Get Creatively Inspired by These 11 Fantastic Curated Content Examples

Maintaining a steady stream of valuable, entertaining content for your audience is a necessary but time-consuming part of staying on the map in the digital age. However, curated content can help you stay on top of things while saving a fortune in time and labor.

Updated: May 11, 2023
Get Creatively Inspired by These Fantastic Curated Content Examples

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These days, the perpetual production of valuable, high-quality content isn’t just a good idea for effective digital marketing. It’s a requirement. 

Finding the time, energy, and budget for your team to create content entirely from scratch in every single instance isn’t always easy, though. 

But thanks to the magic of curated content, it’s also not always necessary.

Curated content is high-value content sourced from outside channels for the purpose of sharing and discussing with your own audience. 

Think valuable, entertaining shares on Facebook and LinkedIn or relevant retweets on Twitter.

When approached wisely, curated content not only takes the pressure off of you to create original content from scratch for every single post you make, but it adds variety to your feed that your audience will love. 

It helps you build connections with peers in your field, as well, but there’s a fine art to getting it just right. 

Here are some incredible curated content examples from around the web to get you started in the right direction.

    1. Inc. Magazine’s Contributor Network

    Inc. Magazine is famous for its highly valuable coverage of real issues and solutions relevant to modern entrepreneurs and growing companies. 

    But if you’ve spent much time reading their blog, then you already know their in-house team of writers and editors aren’t generating all that amazing content on their own.

    Inc. also regularly features useful insights and noteworthy content from its extensive network of outside content contributors. 

    Not only does this help Inc. keep its content streams fresh, relevant, and interesting, but it also supports its brand identity as an authority source that’s always dialed in on a level its readers can trust.

    2. BuzzFeed

    It’s pretty much impossible to spend much time anywhere on social media without a BuzzFeed post eventually finding its way into your feed, and with good reason. 

    BuzzFeed is among the biggest, furthest-reaching digital media companies in the entire world. 

    It delivers thousands of different videos, listicles, quizzes, and interactive pieces that tackle numerous topics, so there’s truly something there for everyone.

    However, while BuzzFeed’s in-house team does produce a lot of wholly original content, it’s also one of the most effective curated content examples to be found anywhere online. 

    BuzzFeed is just as famous for its round-ups filled with entertaining tweets, Reddit posts, and more from all over the web as it is for its trademark original quizzes and listicles.

    curated content examples: BuzzFeed's page

    3. The Marginalian

    Formerly known as Brain Pickings, The Marginalian is an incredible example of how to do curated content right. 

    Originally created by Maria Popova 15 years ago, The Marginalian is a one-woman show that features some of the most entertaining, thought-provoking articles on the web. 

    However, each of Popova’s pieces is based on curated content from other sources.

    Some of this content consists of collected quotes and theories on a specific topic of interest. Others are about thinkers, visionaries, and writers from centuries ago, especially as they relate to contemporary thought leaders. 

    All of the stories on The Marginalian are perfect examples of how brightly curated content can shine when you apply a little creativity and put your own spin on things.

    4. Hootsuite’s Curated Research Round-Ups

    If your content production strategy includes researched-supported insights, you’ve likely already tried your hand at curated content creation a time or two. 

    Hootsuite is another brand that’s really made a name for itself by creating truly useful research round-ups that show they really know their audience.

    This piece on ideal social media posting times is a terrific example. 

    As you can see, Hootsuite goes well beyond simply sharing its own research on the topic. 

    They’ve given additional substance to their post by supporting their suggestions with other statistics from various sources, making it a must-see resource for forward-thinking social media marketers everywhere.

    curated content examples: Hootsuite’s blog

    5. SanDisk’s Instagram Feed

    Some of the most impressive curated content examples on the web aren’t websites at all but social media accounts. 

    In fact, your favorite social media platforms are perhaps the best places to put a curated content strategy into play, as they’re just as much about sharing other people’s content as they are creating original material of your own.

    SanDisk produces digital file storage products such as flash drives and memory cards. These may not sound like the most exciting products to showcase on their Instagram feed, but SanDisk’s unique take really makes them shine. 

    Their feed consists of various images of their customers using their favorite SanDisk products. 

    This keeps the company’s feed interesting and paints their products in a complimentary light, but it also helps build stronger relationships with their client base.

