5 Tools That Generate Content Ideas Fast

Can AI help you generate content ideas that drive traffic to your website? In a word, yes. Here are some examples of tools that generate content ideas.

generate content ideas

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From the outside looking in, maintaining content for marketing like a blog seems pretty straightforward. The truth is content creation is surprisingly complex. There is more to it than just writing. Before you even start stringing words together, you have to generate content ideas. 

According to Orbit Media Studios’ 10th Edition of the Annual Blogger Survey, many marketers state that creating content is challenging. The difficulty often starts with finding topics to write about that appeal to your target audience. 

Ideas generation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It takes research, SEO strategizing, and lots of time. That is a time that most marketing professionals and brand managers can use in other ways. 

The adage “There is an app for that” is even truer today than when Apple used it to generate buzz in 2009. Today, AI is doing much of your legwork regarding topic generation. That lets you focus more on creating quality content to drive traffic to your brand website.

This article will introduce you to some of the top content idea generators on the market today, starting with the AI tool provided by WriterAccess.  

    #1 AI Idea Generator by WriterAccess

    Artificial intelligence, or AI, is changing the face of marketing, but not necessarily in a good way. The key for many brands will be finding a happy medium between the benefits AI can offer and the necessity of human creativity. WriterAccess has mastered this skill, which puts them at the top of the list of tools to generate content ideas.

    As a member of the WriterAccess client family, you tap into not only some of the world’s top writing and strategy talent but also AI tools that make generating content more efficient. The AI Content Generator by WriterAccess develops ideas for you based on essential criteria, such as your:

    • Competition
    • Keywords
    • Audience

    Once you hit enter, the app will:

    • Look at current blog posts with topics that are refreshable
    • Generate a list of brand-new subjects

    This tool will also help you nail your personas to ensure you reach the right people with your content marketing. Once you get a list of topics that fit your needs, click on them to develop briefs and hire writers. 

    WriterAccess is your one-stop shop for all things content marketing. You’ll find them all in one place, from content topic generation to keywords to writing talent. Try the AI Idea Generator by WriterAccess yourself when you sign up for the free 14-day trial. You’ll understand why this AI tool tops the list for website content creation.

    AI Content Idea Generator by WriterAccess

    #2 Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

    Hubspot offers a random topic generator online. When you open the app, you can enter up to five unique nouns. Once you are done, you hit the red “Give Me Blog Ideas” button.

    It produces a week’s worth of blog ideas without doing anything. You can unlock 250 more titles if you are willing to provide contact information. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    While this tool seems easy to use, it’s a bit too easy. If you use it more than once, you’ll notice the five topic ideas are the same each time. They just change the noun. To use this tool effectively, you have to provide your contact information. 

    #3 Semrush Title Generator

    Like the Hubspot tool, the generator from Semrush provides you with titles you can use to build content. To start, you type a core topic or phrase and hit enter. It will then provide you with titles that fit your input. 

    It varies from Hubspot because it offers you titles in different categories, such as:

    • Listicles
    • Questions
    • How-to 
    • Guides
    • Misc

    With this tool, you can create several types of content from one root idea. The Semrush Title Generator is free to use, but you need to set up an account to access it. 

    #4. ChatGPT

    In the world of AI, ChatGPT, or Chat Openai, is a superstar for many reasons, including its ability to help you generate content ideas. This is one of the most practical uses for this tool. It can create various unique topics based on the prompts you enter into the system. 

    It is simple to use, but you do have to give it precise instructions. For example, you might tell it to give you ten content ideas for blog posts on the theme of SEO marketing. It will provide titles and a brief summary of the topic.

    The tricky part is knowing how to ask the question to get your desired response. It may take some trial and error to achieve your goal — also, the more specific your prompt, the better the results. 

    The downside to ChatGPT is you can’t ask for much from it because it can be inaccurate with detailed information. That is why sticking to titles makes sense. If you ask for keywords or content, you will likely end up with a mess. It can be a tool for content idea generation, though. 

    #5 Ahref AI Content Idea Generator

    Ahref offers an interesting tool for content development. They pull information from an extensive database that is updated regularly. So, you have access to current topics based on the keyword phrase you enter. 

    The generator provides a title and some basic details about what to cover. Once you have a list of topics, you have the option to refine it. 

    The Ahref AI Content Idea Generator is free to use online. It is also available as part of a larger app bundle if you subscribe to the service. 


    Content is your best marketing asset, but it only works if you do it right. That starts with creating unique and exciting titles that appeal to your base. AI tools like these can help make that happen. 

    WriterAccess can help you scale your content production. You can get a 14-day WriterAccess trial to see how it can make your content shine. 


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