How do we use interactive content in Rock Content’s marketing strategy?

The backstage view of how we use interactive content in our marketing strategy. Elevate engagement and drive results with quizzes, polls, and more.

Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive digital landscape, capturing and retaining the attention of your target audience is no small feat. 

One approach that has proven to be highly effective is the use of interactivity. In fact, 79% of marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), stated that interactive content improves messaging retention.

By incorporating interactive elements into their marketing strategies, brands can create immersive experiences that captivate and engage their audience on a whole new level—we know this not only from data but because we’ve seen the results firsthand.

The Rock Content marketing team has harnessed the power of interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, calculators, and more to revolutionize the way we connect with our target market.

In this article, I delve into the world of interactivity and explore how we’ve effectively leveraged its power to elevate engagement and drive results.

And here’s a heads up: if you want to build interactive experiences in a breeze, I strongly recommend you learn more about Ion as an interactive content tool. No coding is needed.

So, let’s dive in and discover the transformative potential of interactivity in modern marketing.

The Beat, the one and only interactive marketing newsletter

The Beat is our interactive marketing newsletter, built on Ion (as a matter of fact, everything you’ll see here in this article was built there). 

The first issue aired in January 2022, followed by a Portuguese version three months later, and a Spanish one a couple of months after that.

Having a weekly newsletter that aims to provide our readers with concise updates about the most important topics in content, marketing, and sales is a vital part of our strategy to diversify the types of content we promote to our audience.

And, of course, making it interactive means offering readers a unique and engaging experience unlike any other marketing newsletter out there.

Right from the outset, we made it a priority to incorporate clear moments of interaction throughout the page. Ion, our chosen platform, has been instrumental in effortlessly introducing features such as quizzes, reactions, animated graphics, and more.

We wanted readers to only enjoy the content, but to actively participate in it.

And that, I must add, has a dual purpose: not only does it increase engagement in our newsletter, but it also enables us to gather valuable data from these interactions.

Every poll response and navigation within the platform contribute to a wealth of data that helps us better understand our audience and make more informed decisions.

If you want to know more about how The Beat was built and works in practice, I also invite you to read this article that takes you behind the scenes of our interactive newsletter. 

Webinars: Jam Sessions and Marketing Backstage

Jam Session is our series of interviews featuring the world’s best-in-class marketers. 

In each one, we invite experts to share their knowledge on various subjects that impact the marketing world. From social media trends to the impact of AI on content marketing, we cover it all.

Additionally, Marketing Backstage is another series of webinars, showcasing Rock Content’s marketing team. Through this series, we offer an exclusive inside look at our processes and tactics, aiming to inspire marketers worldwide.

To ensure a seamless and interactive experience for our viewers, every webinar we host takes place within pages built on Ion. 

That, again, allows us to have two important things: interactivity and data collection.

Within these personalized interactive pages, we embed videos and chats from YouTube while creating customized CTAs to encourage attendees to explore more of our content, which is a huge hack for enhancing our growth results.

Each element that you see on this print screen is interactive, responding to movements, pop-ups, or highlights as users move their mouse.

As an interactive page, every action taken by users is recorded, generating a wealth of valuable first-party data for us to analyze and gain deeper insights into our audience.

Since the pilot of Jam Session, we’ve garnered nearly 11k viewers for our events. Moreover, our Marketing Backstage webinars so far have attracted over 2k viewers this year alone. 

Rich interactive materials

Static content is not enough if we want to stand out and bring memorable experiences. 

According to a survey by the Demand Gen Report, 91% of interviewed buyers said they prefer interactive and visual content to plain static material.

We all know rich materials are the basis of all content marketing strategies. But interactivity can take it to the next level. 

And hey, don’t take it from me, the numbers speak for themselves: in one experience, we managed to increase an ebook’s conversion rate by 20.7% using optimizations and data generated inside Ion.

In another case, we increased conversions for our Persona Generator by an impressive 431% using interactivity. 

So, yeah. I guess it’s safe to say that it works. 

And it can be applied to so many types of content. I’m talking about interactive ebooks, calculators, infographics, assessments, and so on. 

I’ve brought some examples:

Interactive ebook




In all of these contents, we can create personalized experiences for each visitor through interactivity. 

Users can click to view more information in subtopics they like the most in ebooks and infographics, for example. 

And with calculators and assessments, they all get different results depending on the answers given.

One more time, not only does this make for a great experience, but it’s also good for data collection.

With every click recorded, we get tons of insightful information to help us build even better experiences.

Content hubs

Another great use of interactive pages is to create Content Hubs, where visitors can access a variety of content related to the same project or subject.

In our case, our Jam Sessions are conveniently hosted in a dedicated hub, providing easy access to every webinar we’ve conducted. 

To enhance user experience, we’ve implemented filters that allow visitors to quickly find content categorized by specific topics.

Moreover, to cater to a wider audience, we distribute our Jam Sessions as podcasts on Spotify, which can also be accessed directly through the hub.

Beyond that, we’ve crafted a comprehensive hub dedicated to Black Friday

As one of the most crucial dates of the year for commerce, we recognized the importance of having a single destination where visitors can access every piece of content we’ve produced related to this event. 

This hub serves as a valuable asset, offering a centralized location for users to explore a wealth of information about Black Friday.

As you can see, interactivity plays a vital role in Rock Content‘s marketing strategy.

It serves as a powerful tool to distinguish our content and drive engagement with our audience. 

If you want to achieve similar results, consider incorporating interactivity into your own marketing tactics.

Request a free Ion demo today and discover how interactive content can transform your approach and captivate your audience in exciting new ways!


Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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