How to Make a Personality Quiz Your Audience Will Love

Interactive content is a terrific way to capture your audience’s attention and encourage further interest in your brand. Personality quizzes are particularly engaging options that are red hot right now. Here’s how to make a personality quiz that really resonates.

How to Make a Personality Quiz Your Audience Will Love

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Who doesn’t love a good online personality quiz? 

Not only do people deeply enjoy learning new things about themselves, but they also like sharing their results across all their social media channels and discussing them with their friends. 

Quizzes can be a virtually irresistible way to kill a few spare minutes or indulge in a bit of innocent procrastination, as well.

In other words, personality quizzes aren’t just fun for everyone. 

They can also be incredibly effective marketing tools and prime examples of results-driven interactive content in action. 

Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know about how to make a personality quiz in support of your brand.

    What are Interactive Personality Quizzes?

    Interactive content is relatively simple as a concept in that it’s content that encourages your audience to engage with it in a participatory way. 

    Instead of passively consuming information via a video, article, or infographic, the person plays a key role in how their experience plays out. 

    The result is a fun, exciting activity the user enjoys, but that is also very valuable from a marketing standpoint.

    Interactive personality quizzes are one type of interactive content that’s incredibly successful in attracting a user’s attention. 

    To begin with, they have a near-universal appeal, as few people don’t enjoy hearing interesting or positive things about themselves as often as possible.

    Personality quizzes also give brands a unique opportunity to find out more about their audiences and collect valuable personal information

    Those who take them and enjoy the experience are also highly likely to share them, exposing your content to an even larger audience on your behalf.

    What are the Benefits of Interactive Personality Quizzes?

    Not only are quizzes among the most popular types of interactive content out there, but they usually have the highest click rates and are the most likely to be shared by users.

    Here’s a closer look at some of the other benefits of making interactive personality quizzes a part of your marketing campaign.

    Building relationships

    You’re nearly instantly inspiring trust and loyalty by teaching your audience something new about themselves.

    Collecting data

    Quizzes let you reach a vast number of participants and collect large amounts of valuable information from them.

    Generating insights

    Personality quizzes, in particular, give marketers plenty of insight into an audience, including their unique personalities, desires, and fears.

    Raising awareness

    Because of the high engagement and share rates, quizzes are fantastic for raising awareness of a brand, product, or service in record time.

    Boosting customer loyalty

    Interactive quizzes can be visited multiple times and retaken as often as the user likes, making them excellent tools for building brand loyalty.

    Innovating with the format

    The quiz format is a versatile one with a lot of potential. You can use it, again and again, to reach out to new demographics, reconnect with old ones, or learn specific things about your audience.

    Saving money

    Interactive personality quizzes are also reasonably affordable marketing tactics, especially when you consider the high return of investment you’ll get with a really good one.

    How to Make a Personality Quiz That Hits the Mark

    Of course, knowing an interactive personality quiz sounds like a great fit for your band is one thing. 

    However, making one that’s genuinely engaging and yields the results you’re after takes a little finesse. 

    So here’s a look at how to make sure your brand’s quiz is the hit you want it to be.

    1. Carefully consider your theme

    An ideal interactive personality quiz has two end goals:

    • The first is to engage, inform, and genuinely entertain the consumer on the receiving end. 
    • The other is to successfully market one of your product offerings or perhaps your brand as a whole.

    To accomplish both of these goals, there must be a clear correlation between the contents of the quiz and the item you’re marketing. 

    Think about how your products or company mission statement might tie into timeless evergreen concepts or capitalize on pop culture phenomena by drawing parallels with your brand. Be creative!

    2. Choose a snappy title

    Your title is to your quiz what a great headline is to a piece of written content. 

    It’s responsible for not only grabbing and holding your audience’s attention but also for telling people everything they need to know about your quiz at a glance. 

    Your quiz’s overall look and layout are essential for snagging people’s focus at a glance, too.

