How to Create Interactive Calculators for Lead Generation

Interactive calculators are the perfect tool for lead generation to boost your content marketing efforts. Get the tips you need to create effective calculators with strategies for testing and optimization to generate better leads.

How to Create Interactive Calculators for Lead Generation

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Let’s start with the basics!

If you have a company, you need customers to meet growth goals, generate revenue, and create brand awareness. This is where a lead generation calculator can help your marketing and sales teams through the funnel, from the top to the bottom.

Interactive content can take on many forms like videos, quizzes, assessments, and infographics, for instance.

Within this guide, let’s talk about one of the most used among them, the interactive calculator, which acts as an extra hand for any business standing out from the crowd.

The tool simplifies all the way to achieve what you have planned so far in your interactive marketing strategies.

Meanwhile, it also helps to attract more attention online, engaging and guiding leads to higher conversion rates.

Want to learn further how to generate active content and turn sales leads into customers? So keep on reading this guide!

    What is an interactive calculator?

    Let’s start with concepts. First of all, do you know what an interactive calculator is?

    It’s a great tool for lead generation because it’s built to solve problems and answer questions based on formulas during the mid-stage of the buyer’s journey.

    Briefly speaking, it’s an interactive tool that takes inputs from users and turns them into data and numerical results for your marketing and sales teams. So they may figure out specific solutions to their “pains” immediately.

    Meanwhile, it also provides answers to your customers’ needs and most frequently asked questions:

    • what will the ROI be if I purchase it?
    • how much does this product/service cost?
    • how much will this solution save me?

    When they are evaluating all options available before a purchase, the calculator grants some unique insights such as ROI (Return on Investment), payments, or even savings, as we showed through the questions above.

    It’s a two-way tool, good for potential customers and good for marketing and sales teams.

    Whatever the outcome is, it can show the final push your lead needs before making a purchase. The lead generation calculator can be used to educate your customers with valuable and personalized content while promoting potential benefits they could expect when getting a product or service.

    Remember when we said that the lead generation calculator is one of the most used interactive tools?

    It has a great advantage compared to other resources because there is no need for direct interaction with a seller, which makes it more appealing.

    Besides, it can be used at any stage of the sales funnel. However, the tool tends to be more effective from the middle to bottom of funnel, where it helps leads to find the right solution for their problem.

    For example, a calculator that showcases how your company can make the customer saves money every month with the energy bill.

    What are the benefits of a lead generation calculator?

    The first benefit is the lead generation itself, an important piece in any inbound marketing strategy to attract more customers.

    After all, they are the base for business growth, revenue, brand awareness, and many more advantages, depending on your specific goals.

    Moreover, there is also an appealing approach because of no direct contact. We know that some customers prefer this way, at least in the beginning. So it helps to keep the leads close to the brand.

    Let’s see some more benefits? Keep up with reading!

    Discover the business needs

    Do you have strategic planning? Probably, right? So you have already delineated your goals for short, medium and long terms. With a lead generation calculator, you can go further and discover what you need to achieve your targets, from leads, revenue, and traffic.

    Strengthen the inbound marketing

    This kind of strategy works close to content creation. To boost it, you can work with interactive tools because static content everybody has. Our goal is to stand out from the crowd. And to do so we have to go beyond, try different approaches and surprise our customers positively.

    Reach growth in all areas

    For a business to grow, you need good products or services, talented professionals to make everything happen, and customers to buy what you’re selling. The direct impact from the sum of it all is revenue and growth as a brand, a great place to work and a reference within the market.

    Propose an immersive engagement

    As an interactive tool, a lead generation calculator helps to promote a new level of engagement and transparency that gives customers answers to the most important questions for them. It helps to build trust in a dynamic way and a strong relationship with the brand from the start.

    Give input to the sales team

    The same way it helps to give answers to your potential customers, it also provides detailed data for your sales team to work with. Interactive calculators can show more than emails or phone numbers, delivering preferences and needs to improve offers and calls.

    How to build the path through lead generation success?

    Now you know what is a lead generation calculator and its main benefits, let’s see how to apply it on a daily basis with some examples. There are many ways to get the results you’re looking for through interactive content.

    Right here you can find a few templates that can be branded, customized and launched in under an hour to bring an interactive experience. Do you believe that? Because it’s possible, indeed. We will show you some possibilities, such as:

    • ROI calculator for pay-per-click online advertisings that can be embedded into any existing web page;
    • Savings calculator that shows to the customers how much they can save when purchasing in bulk, alongside with a push for higher quantity buying;
    • Microsite with 3 calculators offers a multi-page and dynamic experience to share information about a product or service in order to encourage conversions.

    These are a few samples you can choose to start your interactive content strategy to bring more customers in. From now on, we want to share with you some tips to get you started on your way to building the path through lead generation success. Let’s go!

    1. Share the results via email

    When we try a quiz or even a calculator, we like to receive the results and share them, right? So as soon as the lead finishes the interaction, send the results via email. It helps to increase engagement and keep your potential customer close by.

    2. Send related content

    To complement the experience, sending relevant related content via email or suggesting it with links right after the calculations is a good way to engage too. You can even run an A/B Test to evaluate an email with and another one without this content section.

    3. Focus on quality over quantity

    It seems kind of obvious, but believe it or not, it’s never too much to say to focus on quality rather than quantity. This way your sales team doesn’t waste precious time on unqualified leads and can use it to pursue the ones with a high chance of conversions.

    4. Nurture your potential customers

    Another common sense, however, nurturing, sometimes is forgotten by companies. Because attracting new customers is the main purpose most of the time. Try to find a balance to invest in both strategies. Relationships are important to move the prospect from one level to the next.

    5. Track your competition

    Before any move, it’s always a good thing to follow what your competitors are doing. You can learn a lot from this measure, what to do, what not to do and which areas are lacking some kind of attention. Use all the data collected to beat the competition and grow.

    6. Use social media to warm up

    You already bet on an interactive tool, such as a lead generation calculator, so why not use social media to boost your sales pipeline? Share interactive content, like how much your customers can save from a purchase. Get to know your audience and build a connection.

    7. Collect data from the calculator

    Go beyond emails and phone numbers, use all the personalized information through the calculator to offer relevant content and increase the chances of conversions. You can use it in your favor during the buyer’s journey and in accordance with the best funnel stage.

    Wrap Up

    With these tips and all the knowledge we have shared in this guide, you can build your path over the lead generation calculator.

    It’s quite simple, easy to apply to any kind of business, and, moreover, the best way to stand out in a market based on static content yet.

    Potential customers are looking for more than good products or exceptional services, they want a brand new experience and a reason to engage. You have all the tools to turn this wish into a reality.

    Since we’re talking about how to attract more customers and improve your lead generation, learn how to use interactive content to generate revenue and boost your marketing strategy.


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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