    6. Moz

    Like many software companies, Moz isn’t just famous for creating fantastic products digital-age businesses and marketers can’t do without. 

    The Moz blog is also a trusted source for informative marketing content, relevant news, and so much more. It’s also one of the best-curated content examples in the industry.

    Like most prominent companies, Moz has its own team of in-house writers producing plenty of original content. 

    However, they also feature numerous guest writers, outside marketing pros, and speakers. 

    Moz also makes it a point to reward its regular guest contributors via a point system that keeps content creation fun and beneficial for everyone involved.

    Moz's blog page

    7. Launch Ticker’s Emails

    Email is another terrific example of a marketing technique that’s an ideal fit for curated content, and tech outlet Launch Ticker has really turned it into an art form. 

    Launch Ticker’s daily emails are welcome staples in the inboxes of an entire audience of busy tech lovers and entrepreneurs thanks to their unique take on delivering must-know industry news.

    Every Launch Ticker email condenses the trends, news, and stories it shares into messages that are a mere 300 words or less. 

    This makes it a snap for readers to find out what they need to know without spending a lot of time or energy hunting around for it. 

    They also offer both a free and a paid version of their service, so it’s easy for modern consumers to love Launch Ticker for free first, with an option to upgrade later.

    8. Morning Brew’s Newsletter

    Thanks to platforms like Substack and similar options, newsletters have been making a real comeback lately.

    Busy consumers love the convenience that comes with having the content they love delivered straight to their inboxes. 

    Plus, newsletters offer businesses a great way to stay in close contact with their audiences. Newsletters make great curated content examples, as well. 

    Take the popular Morning Brew newsletter, for example.

    Billed as a daily email that makes keeping up with the news enjoyable, Morning Brew manages multiple newsletters its readers can subscribe to, making it easy to zero in on the topics most important to them. 

    Each is filled with editor’s picks, sponsored content, and quick-hit curated options. Readers can absorb everything at a glance and then read more about the stories that interest them most.

    (Speaking of newsletters, are you subscribed to ours?)

    9. Lodging Interactive

    Lodging Interactive’s social media news round-ups are another great example of a curated newsletter done right.

    Lodging Interactive is a marketing firm that caters to hotels, resorts, and other entities in the hospitality industry. 

    Their biweekly newsletter is geared specifically to marketers and business owners in the niche.

    The topics covered are varied, far-reaching, and perfectly curated. Examples include emerging industry trends, important news, expert analyses, and hot takes on how various changes to social media will specifically affect the hospitality business.

    Each newsletter includes a list of curated links to original sources accompanied by Lodging Interactive’s own quick takes on each topic.

    10. Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Feed

    Of course, you don’t have to be a complete corporate entity to also be the brains behind one of the internet’s best curated content examples. 

    Guy Kawasaki is a highly respected name in the marketing business, so naturally, his Twitter feed is filled with plenty of original insights his peers can take straight to the bank.

    However, like most Twitter users, Kawasaki keeps his feed active and exciting by sharing curated content, as well. 

    He’s also the host of the popular Remarkable People podcast, another great example of how to boost one’s own brand by spotlighting peers and other thought leaders. 

    In other words, Kawasaki’s Twitter presence is a shining example of how effective retweets and shares can be when they’re leveraged as highlights, as opposed to the meat of the entire feed.

    Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Feed

    11. Huffington Post

    When it comes to truly famous curated content examples, Huffington Post is perhaps one of the most popular and widely recognized out there today. 

    It’s also a terrific example of how effectively a blend of original and curated content can work when creating a killer brand.

    Sometimes playfully referred to as Huff Po for short, the Huffington Post also blends sponsored posts, user-generated content, original reporting, and other options into the mix. 

    The result is an active, rich web experience with a little something to offer anyone who drops by.

    Wrap Up: Expand Your Reach with a Diversified Approach to Content Production

    As you can see, there are so many fantastic curated content examples out there that prove leveraging, sharing, and commenting on other creators’ work is about so much more than filling in the gaps in your content production schedule. 

    It’s also a fantastic way to add variety and relevance to your content feeds and build great relationships with your audience and peers.

    Ready to take the next step and brainstorm dynamic content feeds that keep even the most discriminating modern users coming back for more? 

    Check out our comprehensive guide to diversified content experiences to learn more. 

    You’ll understand how to charm audiences with interactive content and generate incredible value.


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