Don’t Be Afraid of Change! Here are 18 Google Analytics Alternatives [2022]

Yes, there are alternatives to Google Analytics. In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at these platforms and highlight the features that make them stand out.

Updated: July 25, 2022
Don’t Be Afraid of Change! Here are 11 Google Analytics Alternatives

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In the world of website analytics and data-driven marketing, Google Analytics is the platform that reigns supreme. 

This influential tool is the most popular analytics software available on the market, but it might not be the right fit for your business needs.

Google Analytics is a free program that integrates with other Google marketing tools, but:

  • It can be extremely difficult for users to learn as the interface can be confusing.
  • There are frequent updates and changes.
  • And there is an ongoing lack of customer support. 

Other marketers want more cutting-edge analytic features or are concerned about Google’s privacy policies that share data.

No matter the reason, it’s important to understand what your options are for Google Analytics alternatives.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at 18 of these platforms and highlight the features that make them stand out.

    1. Matomo

    Matomo is a Google Analytics alternative that markets itself as the more ethical option, with 100% data ownership and an open-source platform that can be customized and adjusted to meet your business needs. 

    Matomo offers a well-rounded suite of tools with a user-friendly interface, no data limitations, and tools that range from web analytics to SEO performance.

    Matomo also has a dedicated customer support team to help answer questions, and your historical Google Analytics data can be imported so you don’t lose important information.

    Pricing for Matomo is based on monthly traffic, and some specialty analytics tools have additional monthly costs.

    2. Woopra

    Woopra is a popular Google Analytics alternative that provides data for analytics, user journeys, trends, retention, people, automation, and integrations. 

    You can sync your user data from other platforms to get immediate insights based on past data before optimizing your customer experience touchpoints for future success.

    Rather than just giving you numbers and raw data, Woopra works to help you understand the meaning behind the data so you can adjust and grow more effectively.

    Pricing ranges from a free Core package to the Startup at $349/month to a Pro plan at $999/month to Enterprise level contracts.

    Woopra (google analytics alternatives)

    3. KissMetrics

    KissMetrics enables users to get real-time information on an advanced platform geared towards businesses that want to track actual user behavior, not just surface-level metrics like bounce rate or page views.

    Leaving behind Google’s session-based analytics and moving towards understanding user-based metrics is a big plus for many marketers who want to get an in-depth understanding of their customer base to make actionable optimizations.

    KissMetrics primarily targets SaaS and eCommerce companies and has large portfolios of big names in those industries. 

    They also have a customer support team that can help you work through issues or questions on the platform.

    The subscription plans for KissMetrics start at $500/month.

    KissMetrics (google analytics alternatives)

    4. FoxMetrics

    FoxMetrics allows you to create your own data models and dashboards that report exactly what you need to know from your website data. 

    They also offer out-of-the-box marketing analytics that helps improve ROI across all channels.

    After creating their own data models, FoxMetrics then formats those into visual reports that are easy to understand for users across all experience levels. 

    However, creating and building the data models themselves requires an understanding of SQL or Structured Query Language.

    FoxMetrics also offers real-time data monitoring and alerts that can be set up for abnormal user behavior. 

    Like many Google Analytics alternatives, FoxMetrics promotes understanding the meaning behind data and numbers rather than just setting forth basic metrics.

    The platform starts with a free Core package and a Growth package at $299/month with Enterprise contracts available as well.

    FoxMetrics (google analytics alternatives)

    5. Adobe Analytics

    As Adobe continues to grow and expand its platform, the world of data and web analytics certainly isn’t going to be left behind. 

    Featuring a powerful analytics engine and an attentive support team, Adobe Analytics can help you capture and understand data across your platforms and channels, including emails, web applications, mobile devices, websites, and advertising.

    The platform also offers a customizable system where you have the power to pick the data that matters most to you rather than accept general reports. 

    Adobe provides insights into four main categories: web analytics, marketing analytics, attribution, and predictive analytics.

