What Is Business Agility and How It Applies to Content Creation

In an evolving business world that’s moving more and more toward a universal hybrid work model, the ability to adapt is crucial, including when it comes to content creation. Business agility is the key to staying on top no matter what comes your way.

Updated: August 24, 2023
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Although business agility has always been important, it’s absolutely critical today.

With more employees working remotely and freelancers becoming a larger part of how modern businesses get things done, it’s important to be able to adapt to just about any possibility – just like digital-age businesses did during the pandemic.

The basic concepts behind business agility apply to many aspects of digital marketing, as well. This includes content creation. But what is business agility, and how can you use it to streamline your content production process?

    What Is Business Agility and Why Is It Important?

    The term “business agility” describes a given business’s ability not only to survive but to succeed in environments that are new, unique, complicated, or uncertain.

    An efficient business devotes only a proportional cost and effort to any given business goal. The agile business also gauges customers’ needs and industry climate and can respond to them quickly.

    No matter what the goal is, successful businesses align their goals and corresponding strategies with new circumstances.

    How Does Business Agility Apply to Content Creation?

    Naturally, the concept of business agility applies to content creation too. In the traditional model, a company staffs writers, all contributing to the everyday flow of content creation.

    But what if you don’t need the same number of writers all the time? Whether it’s too many or too few, it’s difficult to align the number of writers to your often fluctuating content demands. On one hand, you may be understaffed, but you’re likely wasting resources on the other.

    With an agile marketing model in place, you can find bloggers for hire as jobs come up and your needs change, directly aligning your cost to your goals. This way, you don’t have to suffer marketing losses due to scarce content or overspend on labor in relation to your overall business strategy.

    Benefits of an Agile Content Creation Model

    It’s only natural to worry that an agile content creation model might not be the right fit for your company. That’s where it might be helpful to consider the unique benefits making the switch for good will bring to the table.

    It’s Cost-Effective

    If your company is like most, your content needs to change and fluctuate according to several factors. If you rely solely on a team of staff writers to take care of everything, you’re likely often paying for help you don’t need. But if you simply delegate content writing to other team members, there’s a chance either their other duties or your content would suffer as a result.

    Hiring freelance writers as needed instead can save you a fortune in labor costs and wasted time, not to mention save your sanity.

    It’s Efficient

    Perhaps you’re worried a group of freelance writers won’t know your brand and company voice the way full-time staff writers would. That’s simply not a problem when you choose the right freelancers via the most efficient platforms.

    For example, with more highly developed freelancing sites like WriterAccess, you can choose writers based on previous work listed on their profile. Approach professionals with experience writing within your niche for companies similar to yours.

    When someone turns out to be a good fit, you can add them to your love list. The more work you order from your love list, the better your team will come to know your brand and unique voice. At that point, your freelance content source begins to function more as an in-house agency you only pay when you need to.

    Scalability and Expertise

    Another agile aspect of a freelance content source is superior scalability. After all, not every blog needs to be an expertly incisive contribution to your industry.

    With WriterAccess in your corner, you can scale down the writer level and subsequent price for less difficult pieces. Then bump up the pay rate and limit availability to only the most experienced writers on your team when you’ve got a truly crucial task on your hands. You can also create dedicated teams and love lists for different topics or content types.

    Do you have a project on your hands that’s a particularly great fit for just one stellar writer on your team? Send it their way as a solo order for their eyes (and skill) only.

    Content Creation for Small to Medium Businesses

    Many small to medium-sized businesses can’t get their online presence off the ground because they simply don’t have enough content.

    Even just keeping a company authority blog continually filled with top-tier content can be a tall order. Most modern marketing philosophies preach ‘one blog per day’ to continually engage potential customers and promotors who will strengthen your brand. So, maintaining optimal posting frequency is a daunting yet very important task.

    But then there are your social media channels, your email campaign, and all the rest of it to consider, as well. It all adds up to far more content than most smaller business teams can handle on their own. Plus, hiring even a couple of staff writers to handle it likely isn’t in the budget, especially if you’re just starting out.

    Turning to freelancers and a resource like WriterAccess when you need help with content production is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized businesses for all of these reasons and more.

    Strategic Content Posting

    Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to industry news and chiming in so your brand’s unique voice is heard are critical parts of any great content marketing strategy, too. Agility in content creation can help you make it happen.

    With an agile content marketing model, you can easily hire a writer from your WriterAccess team to help on the fly if you can’t afford daily postings. That way, if something noteworthy happens in your industry, your company’s voice is still part of the online discussion instead of over on the sidelines.

    This will keep you relevant and generate online traffic. Or, maybe your company’s been featured online or on television. Spread the news by leveraging your writing team to create coverage.

    With an agile model and the right freelance work pool in your corner, you can also effortlessly scale up your writing force to respond to current events that call for high content volumes. You can make the most of your money by taking advantage of opportunities where customers are looking for your company’s unique voice, too.

    Optimizing Content with an Agile Model

    When you apply the general principles behind business agility to your content production efforts, everyone wins. Your audience gets the incredible content they were looking for, and you get the affordable visibility and top-tier content quality your brand deserves.

    Leverage your agile model to help your brand adapt alongside factors like changing industry standards, shifting consumer interests, and fluctuating opportunities. It’s the best way to stay ahead of the game in a digital world.


    Embracing business agility, as well as agility in content creation, is the key to propelling your brand to the head of the pack and staying there. WriterAccess can help you get there no matter what your business size or ongoing goals.

    Experience the difference firsthand when you sign up for your free 14-day WriterAccess trial today! You’ll love the doors the right writers can open for your brand.


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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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