How an eBook Works as a Marketing Conversion Tool

Learn how an eBook can work as a conversion tool to help your business grow. By using the readers' contact info and internal links to your site, eBooks can position you as an industry expert and provide value to your customers.

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When visitors land on your site, they get all the value that you’ve offered; reliable information, engaging content, an attractive customer interface, and a way to contact you in case they want more information.

A website is how you communicate your value proposition to your customers.

But isn’t communication a two-way street? What are you getting out of this interaction between your website and your traffic? If you aren’t using an eBook as a conversion tool, you’re missing out.

It could even be said that you’re missing overlooking an opportunity to uphold your part of the conversation, so see how marketing eBooks can help your business’s conversion rate.

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    How an eBook Works as a Marketing Conversion Tool

    Your new eBook works as a conversion tool by giving you the chance to:

    • Use the readers’ contact information to market to them in the future via your email list
    • Include internal links in the eBook that lead back to your site, where you can use rich content to further market to the readers of your eBook
    • Position yourself as an industry expert so people come to you for information
    • Give site visitors just one more reason to buy from you over your competitors.

    Why are Marketing eBooks so Popular?

    Have you ever visited a website and had an offer for a free eBook? Of course you have. These offers are everywhere. EBook marketing is popular with all kinds of businesses, including large enterprises, home-based business owners and medium-sized companies. Why is everyone so into eBook marketing?

    The obvious answer is that it works. eBook marketing has become one of the most effective and affordable marketing tools available to businesses of all sizes. Let’s get into some of the benefits of eBook marketing.

    Benefits of Marketing eBooks

    eBooks are affordable to create

    eBooks are extremely affordable to produce. The nominal cost of producing an eBook is quite low. It is easily managed within the constraints of most marketing budgets. Furthermore, an eBook can be used again and again. You can also use an online self-publishing platform to distribute it to other markets. So the ROI—return on investment—is highly attractive, too.

    eBooks carry an intrinsic value

    By now, the public is accustomed to buying eBooks online from Amazon. That gives eBooks an intrinsic perceived value. So when you offer a free eBook on your business website, it’s perceived that you’re giving away something of value, which carries a lot of weight with your site visitors.

    eBooks can be created quickly

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    You don’t have to wait too long to see your eBook marketing in action. eBooks can be produced within a very short timeframe. Once you’ve decided on your topic and chosen your WriterAccess writer, all it takes is to design the layout and you’re ready to add the download link to your website.

    eBooks position you as an expert

    One of the most important elements of traffic conversion is establishing you as an expert in the industry. This is an area where eBook marketing excels. When you fill your eBook with valuable information, your readers will naturally see that you know what you’re talking about. This will establish you as a trusted resource and expert on the topic.

    This is not an inclusive list of the benefits of eBook marketing. There are numerous benefits of using an eBook in your marketing, with little to no downside. Start creating your eBook today by working with a writer at WriterAccess. In just a short time, you could be realizing your own unique benefits of eBook marketing.

    What is eBook Marketing?

    Just to be clear, we aren’t talking about marketing an eBook. We’re talking about marketing your goods and services via an eBook.

    An eBook for marketing is a digital book that people can download. For the purposes of this article, a content marketing eBook would be available for download on a company’s website. (There is also the kind of marketing eBooks that you would sell on Amazon, but that’s a different type of eBook.)

    eBooks are key for inbound marketing because they can achieve a range of goals. What if you had an automated way to:

    • Convert site traffic into paying customers
    • Engage with customers
    • Bring customers back to your website again and again
    • Acquire customer contact info
    • Build your email marketing list
    • Grow your brand awareness
    • Encourage repeat business

    There is such a way. The answer is eBook marketing.

    In a nutshell, the eBook that you make available for download on your site serves as both enticement and bait. Now, bait isn’t a nice word when it comes to marketing, but whether you call it bait or a lure, what you’re doing is baiting site visitors to get the eBook in exchange for something. The exchange is:

    • Site visitors get the valuable content in the eBook
    • You get their contact information, plus the opportunity to achieve all those goals just listed above.

    That’s a fair exchange as long as you don’t abuse their contact information (by selling it or spamming your site visitors) and as long as there is true value in the eBook content.

    Would you like to enhance the value of your eBook marketing project? Sign up for a free trial at WriterAccess to access affordable ebook marketing services and hire one of our expert writers to create quality content for your brand.

    By doing so, you can ensure that your eBook will be a valuable resource for your audience, and help establish yourself as an industry expert.


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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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