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SSL Certificate: what it is, types, benefits, and how to install

How secure is your website? The use of SSL certificates is fundamental to ensure safe experiences to users and, at the s(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 13, 20 | 9 min read

Top-level domain: what it is and how to choose one

A top-level domain is part of every website's address. In this article, you will learn more about them and how they are (...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 12, 20 | 5 min read

WordPress for small business: benefits and how to get the most out of the platform

Using WordPress for small business websites is a great way to leverage quality and convenience when creating your online(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 11, 20 | 8 min read

How to create a table of contents for your WordPress articles?

Do you need a table of contents on your WordPress website? When we talk about websites or landing pages, it is common to(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 9, 20 | 3 min read

What is Error 403 and how to fix it?

WordPress website owners can occasionally face an Error 403 — Forbidden. But don’t worry, it is not as serious as it(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 8, 20 | 5 min read

Check out our new Ecommerce glossary of terms!

Entrepreneurship (whether in a virtual or physical store) is a fascinating activity, but it requires study. It is not en(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 7, 20 | 8 min read

WordPress: what is it, how can you use it, and the main secrets

WordPress is the most commonly used CMS in the world, and for good reason. Besides being flexible and free, it has sever(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 5, 20 | 21 min read

The most common WordPress backup mistakes you need to avoid

What are the main backup mistakes one makes when trying to preserve their WordPress installation? There’s a lot th(...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 3, 20 | 5 min read

Why you need a Content Management System (CMS) for your company?

CMS stands for "content management system". To put it simply, it's a tool that allows you to create, organize, publish, (...)

alt Rock Content Writer
Dec 2, 20 | 14 min read

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