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At first glance, it seems like B2B and B2C marketing strategies are the same, right? However, since the audiences are considerably distinct, your company must align the content and the approach of the strategy to fit the needs, pains, and interests of its prospects. One way to have an idea of how they differ is to take a closer looks at B2B content marketing examples.

Simply put, B2B marketing targets other businesses and B2C focuses on individuals. Some aspects (such as trustworthiness, authority, and expertise) are more important for an organization that is looking for a solution than for an individual, considering that there are higher risks and impacts when a business partnership is formed.

Given that, to build a successful B2B digital content marketing campaign, it is vital to be aware of the specifics of this audience and make sure that the content will be appropriate for it. Following these suggestions, your company’s contents will be more engaging, which helps to generate more leads, enhance results, and increase conversion rates.

You will find out in the topics below four B2B content marketing examples that were successful in reaching a B2B audience. You will also see some great tools that can be used to build your company’s content and marketing strategy. Keep reading to get inspired!

Tools to Build Content for B2B Strategies

Before presenting some successful B2B content marketing examples, let’s dive into a few tools that can help you to build your company’s strategies and content, facilitating these processes and making them more effective.

WP Engine

This platform offers hosting services for blogs and sites in WordPress, equipping its users with solutions that enhances agility, performance, integration, intelligence, and security. It allows its users to create and publish several types of online experiences. In addition to that, WP Engine provides customer support, facilitates migration, and generates daily backups.


LeadPages allows small businesses to create landing pages, websites, and other types of content. It is particularly useful to generate and collect leads. This online platform also provides integration and analytics tools, which helps in evaluating the strategy’s efficacy.

Single Grain

This digital marketing agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services to help businesses to grow using SEO and lead generation tactics. When it comes to content marketing, Single Grain helps to plan, execute, track, monitor, and optimize strategies, write and design content, analyze competitors, and measure ROI (Return on Investment).

Pardot by Salesforce

Pardot’s specialty is B2B marketing automation solutions. Its goal is to make it easier for companies to deepen connections with their audiences, engage them, and increase sales. Among the platform’s features, there is email marketing automation, B2B marketing analytics, lead generation and management, sales alignment, and ROI reporting.

Ion Interactive

Interactive content marketing is naturally engaging, highly shareable, and gather relevant details about your audience. Therefore, creating interactive experiences for your B2B audience is a great idea to make your marketing strategy even more successful.

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Ion Interactive offers online software to build several types of interactive content (infographics, white papers, calculators, quizzes, assessments, eBooks). Besides that, your company can count on a team of specialists to help you to plan, execute, and analyze your marketing strategy as well as create and publish your content.

Four B2B Content Marketing Examples

In this section, you will see four B2B content marketing examples that use some of the tools we mentioned above (Ion Interactive, Pardot by Salesforce, and Single Grain). Keep reading to discover how this type of strategy can impact the B2B marketing campaign’s results.

1. LeadPages

LeadPages marketing campaign includes a blog about marketing, weekly webinars, a podcast, guides to help its audience, and downloadable resources. As a result, in 2015, the company was ranked #220 by Inc. 5000, which lists the companies according to their revenue growth over three years, and got 35,000 customers in less than three years after its foundation.

2. FedEx

The Small Business Center, a resource created by FedEx to guide and help entrepreneurs to start small businesses, handle freight classification and shipping, was enhanced with interactive content with the help of Ion Interactive.

Its marketing campaign involved repurposing static content and building interactive experiences, gamifying and simplifying the customer’s education process. It was so successful that The Huffington Post designated it one of the “10 Top Small Business Blogs” of 2016.

The FedEx strategy’s results were impressive — one of the resources, called The Freight Box, generated 136,000 visits just a few weeks after being launched (contributing to increasing shipments by 151% in comparison with the six previous months), showed growth in volume and increased revenue by, respectively, 86% and 82% average in month over month.

3. VMware

This company is renowned for its cloud infrastructure services, providing solutions related to data management, integration, and security. VMware used Pardot to enhance their marketing systems, which allowed them to get a 641% ROI, double their lead target, and increase their productivity by 20%.

4. Nextiva

Nextiva offers a unified business communication SaaS suite. The main goals of its content marketing campaign were to generate more qualified leads and decrease ad spending. To obtain these results, the company recurred to Single Grain’s solutions. Thanks to techniques to optimize ads and targeting, Nextiva was able to decrease the cost per lead on paid ads by 41.37% year-over-year and improve its lead quality, according to Single Grain.

A content marketing strategy is useful to reach other businesses because it allows your company to provide quality content that is relevant for your audience, focusing on what is important for them. It helps you to educate your prospects, who are well-informed and eager for details while looking for a solution. It also boosts brand awareness, improves customer retention, increases qualified lead generation and conversion, builds trust and authority, as you were able to see in these four B2B content marketing examples.

You will probably agree that interactive marketing sounds like an interesting tool to improve your company’s content. Dive deeper into this topic to discover how interactive marketing works and start using it in your campaigns!


2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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