Data Science Jam

    On Tuesday we hosted a Data Science Jam led by software developer and data scientist, Leon Lukashevsky. Every few weeks, The Data Science Set meets in Toronto, giving local data scientists the opportunity to work together on personal data projects and to share their ideas and skills.

    With no set schedule, the meet up allowed for participants to use the time and space to follow their imagination and code alongside others who share an interest in the possibilities of data. It was encouraged but not required to show up with with an idea for a data project to work on for the night.

    Armed with beers from our kegerator, the night began with personal introductions and ideas about potential projects. The group was then split based on the projects and people they wanted to work with. One group focused on examining data on advertising fraud, while the other focused on a data set for micro-financing for the impoverished. At the end of the night, everybody regrouped to chat about the discoveries, accomplishments and challenges faced during the night.

    Is this is something you’d like to be a part of? Check out The Data Science Set for details about upcoming meet ups.


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