Must-Read Content Marketing Books to Boost Your Content Strategy

For the best content marketing plan, you should keep up with innovations and opportunities. Read these 7 essential content marketing books to enhance your digital strategy.

Must-Read Content Marketing Books to Boost Your Content Strategy

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Content is king. We see and hear this all the time. 

But there’s a lot of trends, updates and technology for businesses to keep up with. That’s why a detailed content marketing strategy is so valuable.

Your plan needs clear goals outlining creative content production to attract and connect with new and returning customers. 

Besides that, an effective strategy will recognize the value in reading thought leadership materials and researching reliable and relevant sources. 

One way to guarantee all that? 

Surrounding yourself with knowledge about the latest innovations and opportunities. 

In this article, we’ll make your life easier by listing seven content marketing books written by specialists that will expand your expertise within your industry. 

We’re also going to share awesome videos with the authors so you can’t get to know them better.

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    1. Marketing Rebellion by Mark Schaefer

    The 2019 book by business consultant and keynote speaker Mark Schaefer focuses on human interactions and genuine connections. 

    As the bestselling author of Known, a personal branding handbook for the digital age, Schaefer encourages organizations to rebel against traditional marketing and think outside the box.

    The book acknowledges the acceleration of changes in consumer trends and the business world, especially as technology improves. 

    If the constant changes make you feel lost and like you’re falling behind, Marketing Rebellion offers a realistic framework to reimagine marketing where customers are empowered and in charge, instead of the other way around.

    We can all benefit from more personalized, human marketing and genuine customer connections. 

    Every chapter is chock-full of ideas you can apply to the real world, where customers want experiences and moments instead of scare tactics and ultimatums.

    Instead of interrupting and “forcing” customers to buy, businesses should rely on honest and helpful storytelling and connections. 

    Schaefer teaches you that the most human company, the one customers can relate to the best, will be the most successful.

    2. F#ck Content Marketing by Randy Frisch

    The trend of curse words in the title may seem uncomfortable to some, but the truth is, this book hooks in readers with a fresh and modern spin on content marketing. 

    Written by an experienced B2B content marketer and business leader, F#ck Content Marketing delivers the reality about relationships driving revenue.

    In an ultra-competitive business landscape, companies need to focus on quality over quantity, not the other way around. 

    This book highlights the fact that nearly 70% of created written and visual content is never seen by the right audience.

    That’s why the notion of the more content, the better, should be shifted to focus less on sheer volume and more on the things customers actually care about. 

    The more natural, organic, and genuine the content is, the more likely consumers are to actually listen.

    This book concentrates on content experiences that draw customers into an immersive, engaging loop that effectively keeps them coming back for more. 

    Frisch uses big-name brands like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify as examples of how content experiences form valuable connections, instead of just telling customers where to shop and what to buy.

    3. Practical Content Strategy & Marketing by Julia McCoy

    After building her content writing business from the ground up, Julia McCoy explains the fundamentals of her success through practical tips you can apply to your everyday business practices. 

    As the name suggests, Practical Content Strategy & Marketing takes things back to the basics, giving readers a deeper understanding of their overarching content goals before diving into best practices.

    It’s all about writing content that’s truly valuable to readers and provides a solution to their problems. 

    This should be at the core of your digital marketing strategy to ensure readers rely on you and develop a genuine interest in what you’re writing about.

    The book breaks it all down step by step, so you can create a strong content strategy to drive your business into the future. 

    It takes into consideration all the latest platforms and content trends, helping readers figure out where to focus their energy for the best results.

    McCoy’s clever writing highlights how-tos for content formats, types, and tools for competitive strategies that emphasize quality and the importance of capturing interest and generating intrigue, rather than just throwing a bunch of words at your audience.

    4. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

    Ann Handley is a keynote speaker and well-known author who shares her secrets to amazing content. 

    The premise of her book is that everybody is a writer. 

    Anything you do on social media, a website, or any other platform is marketing and writing, whether it’s professional or personal.

    Excellent, engaging written content is key to delivering important marketing messages. Even if it’s just a few words, those words matter and can make or break your marketing strategy. 

    Carefully crafted and curated content helps brands build an organic following that sets them apart from competitors.

    Handley offers her insights on gaining subscribers through warm and trustworthy writing in this Wall Street Journal Bestseller. 

    These lessons can be applied to content writing across the board, from landing pages to blog posts, social media to customer emails, and much more. 

    This book will encourage you to unlock your inner creativity and overcome writer’s block to craft the most compelling content possible.

    5. The Context Marketing Revolution by Mathew Sweezey

    Mathew Sweezey’s book focuses on revolutionizing marketing and motivating buyers with endless possibilities through digital media. 

    As the Salesforce Director of Market Strategy, the author uses his real-world experience to outline the importance of accepting change and encourage businesses to move on from traditional marketing models.

    The Context Marketing Revolution explains why context is the most important part of content marketing. 

    Why should someone care about your brand? What can your business help them accomplish?

    Long before choosing a social platform or posting a new blog, it’s important to answer these questions for clear, concise context. 

    A precise understanding of your content goals helps to get the message right and ensure the content really hits home for consumers in a world of crowded commerce.

    With so many players across every industry, brands big and small that jump on content marketing trends are more likely to succeed. 

    This book covers all things automation, content, digital, and inbound marketing for a well-rounded review of writing and creating in a way that resonates with your audience.

    6. Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

    Joe Pulizzi tells you how to break through the clutter and win more customers with detailed case studies of leading brands like Coca-Cola, LEGO, and John Deere. 

    This book dives deep into how these top brands win over buyers with informative and entertaining content.

    Epic Content Marketing explains how you can use honest storytelling to your advantage, forming connections with your customers and building trust. 

    Instead of falling into line and doing the same thing as all your competitors, the right content marketing strategy should be big and bold enough to capture attention without alienating your audience.

    The core concept in this book is that you want to craft content in a way that convinces customers to act without full-on telling them to. 

    It’s about finding your niche and figuring out the best way to make engaging and relevant content that offers unique value customers can’t find elsewhere.

    Pulizzi also discusses mission statements for content marketing, smart content curation, and leveraging email and social channels to establish and grow an audience. 

    Plus, you can learn how to measure content performance and scale marketing budgets accordingly.

    The video for this section is actually the webinar our co-founder Vitor Peçanha recorded with Pulizzi, so make sure you check out!

    7. Superfans by Pat Flynn

    A media trainer who is passionate about passive income, Pat Flynn writes about turning followers, subscribers, and customers into Superfans

    The book is all about building your brand in a clever way that helps you attract and keep a loyal customer base.

    The core message behind this book is the importance of individual people. 

    Yes, comments, likes, shares, and followers are important, but what do they tell us about the people behind the screen? 

    It’s crucial not to lose sight of the individuals who are engaging with your brand, looking for advice and solutions.

    So how can you best serve your superfans? 

    Flynn offers a number of suggestions, all centered around changing someone’s world for the better. 

    It’s those positive interactions and memories that benefit brand loyalty and keep customers returning went they could easily go elsewhere.

    This book mixes real-world examples with hands-on exercises to help you look at content marketing through a new lens. 

    Sometimes that fresh perspective is all you need to start thinking less about what’s trending and more about what your customers actually want and need.

    Content marketing is incredibly versatile and allows you to grow your business with quality, engaging content people care about.

    Use content marketing to reach your goals, such as boosting brand loyalty, educating consumers, and developing a stronger presence on social media.

    Ready to check your content strategy and reach new heights in online marketing? 

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