9 Customer Service Blogs You Need to Be Subscribed To

There’s no such thing as too much knowledge, right? In this blog post, we present our favorite customer service blogs for people that work in the area and want to get better every day.

Updated: November 23, 2021
9 Customer Service Blogs You Need to Be Subscribed To

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It can be challenging to bring in new customers, but it becomes even more difficult to keep those customers loyal to your brand.

After all, there are so many potential issues that you can run into with customer service, and that’s why you need to consider Customer Success and Customer Success Management as a priority in your business strategy.

The good news is that you don’t have to go far.

Customer service blogs are a great way to stay current with customer needs and the latest trends while also gaining access to invaluable information that will help you operate and grow your business. 

By investing time in reading this type of content, you are investing in your customer’s journey.

Whether you’re looking for tips to land customers, keep customers, or something in between, these 10 customer service blogs are some of the best in the industry, offering advice that you won’t want to miss.

    1. Fonolo

    When looking to improve your overall approach to customer service, Fonolo is the blog to check out. 

    As the leader in cloud-based callbacks, Fonolo has a blog that offers a variety of strategies that are incredibly helpful yet enjoyable to read.

    On this blog, you can find information about the customer experience, customer service, crisis management, and call centers. 

    Aside from blog posts, you can also gain valuable information from Fonolo in the form of infographics, videos, photos, white papers, and webinars, most of which are linked directly within the blog posts to ensure you don’t miss out.

    For your convenience, you can subscribe to their content via e-mail or RSS feed. They publish content twice per week.

    2. CustomerThink

    With more than 100,000 users each month, CustomerThink is considered one of the biggest online communities around the world that is dedicated to a customer-focused business approach. 

    This blog discusses various ways you can put customer service first in your business and the return on investment this has.

    Some of the topics you may find on the CustomerThink customer service blog include how to earn the trust of your customers, what is most important to your customers, and how to select the right channels to reach your customers. 

    From sales to analytics and technology to leadership, you can find just about anything you need to know on the CustomerThink blog.

    3. Shep Hyken

    Shep Hyken is considered a customer service/experience expert as well as the Chief Amazement Officer (CAO) of Shepard Presentations. 

    He is also a bestselling author of the Wall Street Journal and New York Times.

    His blog features original and practical content focusing on the customer service industry from himself as well as guest authors. 

    You can find blog content that can help you impress your customers in the hopes of keeping them happy and loyal to your brand.

    If you’re new to the world of customer service and/or experience or just want to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends, the Shep Hyken customer service blog is one you want to ensure you’re subscribed to.

    With a subscription, you will also be in the loop with all of his content, including articles, white papers, webinars, and podcasts.

    4. ClientSuccess

    ClientSuccess is a company that offers services and products to aid businesses in achieving customer success and growth while building an effective customer service team.

    This blog tends to focus more on the why of customer success as opposed to the how. This is one thing that makes this blog different than other customer service blogs.

    Another thing that sets it apart is that it is focused on team leadership and management, which is important for those interested in learning more about customer success and management.

    ClientSuccess publishes on a weekly basis, ensuring that those who are subscribed to the blog aren’t overwhelmed with too many notifications of new content. 

    However, when a new post is published, you can expect to receive a very in-depth, well-researched piece.

    5. Intercom

    Intercom is a great blog for customer service professionals and management, as it shares insightful information regularly to help those looking for guidance to grow their business.

    Some valuable tips you may find on the Intercom blog include how to build a productive team and how to create a trusting culture between your staff and customers, along with plenty of other customer support, customer management, career building, and marketing tips, trends, and insights.

    This blog sometimes features interviews with successful executives and entrepreneurs, giving you an inside look at the best strategies that they have used to get to where they are now and which ones are still being used effectively today.

    6. Totango

    Totango is actually software that has been specifically designed to assist customer success teams in automating and operating their processes. 

    However, they have one of the best customer service blogs around.

    Their blog focuses around their software, but it also provides invaluable information on customer service in general. 

    You’ll find posts on why you should do things a certain way as well as steps you should take to achieve a certain outcome in the customer service industry.

    The great news is that the majority of the pieces on this blog require very little time to read, usually between three and five minutes. So, you can soak up a lot of knowledge in a short period of time. 

    They want to help make a difference with their content without being too overwhelming.

    Of course, if you’re interested in more in-depth reading, you can find that as well. The same is true for video recordings, webinars, white papers, and reports.

    7. Help Scout

    Help Scout is an international customer service provider that includes a variety of options to offer a more human and personalized approach to customer interaction.

    With roughly 75,000 subscribers, the Help Scout blog covers a wide range of topics in the customer service business and makes the content consumable for new customer service agents to seasoned customer service managers.

    On the Help Scout customer service blog, you’ll find just about anything you need to be successful in customer service, including tips and tactics on improving the customer experience, enhancing company culture, and empowering your employees, maintaining customer loyalty, and how to grow your business.

    8. WinTheCustomer

    Behind the WinTheCustomer customer service blog is the mind of Flavio Martins, who is the EVP of Customer Support and Operations at DigiCert.

    This blog primarily focuses on customer relations, technology, and customer loyalty. 

    You will find regular, thought-provoking posts on best practices and leadership as they relate to the customer service industry.

    As you know, the customer is always the center of your business, and this blog helps ensure you have the right information to put your customer first, which helps to achieve business success and growth as well as customer loyalty.

    9. Zendesk

    Zendesk is a customer service software company out of California and offers a variety of customer engagement products across an assortment of channels to aid businesses in scaling and meeting the needs of their customers.

    The Zendesk blog is robust and focuses on highlighting the success stories of other companies while offering invaluable customer service tips that can help improve sales and business growth. 

    You will find blog articles that are easy and entertaining to read and that feature examples that you can put into practice.

    In addition to standard content, you will also find podcasts that you can listen to when you’re on the go.

    Wrap Up: Get Subscribed and Start Reading Today

    Good customer service itself can offer you a great competitive advantage, regardless of the industry you’re in. 

    Customer service is your direct connection to your customers and helps retain your customers. However, you have to know how to put your best foot forward.

    Luckily, that information can be found in the aforementioned customer service blogs. We hope you found some you liked and subscribed to them so you can read them regularly.

    Just remember, though, developing great customer service is only half the battle. You also need to ensure you are offering stellar content. 

    Otherwise, you won’t have customers to offer great customer service to.

    If you feel like your current content just isn’t cutting it, take our assessment and get personalized resources that will aid you as you move forward in creating a content strategy that rocks!


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