How Data Science For Business Can Help You Gain Knowledge About Customers

Data Science helps your company turn data into useful information about your customers. Find out more about it and see what it can provide.

Updated: August 4, 2021
How Data Science For Business Can Help You Gain Knowledge About Customers

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Data has been the greatest fuel for companies in recent years. 

With the right level of information, it is possible to make decisions, project scenarios, and analyze the current business situation. 

In this context, data science for business is essential for all this to happen.

Why? With it, data-driven companies can make more assertive decisions because they investigate a large volume of information. 

That process requires analysis, studies, hypothesis projection, and data organization.

The data science routine also allows companies to understand their clients better in order to create a more powerful (and customized) customer experience.

And on top of it all, data science helps businesses to detect changes in consumer behavior — something essential to do in a society that keeps acquiring new habits, perceptions, and desires. 

Interested in knowing more? Then keep reading!

    What Is Data Science?

    Data Science is the study of data, and turning it into strategic information for companies.

    In this process, data scientists work on analysis, data content organization, and standards investigation, all supported by the appropriate tools for the activity.

    Part of this work also focuses on scenario projection and hypothesis analysis.

    Backed by their knowledge in Statistics and Math, data scientists investigate possible situations that data indicate. 

    The information does not come ready-made, which means it is essential to interpret it.

    The data science department does not receive that data in a structured way. Therefore, the job also requires the organization of this content. 

    The work considers data categories and standards of showing. Thus, it is possible to separate it into groups.

    Data science in business work also takes time to process.

    Many of them have errors, such as non-valid characters, which hinders the reading of the content. Because of this, it is necessary to clean up all the content.

    Coding is also part of the job

    One of the most important routines in the work of data scientists is the coding stage. 

    These people need to have programming knowledge to develop devices that can:

    • Read data.
    • Understand its trends.
    • And then indicate behavioral standards.

    Using languages such as SQL, the main one for data, data scientists create algorithms that will perform an automated analysis of the content. 

    That effort makes it easier to extract insights from a huge volume of data.

    Human analysis is essential

    Have you ever wondered why people, instead of machines, do this work? 

    The answer is simple: systems will always be useful but as support tools. They will never replace human perception and interpretation.

    Data science for business is a field of work that requires the vision of skilled people who know how to handle data in the right way.

    With the ability of data scientists, companies can gain a deep insight into what the analyzed data represents regarding the behavior of their audience.

    Even when creating algorithms, scientists know what they are looking for: specific trends, interaction preferences, and consumption habits, among other issues.

    When we apply data science in business, the idea is to understand the audience better and constantly track how people interact with the company and its actions.

    What Is The Importance Of Data Science For Business?

    Strategic decisions are indispensable in a scenario where companies are primarily data-driven. 

    So if your company does not adopt the same management model, you cannot achieve results comparable to your competitors.

    Data science for business is essential to offer your audience what they want. If you don’t do this, your competitors will. 

    Let’s understand the reasons why this work is so relevant.

    Creating relevant content

    Content Marketing is an important strategy in two ways: 

    To attract traffic to the company. 

    To create authority within an industry. 

    However, creating content can only be effective if a company knows what the consumer likes.

    Everything offered in a blog, YouTube channels, or other social media generates views, interactions, and shares. 

    The resulting data needs to be understood so that companies know what content the audience prefers.

    From this, it is easier to create relevant content, that is, the type your audience likes, and which subjects generate more interest. 

    Therefore, a Content Marketing strategy will enable better results.

    Adapting customer experience

    Customer experience and UX are important requirements Google has considered for ranking web pages.

    If you offer qualified navigation on your site, blog, or eCommerce, it tends to appear in the first positions of the SERP.

    It is important to track the data regarding these access activities, and audience interaction to reach the best experience level.

    The data science sector can investigate such information and detect behaviors that show dissatisfaction, for example.

    From this data, companies can create an action plan to make optimizations that will result in a quality experience for the consumer.

    Designing better products

    How useful and satisfying have your products been to the customer? 

    These people have many resources to evaluate them and in some way demonstrate whether or not they are satisfied. 

    In customer service, reviews, and other sources, data will attest to this level of approval.

    Consequently, the work of data science for business must also focus on capturing data to show the audience’s perception of the products.

    A company must always be concerned with adapting its products and, every time it launches a new one, it must focus on its user experience. 

    With data science, the chances of designing better and more fitting products for your audience are higher.

    Optimizing decision making

    Companies make decisions all the time. 

