How to calculate the ROI of interactive content

How to calculate the ROI of interactive content

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Interactive content is a marketing bet to generate more leads and customers. That happens because of the excellent results this strategy can provide to companies.

Interactive content attracts the prospects’ attention and engages them. One advantage of this format is its attractiveness, which can take the lead to other stages of the funnel and increase the ROI. 

Calculating the interactive content ROI can be very helpful for your strategy.

Keep on reading to learn more about the interactive content ROI and how to calculate it. Here, we’ll comment on the following topics:

    What is interactive content?

    Interactive content allows interaction between the user and the material, creating a personal experience.

    There are several ways to create interactive content. The most used are:

    You can use each type of interactive content in distinct ways within a marketing plan. There’s no rule for it. You just need to align the content with the buyer persona’s desires and issues.

    Interactive content differs from static content. The static one makes the persona just a reader who doesn’t have the power to interfere with the content. 

    Interactivity allows the audience to be an active and essential part of the content fruition.

    The public’s participation makes the content unique for every user, leading each one to different results. Tests and quizzes are widespread today. They’re responsible for the success of one of the biggest sites on the Internet: Buzzfeed.

    The interaction makes the content catch the public’s attention, solving one of today’s biggest marketing challenges.

    That happens because the amount of information increases exponentially, while the time people dedicate to consuming content remains the same. 

    What are the advantages of using it?

    The public attention can generate many benefits for companies’ sales and marketing.

    The interactive content can increase ROI and:

    • generate more organic traffic
    • improve SEO
    • increase the number of shares on social media
    • boost the number of followers
    • enhance the content’s chances to go viral
    • attract qualified and hot leads
    • improve the public’s perception of the brand
    • increase conversions

    All of these benefits positively affect the return on investment of companies that produce interactive content.

    study conducted in 2018 by Demand Metric and the interactive platform, Ion Interactive, showed that 96% of marketers say that interactive content has a positive impact on the buyer’s journey. 

    How to calculate interactive content ROI?

    One challenge for marketers is to measure marketing ROI. According to the research recently mentioned, only 14% of companies measure the engagement results of the materials they produce.

    Before understanding how to calculate interactive content ROI, it’s important to mention a few points.

    Interactive content can increase ROI calculation accuracy

    Interactive and personalized content generates positive impacts on the accuracy of the calculation of some metrics, such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV). 

    According to Jonny Rose, this is a marketing trend for years to come.

    It takes time to calculate ROI

    It’s important to remember that we shouldn’t analyze interactive content in the short term.

    According to Scott Severson, interactive content ROI is like gym exercises. “You won’t see a reward in a week, but if you commit to doing it regularly, you’ll get incredible results.”

    So, remember that interactive content ROI is a marathon, not a sprint.

    ROI should always be improved

    The tools and ways to calculate ROI are always improving.

    That’s why it is important to take into account as much information as possible, knowing that the content can affect people in unique ways.

    The macro view matters

    Just as it’s essential to analyze data such as SEO and shares on social media, the company’s branding, and storytelling also interfere in ROI calculation.

    Content quality interferes in ROI results

    In the long term, we must see content as something that will bring an exponential return over investment. Therefore, the quality of the content interferes with the outcome.

    According to Cormac Reynolds, there’s no correct way to calculate content ROI, being interactive or not. Each company must find its way.

    The interactive content ROI must consider the impact of this type of content on the brand’s several points of contact, including sales.

    Here we have other points to consider when calculating ROI:

    • number of views
    • bounce rate
    • time on page
    • number of comments on social media
    • number of shares and quotes
    • number of clicks on the CTA to continue browsing other materials
    • number of links to the site
    • number of leads
    • conversion rate

    It’s possible to measure these indicators using tools such as Google AnalyticsGoogle AlertBuzzSumo, and CRM software.

    We can calculate the ROI for each one of them. The formula is:

    roi formula

    If you already set the parameters of your strategy, you can also use our calculator to know your company’s ROI:

    The interactive content ROI is a way to direct investments in Content Marketing, using this kind of content to improve metrics.

    Marketing is looking at interactive content as an opportunity to improve its numbers. In sales, the impact of interactive content may be even higher than expected.

    If you want to understand better the financial efficiency of your marketing, check out our Marketing Calculator, and plan your budget!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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