    It doesn’t offer pricing packages, but treats each client individually with annual plans. However, as with most Adobe tools, quality costs money, with the lowest annual plans starting around $300,000/year.

    6. Clicky

    Clicky is an analytics tool best known for its real-time traffic counter that offers exact insights into your website’s engagement. 

    This also allows you to track each of your visitors in detail, rather than getting a report after they have left the site.

    Alongside real-time analytics, Clicky also offers heatmaps, on-site analytics, and detailed segments in each report. 

    This user-friendly platform is a refreshing experience compared to the more complicated Google dashboards.

    Pricing for Clicky is extremely reasonable, with the most expensive Premium plan only $19.99/month.


    7. StatCounter

    StatCounter provides you with a simple, easy-to-use platform ideal for small businesses. 

    Watch in real-time as your visitors journey through your website, and use the StatCounter Visitor Paths and Visitor Activity tools to identify the choices they make.

    You can also set alerts for important visitors, detect click fraud, and analyze traffic trends. 

    The Google keyword sync feature and data filters also help you ensure that the data and reports you receive are not only accurate but relevant to your business needs.

    Pricing is based on page views and can range from $5/month to $120/month.


    8. Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

    Piwik Pro Analytics Suite provides advanced privacy features and protection that Google Analytics doesn’t offer to users. 

    It’s a great alternative for industries that need security, like finance, government, insurance, healthcare, or other sectors that work within or promote data protection laws.

    Data on Piwik Pro Analytics Suite can be stored on-premises, in a public cloud, or in a private cloud. 

    And all this heavy security doesn’t come at the cost of user experience — Piwik Pro Analytics Suite is easy to use for first-timers and those without years of data training.

    Pricing is individualized for each customer.

    Piwik Pro Analytics Suite

    9. Heap

    While most Google Analytics alternatives focus on helping marketers understand people’s journeys and user action, Heap is structured to help you understand online products and interactions around product trends.

    Heap is also focused on improving the user experience.

    It uses visualization tools and easy setup to help users without any technical knowledge get the most out of the platform. 

    While product managers might get more out of Heap than other data analytics tools, marketers can also take advantage of the platform to understand what drives user behavior.

    Pricing for Heap is determined after a free trial and is customized for each client.


    10. SEMrush

    For users who like the depth of information provided by Google Analytics — especially around SEO data — SEMrush is a great alternative. 

    Understand exactly where you rank in comparison to your competition, and generate reports on brand monitoring and social performance.

    SEMrush has a built-in competitor and advertising research that helps you understand what others in your industry are doing, as well as providing PPC and social media marketing research tools.

    Pricing plans for SEMrush start at $100/month.


    11. Chartbeat

    Chartbeat is a great alternative to Google Analytics for users who want to understand how their published content is performing while gaining insights into content data. 

    Real-time tracking helps you understand content and social media performance.

    In addition to content data, Chartbeat also provides headline optimization, integrations with Facebook Instant Articles, and image testing tools, allowing you to unlock the value you have invested in your content strategies.

    Pricing plans for Chartbeat start at $7,000/year.


    12. Gauges

    If you’re looking for the best Google Analytics alternative that analyzes customer data in real-time, you’ll definitely want to take a close look at Gauges

    It allows you to do precisely that in regards to specific locations without the need to refresh your dashboard.

    It also comes complete with an entire suite of tools ideal for gaining insight into your average customer’s buyer journey. 

    Easily track the performance of individual campaigns, break down the details of your web traffic, analyze where your revenue is coming from, and more.

    Gauges offers a free one-week trial for new users. After that, it’s $6 monthly for solo users, $12 for small businesses, and $48 for the big business-friendly plus option.


    13. Simple Analytics

    If you like your Google Analytics alternatives simple and super user-friendly, then you’ll love Simple Analytics

    Its clean design takes all the guesswork out of finding your way around and understanding your data.

    In other words, you never wind up overwhelmed by extraneous data you don’t want or need, making Simple Analytics an ideal option for solopreneurs and other small business owners. 