    Many of them influence the consumer in some way. For example, if you choose a marketing campaign, you determine how you want to approach your audience.

    A price increase on your product is also an important decision. We don’t even need to reinforce that it directly affects the consumer, right?

    Every decision taken by managers needs to be made with confidence. When we talk about the impact on the public, the best is to have a previous analysis of the audience.

    Companies that know their consumers in-depth have a better chance of making decisions that benefit themselves and satisfy their audience.

    How Can You Use Data Science For A Competitive Advantage?

    Data science for business is also important for a company to be a great competitor in its market.

    Information captured through data empowers businesses to be better at many things, from customer service to the product they deliver to the public.

    Here’s how data science helps you gain a competitive advantage in different markets!

    Better pricing on products

    Is your business managing to offer competitive prices on your products?

     It is always important to analyze the market to detect opportunities to beat competitors.

    Pricing is not only about charging less to sell more. Data science work will even allow you to know when you can raise prices.

    You need to monitor the consumer’s flexibility towards price changes constantly.

    In addition, it is also important to capture market data on the same subject. This work ensures more appropriate and advantageous pricing.

    Detecting important market trends

    Market trends need to be exploited by companies. They are temporary but can help create a connection with the public and generate more conversions

    When they become something concrete, companies in the industry tend to invest to capture benefits.

    Considering this, data show which trends are the most relevant at each moment. 

    And data scientists, supported by tools, can predict how the following months will be in the consumer’s relationship with these trends.

    If this visualization is more accurate, it is easy to take advantage of the opportunity. 

    Thus, the company remains competitive and, at the same time, prevents competitors from being the only ones to explore these trends.

    Running better marketing campaigns

    Every single company in the market is trying to run awesome marketing campaigns. 

    It is a fair fight that motivates marketers to think of the best possible strategies. However, for this to be possible, they need relevant data.

    Data science for business helps the marketing sector to have a more accurate perception of issues, such as:

    • Which actions have the best reach.
    • Which strategies have a higher ROI.
    • Which content generates more conversions.
    • Which channels generate the most traffic.
    • Which campaigns generate more engagement.
    • Which content generates more interaction.

    Based on such valuable information, the marketing team can design campaigns better adjusted to the audience. 

    Thus, the chances of achieving good results and outshining competitors increase.

    Benchmarking and trying to do better

    Benchmarking is a very common practice for companies. After all, knowing what competitors are doing and what they are achieving with it is essential. 

    Thus, managers have a much more secure basis of comparison for their decisions.

    The action here is simple: companies must use data captured with benchmarking to outperform competitors. 

    After all, if you can find what other companies are achieving, you also know how you can surpass them.

    Data scientists must analyze this data from a strategic perspective. 

    Not everything will be relevant to your business. That is, it is important to realize what makes sense at a strategic level.

    Then, you can use the data oriented to your business.

    Big Data vs Data Science: What Are The Differences Between Them?

    People usually mix up these two concepts. 

    However, it is important to know: big data and data science are two completely different things.

    What big data really mean?

    Big data is a classification given to a huge amount of untreated, unstructured, and un-cleaned data. 

    It is a giant amount of information that needs sorting and analysis to become useful.

    ➜ Meanwhile, data science is the process of treating the information, such as cleaning, structuring, analyzing hypotheses, and capturing trends.

    Therefore, we can define data science as the activity that turns the content present in the big data into valuable and strategic information for companies. 

    They are different things but are always connected.

    What Does A Data Scientist Actually Do?

    A data scientist is a person who works on the data science process as a key agent for transforming unstructured content into information. 

    Their work routine includes some recurrent and essential tasks for companies.

    Sorting data

    When the data reaches the data science sector, many of them are not useful for the strategic analysis that someone will do. 

    So the data scientist’s job is to select what will actually be analyzed and return to the database.

    Creating hypothesis

    When encountering trends and standards in the way data appears, data scientists study hypotheses. 

    This task helps them understand what motivated the behavior of the information in question.

    Structure data

    Unstructured data is impossible to analyze. 

    That is why data scientists’ work also involves organizing information and categorizing it into different standards.

    How to become a data scientist?

    There are several free online courses that you can start and qualify as a data scientist. 

    Here are some examples:

    Data science for business is the best way to know your customers better and create an even more personalized experience for them.

    This work is key to stand out in the market and beat all of your competitors

    Now that you know that, how about expanding your knowledge on Data Monitoring? Just click on the link and download our free ebook!


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