The 5 best CRM tools to use in 2022

The 5 best CRM tools to use in 2020

To take full advantage of Digital Marketing benefits, you need to use the technology on your advantage. 

One way of doing this is by using a CRM tool. If you are looking for more engagement and conversions from your business, this solution is ideal.

But it is not enough to hire any service — you must choose the right tool. 

The good news is that the market is full of options that fit what you need. For a tighter budget or to deal with high demand, CRM can optimize your work.

With marketing automation, the relationship with your buyer persona becomes much closer and more natural. Therefore, it is essential to know more about CRM software. 

In this content, we’ll go over:

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What is the importance of having a CRM tool?

Consumers are increasingly demanding, and it is necessary to implement actions focused on bringing your company closer to potential customers. 

And that’s why a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool can be useful: managing your contact strategies with your primary audience.

With a single tool, you can manage the contacts and the main information of each one of them. 

Thus, control over the strategies that should be applied becomes much more efficient. Your Digital Marketing plan, for example, becomes even more precise to impact who you really want.


What are the 5 best CRM tools available?

How about finding out what are the 5 best CRM tools available? Check them out!

1. ZohoCRM

Understanding the most appropriate time to approach the lead may be the differential to achieve a conversion. 

And that’s why ZohoCRM is one of the best CRM tools available on the market. 

With this solution, it is possible to perform a real-time follow-up of the users’ engagement with their strategies.

The possibility of exploring social networks’ audience is another attraction, whether to generate new leads or to follow the main trends. 

This tool is free for up to three users, and paid plans range from $18.00 to $45.00 for each new user added.

2. HubSpot CRM

When it comes to Digital Marketing, HubSpot is one of the main references. No wonder, its CRM tool is one of the most used and complete in the market. 

With solutions for the most varied objectives, the best of all is that it is free.

Inside the platform, you can follow everything about your leads. Besides gathering all the information about them and making it easier to control your initiatives, the HubSpot solution features a dashboard focused on the user experience. 

In other words, simply and efficiently, you can monitor each movement of your lead towards conversion.

3. Scoro

Using a Kanban scheduling system on your dashboard, Scoro is the perfect tool for those who want a complete view of all their leads. The software contributes to the improvement of the sales processes in your company and also the performance of your team’s professionals

The platform also offers the management of the sales funnel and also of your projects and tasks.

The drag-and-drop system is another differential for usability. The natural movement of leads in your sales pipeline ensures a detailed view of each of your contacts. Another of its differentials is the time savings. The goal is to halve the time spent on bureaucratic activities, such as producing reports, unnecessary meetings, and rework.

For small teams, the monthly plan of $26.00 per user is already enough. For companies that need to manage a larger contact base, plans start at $37.00 per user, and available resources may vary according to your goals.

4. Salesforce

One of the most widely used CRM tools on the market, Salesforce is ideal for anyone looking for a reliable solution. With intuitive usability, the initial configuration of the platform is straightforward. To top it off, you can customize all your actions and strategies, always according to your goals and needs.

Salesforce is also very efficient when it comes to collaboration between the Marketing and Sales teams. 

Email integration is another benefit, optimizing the work of your team’s professionals.

To have such an efficient solution, however, you need to disburse $25.00 per month for each registered user. When your team has over five professionals, the price goes up to $75.00 per user. Despite the higher price, the tool is complete and allows a better understanding of everything that happens in your company.

5. Freshsales

With a focus on increasing your company’s sales, Freshsales has as its main differential the lead scoring feature. Based on this information, your prospecting work becomes more accurate, increasing your chances of getting a conversion.

Also, the tool allows integration between email and phone, which is ideal for your Sales team. 

At the same time, you can monitor all interactions with your leads, identifying the stage of each one within your sales funnel.

The tool is free for up to 10 users. However, if you want to integrate Freshshales with other solutions, for example, you must subscribe to one of the four plans available, ranging from monthly fees of $19,00 to $79,00 per user.

When choosing the right CRM tool for your company, the tendency is that your relationship will become even closer to your qualified leads. 

At the same time, this engagement can generate more conversions for your business. 

But knowing the 5 best CRM tools is only one part of the process of improving your strategies. After all, proper planning contemplates other areas as well. 

So how about finding out which are the 13 best Digital Marketing tools to work with? Check them out!


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