    User privacy is also a top priority, so you never have to worry about how your information (or your customers’) may be used.

    Simple Analytics offers a free trial for its starter and business tiers (which cost $9 and $49 monthly, respectively). There’s also a custom-priced enterprise tier available upon request.

    Simple Analytics

    14. Fathom Analytics

    If you strongly favor Google Analytics alternatives that prioritize privacy, then Fathom Analytics is another to take a closer look at. 

    It’s also a terrific fit for users who like their analytics experiences to strike a balance between simplicity and thoroughness.

    One especially noteworthy feature Fathom brings to the table is the ability to bypass ad blockers — a great way to get a read on your visitors without infringing on privacy. 

    It’s incredibly user-friendly, thanks to intuitive dashboards, easy-to-generate reports, and more.

    You can try Fathom free for seven days before investing in the service. After that, monthly costs range from $14 for its lowest tier to $114 for the highest.

    Fathom Analytics

    15. Mixpanel

    If you believe truly great alternatives to Google Analytics give users valuable insights into their customers’ actions and behaviors, then Mixpanel might be the solution you’ve been looking for. 

    It’s built on the notion that user actions speak louder than page views.

    Enjoy features that take the hassle out of detailed user segmentation, let you build helpful user flows, and compare free users to paid ones. 

    Mixpanel even helps you pinpoint where users are most frequently dropping off in your sales funnel.

    And if you’re looking for a truly free Google Analytics alternative, then you’ll be pleased to know Mixpanel does offer an entirely free tier. 

    Upgrade to the next tier for $25 a month or contact a Mixpanel rep about their custom enterprise tier.


    16. Plausible

    Open-source, privacy-friendly, and affordable, Plausible is one of the better Google Analytics alternatives for various reasons. 

    It offers a streamlined, user-friendly experience that won’t overwhelm you with too many metrics and features you won’t use.

    You can view simple but comprehensive metrics via a handy single-page interface. Enjoy incredible speed and functionality thanks to a lightweight script. And if you’d like to review the source code yourself, it’s freely available.

    Pricing for Plausible operates via a budget-friendly sliding scale and starts at just $6 per month.


    17. W3counter

    Beautiful, simple, and easy to use, W3counter is one for those who prefer Google Analytics alternatives that are easy to master. 

    You can easily access extensive data on your visitors, including info on where they live and what languages they speak, as well as follow them through your website with ease.

    W3counter also makes it easy to add useful widgets to your sites with just a single click. Think popups, attention bars, lead capture forms, and more.

    W3counter is another of the best options for those looking for free Google Analytics alternatives, as its lowest tier is genuinely free. Its Pro and Business tiers come attached to monthly costs of just $5 and $10, respectively.

    W3counter (google analytics alternatives)

    18. Microanalytics

    Speaking of lightweight Google Analytics alternatives, Microanalytics lets you track and analyze your traffic without bogging yourself down.

    It’s an EU-hosted interface fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR, so you won’t have to worry about privacy issues.

    It’s also selective about the data it tracks — no cookies or IP addresses. However, you’ll nevertheless have plenty of information to power intelligent, savvy decisions about your sites. 

    Microanalytics is fully integrable with Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and more.

    Pricing is simple and traffic-based, operating on a sliding scale that makes it easy to find a solid solution for you. And, yes, you can access the lowest option entirely for free!

    Microanalytics (google analytics alternatives)

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    It’s important to understand that while Google Analytics might be the most popular option for website and traffic analytics, there are plenty of alternatives that can help you meet your goals. 

    Pricing, available features and tools, and privacy policies can all play a role in determining the best option, and we hope our list has helped you narrow down which Google Analytics alternative is right for you.

    Each platform is made with the goal of helping you understand your data and determine where you should optimize to increase your conversions. 

    Check out our free eBook on increasing your online conversions to gain even more insight into the strategies you need to grow and achieve your business goals.


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