How I improved conversions by 37% with a simple A/B test

A/B testing: how to optimize your conversions and generate more results

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In the digital landscape, your sales success will increasingly depend on your ability to adapt, innovate, and optimize marketing tactics. 

Following our recent acquisition of WriterAccess, a leading freelance content creation platform, we embarked on a quest to understand and optimize the customer journey through constant testing and learning. 

One of these tests not only reshaped our approach but also led to an impressive 37% increase in sign-up conversions on our platform. 

Here’s the story of our experiment, the nuances of the buyer’s journey, and the indispensable role of A/B testing in implementing a winning tactic in our marketing.

The start with WriterAccess

In the first half of 2022, Rock Content acquired WriterAccess, a freelance content creation platform that revolutionizes and simplifies the way companies and agencies connect with writers, editors, designers, and other content freelancers. 

At the end of the same year, Rock Content’s marketing team officially took over the platform’s promotion and customer acquisition activities.

Eager to showcase the platform’s potential but aware of the learning curve required to understand user behavior, we began our efforts to boost the conversion of new customers to WriterAccess. 

Our initial tactic, among many others, involved inserting and testing calls to action (CTAs) on our blog, directing visitors to the WriterAccess homepage.

The initial hypothesis was plausible: by directing people to the homepage of the WriterAccess website, we would provide the user with a more comprehensive view of the platform, increasing understanding and persuasion, and consequently, achieving a higher conversion rate for registrations.

Rain of traffic to WriterAccess home page

After a few weeks of conducting the initial tests, our blog became an incredible source of traffic to the WriterAccess website. 

There were various CTAs guiding users to learn about the platform and sign up after consuming the information on the homepage. 

Although this approach was informative, we operated under the assumption that potential users needed a more detailed understanding before committing to sign up and start using the platform. 

By directing users to the site, we achieved a conversion rate of 10.5%

In other words, 10.5% of the people we directed to the WriterAccess website signed up for our platform.

The A/B Test decision: Refining strategies for improved results

After more than six months of directing users to the WriterAccess homepage, we formulated a new hypothesis: 

“What if the homepage is acting as a roadblock in the customer journey? Could redirecting them straight to the signup page increase conversion rates?” 

In addition to the hypothesis, we observed that various companies, from different markets, were directing their users straight to the signup pages of their platforms. 

We decided to prioritize the implementation of this test in our experimentation routine. 

The objective was clear: evaluate the impact of redirecting users directly to the signup page, bypassing the homepage entirely. 

We set up, documented the study, and then launched the A/B test, directing 50% of the blog-generated traffic to the homepage and 50% directly to the signup page.

A/B Test outcome: Significant surge in signup conversions

We conducted the A/B test for three months, and after that, we achieved a statistically significant result. 

And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the remarkably positive numbers. 

The signup conversions, initially hovering at 10.5%, escalated to an impressive 14.4%. Yes, a whopping 37% increase in signup conversions on our platform!

Contrary to our initial assumptions, a streamlined journey to the signup page proved to be vastly more effective than one with an additional page acting as a “hurdle.”

The obvious is only obvious after being tested

You might be thinking, “But it’s obvious that conversions would increase; you’re directing people straight to the conversion page.” 

However, is it really that obvious? 

State of Marketing Report 2024

Based on numerous tests I’ve conducted in this direction, I can assert with 100% certainty that it’s not always a given that conversions will increase. 

Some tests I’ve conducted have shown results opposite to those presented in this article.

“But, Guilherme, how can I know if this will work for my company?” The straight-to-the-point answer is: by testing, testing, and testing.

Reflections on the Buyer’s Journey and Continuous Optimization

I’m not writing this post intending to advocate whether a simplified journey is better or worse.

For years, we’ve utilized our blog, rich materials, and newsletters, among other channels, as sources of education and information for our users.

We understand that a less convoluted journey yields incredible and sustainable results for businesses.

What I want to underscore here is the importance of constant testing, structured within your marketing tactics.

Since the day we implemented a structured testing routine within Rock Content, our results soared to unprecedented levels.

The practice of growth hacking enabled us to explore channels and test strategies sustainably and efficiently, boosting our outcomes without necessarily increasing our financial investment.

This WriterAccess case is just one example among many that I can provide, illustrating the power of tests in delivering valuable insights and results.

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Continuous optimization, fueled by data and insights, is the key to staying relevant in a dynamic digital landscape.

Insights to Boost Your Marketing Results Too

Here are some tips from someone immersed in a routine of constant testing, witnessing firsthand, every day, how assumptions are either validated or completely overturned as part of an ongoing evolution.

Nothing is so obvious that it cannot be tested

Assumptions are valid, but nothing beats the “battlefield.” 

We can study various theories, but certainty only comes after testing and visualizing the results.

Tests are not isolated actions but routine

The process is not just about conducting individual tests; it’s about creating a culture of experimentation. 

This involves setting clear goals, structured testing, documentation, constant data analysis, and swift interaction based on insights.

Prioritization is a key element for significant results

Not all ideas will be tested, or better yet, not all will be prioritized. In our testing routine, we prioritize projects based on their expected impact, our confidence in the outcome, and ease of execution, also known as the ICE Score model.


True innovation emerges when we challenge our own assumptions. We’re not here to advocate for a specific journey but to inspire you to embrace a testing mindset within your company.

Many companies believe that to enhance their digital results, they must proportionally increase their efforts, both financially and operationally. However, Growth Hacking is not about isolated tests. It’s a mindset that needs to be ingrained in your organizational culture.

We celebrate not only successes but also the insights gained from less successful experiments. Each test is an opportunity for learning and evolution, and this A/B test is just one example of it.

I hope this case can inspire you to challenge your assumptions, not just test them but to establish routines of constant experimentation within your company.

Signing off for now and until next time!


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