5 ways to segment your email marketing list to increase engagement

Updated: February 12, 2021
5 ways to segment your email marketing list to increase engagement

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Is your business doing the best it can with its email marketing campaigns? 

We can assure you that the answer is probably very different, whether you segment an email list or not.

Segmented email lists are important tools to help your company build better content, reach those interested in what it has to say, and get potential clients flowing through the marketing funnel

This tested and proved tactic is a sure way to increase click rates on your email marketing campaigns and decrease unsubscribe rates from your mailing list

But how can segmentation be used properly to advance your goals?

In this article, you will find out everything you need to get started. 

Ready to learn? Let’s get started!

1. Pick the right email marketing tool for your business

To be able to start segmenting the emails your company sends to customers, you will first need to find an email marketing tool that allows such segmentation.

That software should offer all the basic features you need to segment messages, such as the capacity to filter your users according to geographic location, demographics, and behavior.

The better your tool is at following the instructions provided for segmentation, the better your results will be when you segment an email list.

A lot of tools build their fame around how well they help companies segment email lists. 

You might want to check out the following software before you get started. 

Make sure you understand how those tools work and what is unique about them:

  • ConstantContact;
  • ConvertKit;
  • AWeber;
  • Mailchimp;
  • SendInBlue;
  • Drip.

Once you pick the right tool, it will be much easier to enjoy the benefits of segmenting email marketing campaigns.

2. Use your knowledge of marketing buyer personas to stand out

We have often talked about how important it is for the success of a Digital Marketing strategy to develop buyer personas for your business. 

Buyer personas will not only be helping you with content creation but also with segmentation.

Gender, location, job title, values, and interests are all pieces of information you should have readily available about your persona. Use them to filter your customers and send the right message to each one of them.

3. Find a way to organize your audience and understand it better

Although using a good email marketing software is a great way to guarantee your emails are sent to the right people, you will need to study how they perform and what can be optimized in your campaigns. 

It is normal if your team doesn’t get segmentation just right at the first try. That will help you make it better in the future. 

Those efforts, however, must be documented so the team can learn from their mistakes.

Leverage your company data to organize your audiences and follow up on any changes that might happen along the way. 

Keep a document with how many visitors of each segment your website receives, along with other relevant information about your audience groups.

4. Give special attention to new sign-ups

When you get a new sign up for your email list, the best way to understand how to segment it is by observing their behavior closely

To do so, you can use the built-in tools from your email marketing tool, such as A/B testing features, to learn from their actions.

Use your welcome email to get to know more about new users. 

A nice way to do so is by sending a couple of content pieces from your blog and checking which ones interest your new subscribers the most.

5. Make your offers look better with targeted messages in email campaigns

To guarantee success with segmented email lists, you will want every single email you send to stand out. 

There are a few strategies to do this while learning more about your audience each step of the way.

You can use time-based email messages to generate conversions for cart abandonment

For example, you can guarantee they reach your customer when they are most likely to be online and finish their purchase. 

Location-specific content that draws attention to an offer is also a great way to get more clicks. 

Look at the problem from your audience’s perspective and try to come up with unique and creative ways to get more space for your brand in your customer’s inbox.

Another sure way to get your customer’s attention to highly personalized messages is to use segmentation tools like the Shopware plugin and eCommerce360 on Mailchimp.

They will help you put past purchase information to good use and make sure your customers are interested in the offers sent to them.

Want to reach your customers the right way and at the right time? These tips will help you divide your list into smaller groups of users, which will help you build rapport with your audience and increase conversions.

These segmentations techniques will surely help to boost the engagement in your email marketing campaigns. Take some time to set them up and start to plan all the messages you’ll send to your base.

A good way to keep all this information on track is by having an email marketing calendar. If you don’t know how to build one, check our content, and download our free template!


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