Learn How to Find Freelancers for your Business with These 12 Tips

Freelancers take the stress and busy work from developing your business frame. Find out how to find freelancers using our key advice in this article.

Learn How to Find Freelancers for your Business

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They say it takes a village to accomplish anything, and that’s definitely true when it comes to building your business.

Whether that’s a business partner or the support of loved ones, there’s an endless number of ways you can get the help you need to create a business that is sustainable and successful.

One of the most powerful resources you can use to boost your business and your Content Marketing strategy is the service of freelancers.

If you’re wondering how to find freelancers and why you need them, read on below.

    As you probably know, freelancers are professional, independent contractors that offer various services to help you organize your blog, create a website, write blog posts, and even create new software for your future app or website. 

    Freelancers for your business can include people that are experienced in:

    These are just some of the few expert skills a freelancer can carry, and that are necessary for businesses. 

    The right freelancer for your company will have expertise in a variety of areas, be dependable, and be easy to work with in order to help you achieve your business goals.

    Freelancers are invaluable when it comes to helping you launch your business. However, it’s important to know how to find freelancers before you begin your search. 

    Below are simple ways you can prepare for your freelance search.

    1. Make a Business Plan with a Budget

    First and foremost, it’s essential to create a business plan that includes information such as:

    • The type of business you’re planning.
    • The timeline for goals, such as getting a website up and running or creating your first blog post.
    • What types of services you will be offering.
    • The budget involved in creating your business.

    Using this information will help you find a freelancer who shares your same goals and understands the importance of your timeline and plan. 

    Freelancers might also be wary of working for a company that has little strategy. A business presentation, charter, or another type of planning tool can greatly increase your chances of finding a freelancer and set aside a budget to pay them fairly.

    2. Decide What Skills Benefit Your Business

    Next, decide which skills you need most to get your business up and running. 

    For instance, if you know nothing about creating a website or running a blog or search engine optimization, finding an SEO expert might be your first action plan.

    Speak with your business associates to see which skills are needed for your business, such as website development, digital marketing, or any of the skills we listed earlier in this article.

    3. Ask Your Mentors for Advice

    Speaking of business associates, perhaps the easiest way to find a freelancer is to speak with your mentor. 

    Do you know someone who has created a similar business to yours? Did they use a freelancer for help? Ask around for contact information such as:

    • Social media
    • E-mail
    • Phone number
    • Portfolio websites

    This is a good method of finding freelancers, as you can see the direct impact they had on a business.

    4. Search the Web Using These Skills and Freelancers

    A simple internet search might be all you need to find your next freelancer. 

    Gone are the days when freelancers would travel door to door or post advertisements in the local newspaper showcasing their availability.

    Try to search the internet for freelancers that possess the skills you need.

    List of Freelance Marketplaces

    Before we move on to the next tips to find your next freelancer, we should give you a breakdown of the best places to look online for freelancers. 

    These marketplaces online and through apps include:

    • WriterAccess, a content writing platform with high-quality writers, editors, graphic designers, and translators that are assigned to your job request using a state-of-the-art AI system.
    • Upwork, which has freelancers that are writers, software developers, and more.
    • Fiverr, which has freelancers ranging from digital marketing, design, visual marketing, and more.
    • PeoplePerHour, which allows you to hire freelancers to come to your business site and work directly with them in-person.
    • Toptal, which doesn’t have writers but has freelancer financial experts, project developers, and more who are in the top 3% of selected applicants.
    • Clickworker, which offers freelancers skilled in data processing among other skills.
    • TaskRabbit, where you can find freelance carpenters, furniture builders, and movers to help set up your physical retail space or office.

    5. Look at Reviews on these Reputable Websites

    It’s important to look for reputable freelancers that have a plethora of reviews and detailed information about their services. 

    Unfortunately, there are known to be scammers on the web that pose as freelancers but really have no experience in freelancing (or the intention to provide services).

    Find the best freelancers by looking on their portfolios for information such as:

    State of Marketing Report 2024
    • How long they’ve been freelancing
    • Previous work
    • Previous clients
    • What clients say about them
    • Their educational or other relevant work experience
    • Professional headshot
    • Biography

    6. Interview Multiple Freelancers

    Once you find a couple of freelancers that catch your eye, make sure to reach out to multiple ones to ask for their availability, budget, and experience. 

    Reaching out to multiple freelancers allows you to choose the best one for the job, and saves you the headache of having to go back to the drawing board to find another freelancer.

    7. Ask Samples for Freelance Work

    Many freelancers will have online portfolios of their previous work. However, if this is not available, ask freelancers to send you samples of their work, such as:

    • Photographs of their work (if it’s photography, sculpture, or physical contract work)
    • Documents of previous articles
    • Links to websites they’ve helped develop
    • News articles that cover their work

    8. Consider Trials and Initial Costs

    If you find a freelancer you really love, help seal the deal by offering them a trial run for your business. 

    Start off with a simple assignment, such as designing a homepage or writing an article. 

    Make sure to offer compensation for this trial, and understand that your freelancer might ask for more compensation if you decide to hire them for your project.

    9. Look at Individual Portfolio Websites Directly

    You can also make your freelance hiring journey easier by navigating to a freelancer’s portfolio first. 

    There are various portfolio sites where you can view someone’s online resume and previous work. 

    Freelancers oftentimes have their own website, so you can hire them directly instead of going through a third-party marketplace website. 

    On these websites, you can view photography, digital advertisement designs, websites, and more.

    Some portfolio websites include:

    • Muckrack for writers
    • LinkedIn for all types of professionals (including freelancers)
    • Journo Portfolio for writers and bloggers
    • Flickr for photographers
    • Behance for UX and UI designers

    10. Put an Advertisement Online

    Yet another way to find a freelancer is to put an advertisement online through traditional hiring websites. These include websites such as Indeed, Jobs.com, Monster.com, and Craigslist. 

    However, be wary of these websites, and make sure to never put personal information on the advertisement.

    Include in your online advertisement for your freelancer work requirements:

    • Skills necessary, such as experience with WordPress Plugins, writing, editing, or translating.
    • Number of years minimum needed for your project.
    • Pay for the project (This is a must, since freelancers are in high demand and finding the right one is crucial).
    • Attached samples of their work.
    • Resume or cover letter to explain why they’re interested.
    • What your business goals are (in brief).

    You can leave these job postings on for as long as necessary, and hopefully get some applicants who are highly interested and can provide you with high-quality freelancing work.

    11. Offer Good Compensation

    As mentioned above, compensation is everything when trying to find a freelancer. 

    Unlike regular employees, freelancers are contractors that do not make any benefits, get paid time off, or have a steady stream of income.

    Freelancers will always choose the highest paying gig in order to make ends meet. Respect the amount of time it takes for a freelancer to create your work. Offer more compensation for a highly qualified freelancer. 

    This will ensure you get in touch with the very best expert who can help launch your business.

    12. Consider a Lawyer for a Contract

    You should also have legal representation handy when looking for a freelancer.

    It’s always a good idea to have a contract drafted between your freelancer and your company. A contract ensures your freelancer gets paid on time and fairly, and the work you are asking for gets accomplished on time. 

    A lawyer will help you create a contract with the appropriate language necessary.

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    It can be difficult to manage a business, but freelancers can help take the stress out of your day by providing you with their valuable expertise.

    And if you want extra support in developing your brand, we have just the right recommendation.

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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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