free plans support up to 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month.
    • Standard plan is $41.75 monthly.
    • Professional plan is $208 monthly.
    • Enterprise plan for large businesses features custom pricing.

    16. Omnisend


    If you’re interested in email marketing tools that offer you unbeatable control when it comes to communicating with your audience, then Omnisend is definitely one to check out.

    A user-friendly workflow lets you go well beyond simple email outreach if you want to. 

    You can also integrate SMS, push notifications, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and lots more to take care of all your outreach in one convenient place.

    Features like these make Omnisend an excellent fit for marketers with audiences who respond better to outreach attempts that go beyond traditional email. 

    Omnisend delivers great segmentation support for even detailed campaigns, as well.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Provides a cohesive, non-disruptive experience for your outreach recipients.
    • Makes startup easy with user-friendly templates and customization options.
    • Delivers superior omnichannel support to help you please customers.


    • Free email plan supports up to 250 contacts and 500 emails monthly.
    • Standard email plan is $16 monthly.
    • Pro email and SMS plan is $59 monthly.

    17. SendPulse


    Although SendPulse prides itself on being an omnichannel option, it’s most popular among its user base for its email marketing tools. It’s not hard to see why, either.

    Not only does it come complete with a large selection of customizable templates, but a simple drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to make them your own. 

    It’s also super easy to calibrate your email campaign so the right messages go out to target customers at precisely the right time.

    SendPulse even has a handy rating feature that lets you pinpoint who your most valuable email recipients are. You can easily see at a glance who opens or clicks through and how often.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Facilitates smart, data-drive customer relationship management decisions.
    • Gives users full visibility when it comes to their outreach campaigns.
    • Easy, user-friendly templates that are a snap to customize.


    • Free tier supports up to 500 subscribers and 15,000 emails.
    • Standard tier is $8 monthly.
    • Pro tier is $9.60 monthly.
    • Enterprise tier is $13.44 monthly.

    18. Benchmark Email

    Benchmark Email

    Media that looks great no matter what kind of screen your audience uses is increasingly important as mobile devices become more the norm. 

    Benchmark Email makes a fantastic responsive solution for marketers who want to make sure their emails always look their best.

    A user-friendly built-in editor lets you customize your messages with stickers, text inserts, special effects, and more. Choose from numerous professional templates. You can even edit images right within the Benchmark interface.

    Of course, this isn’t to say Benchmark isn’t an appropriate choice for those who prefer to design their emails from the ground up. There’s also an HTML code editor that’s perfect for creating yours from scratch.

    What is great about this tool?

    • A drag-and-drop tool that takes the guesswork out of design.
    • Responsive pre-made templates for every industry and occasion.
    • Fully integrable with many other sales and marketing tools.
    • Additional options like pop-ups and forms help attract more subscribers.


    • Free tier supports up to 250 emails monthly.
    • Pro tier adds additional features for $13 monthly.
    • Enterprise tier unlocks all features according to customized pricing.

    19. Moosend


    Like mobile-friendly responsiveness, interactivity is a big deal when it comes to making marketing material more agreeable to audiences. 

    Moosend is a great fit for those looking for affordable email marketing tools that support interactive elements.

    A user-friendly interface supports the creation of lots of different mailing formats, including subscription forms, newsletters, landing pages, and more. 

    Users can use a drag-and-drop interface to build a message from scratch — an interface that fully supports videos and other interactive media.

    Moosend also includes advanced segmentation and automation features, the better to help you make your next email campaign everything you need it to be.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Comes with optional readymade templates and workflow recipes.
    • Detailed reporting and analytical tools that make it easy to track your campaigns.
    • Affordable pricing that allows even beginners to create stunning email messages.
    • Supports interactive newsletters and other options.


    • There’s no entirely free option, although there is a 30-day trial option.
    • Pro tier is $9 monthly and supports unlimited emails.
    • Enterprise tier operates via custom pricing.

    20. EmailOctopus

    If you like your email marketing tools nice and simple, then you should definitely take a closer look at EmailOctopus.

    It’s a simple, no-nonsense option that uses the Amazon SES infrastructure — a terrific fit for small agencies, new entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors.

    EmailOctopus is fully compatible and integrable with other popular options like WordPress and Zapier, to name just two. 

    This makes it super easy to send valuable audience data back and forth between the applications you use most.

    This option’s fee pricing tier offers you a lot more than is typical, as well, so it’s easy to determine whether it’s worth an upgrade.

    What is great about this tool?

    • Simple, user-friendly, and easy to learn.
    • Customizable templates and drag-and-drop interfaces make emails easy to create.
    • Fantastic segmentation and accessible data analysis make it easy to scale your strategy.


    • Free tier supports up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails monthly.
    • Pro tier features scalable pricing that starts at $8 monthly.

    Wrap Up

    Finding the right email marketing tool is a big part of reaching your audience successfully.

    Whenever it is possible, a marketer should test the available options and compare them to their needs before committing to any software.

    Make sure you use the free trials to see if the tools adapt to your workflow and try as many as you can before signing up for any service.

    Ready to take your Digital Marketing to the next level with this email marketing software? Check out also these other 22 Digital Marketing tools to include in your strategy!


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