    Don’t sweat the logistics of how to pull together a cohesive design for your quiz, though. Campaign-creation interfaces like Ion take most of the guesswork out of designing, titling, and laying out an interactive quiz people will love. 

    Think easy-to-follow templates that not only look great but simply require that you plug in your own unique content.

    3. Write questions that are a blast to answer

    If you’ve ever taken a personality quiz where the creator didn’t do a very good job disguising which answers correlate to each possible result, then you also know how boring that can be. 

    Answers that are too transparent take a lot of the mystique out of the quiz-taking process and could ruin the experience for the user

    The same goes for questions that are boring or too vague. This is what you should do:

    • Mix up your questions, and include a few that don’t necessarily relate directly to the final result.
    • Throw some image-based questions in to keep things interesting.
    • Hit the sweet spot when it comes to the number of questions — about ten or so. Too few could make your quiz seem vague, but too many may encourage users to click away without completing the quiz.
    • Frame your questions in ways that relate to the possible results, but not in a way that’s too obvious.

    4. Select the results with care

    Not only does the experience of taking your quiz and moving from question to question need to be fun, but the payoff at the end needs to be satisfying, as well. 

    A quiz’s results are where its magic lies, so it needs to tell people something interesting and fit their personality well. 

    However, the results also need to relate to your brand or product in a way that makes sense.

    One way to cover both bases is to choose your quiz results based on any existing customers personas you may have. 

    For example, is there a specific system you’re currently using to differentiate each audience segment from all the others? 

    What key differences do your customers have from one another regarding interests, skills, life goals, or personality traits? 

    Then, think of ways to translate these existing differences into satisfying, true-to-life quiz results.

    5. Snag each user’s email address

    A smart marketer never wants to miss out on a chance to add new email addresses to their mailing list. 

    But in a day and age that’s increasingly about human-first data experiences, it’s essential to do so ethically and with the user’s permission. 

    An interactive quiz presents an ideal opportunity to capture addresses from promising new potential leads.

    Add an opt-in form to your quiz and display it right before users receive their results. 

    This is generally the point in the process where the user’s sense of anticipation is highest, so it’s your best moment to request an email address. 

    But make sure you maximize the potential of the leads you do add to your list by allowing people the option to continue without inputting their information.

    Example of an interactive quiz designed by Orbitz

    6. Make sure users know their data is safe

    With incidents like data breaches and misuse of personal information making headlines every day, security is increasingly important to your audience. 

    People are wary of giving their information to just anyone, and more than a few are well aware that fun interactive options like personality quizzes collect data.

    That said, it’s essential to make sure each user knows upfront that their data is safe with you. 

    Be transparent about who exactly created the quiz, and give your users the option of opting out of any communications they might receive at any point they wish. 

    And be clear about what you plan on using their data for, whether that’s merely internal information or something more.

    7. Make sharing your quiz irresistible and straightforward

    While people do take personality quizzes to find out new things about themselves, they don’t want or expect to hear anything negative. 

    Instead, they want to walk away from the quiz feeling like rock stars, so a great interactive quiz seeks to make that happen for them.

    Plus, you want people to share their results and spread your quiz around, which isn’t likely to happen if they don’t get results they’re proud of. 

    So make sure all the results are distinct, enjoyable, satisfying, and positive. 

    And make it as easy for people to share the quiz as possible. Ideally speaking, all they should have to do is click a button.

    Wrap Up: Personality Quizzes Are Part of a Full-Scale Interactive Content Plan

    Nothing helps an audience begin developing a connection with a brand quite like great interactive content, and personality quizzes are among the most popular options to include in your campaign. 

    Not only does everyone love taking the quizzes and sharing the results with their friends, but they’re golden opportunities for ethically collecting data, as well.

    However, a personality quiz is only one component in an entire interactive digital content campaign. 

    Check out our comprehensive interactive content guide for the skinny on everything else you need to know to take your strategy to the next level! 

    You’ll learn how to integrate interactivity into your current campaign, which formats are the best fit for your company, and much more.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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