6 Brands Creating Interactive Finance Content to Drive Conversions

Interactivity has proven effective in collecting data, attracting qualified leads, educating customers, and optimizing conversions. Interactive finance content can strengthen marketing strategies, contributing to increased revenue and improved brand positioning.

Brands Creating Interactive Finance Content to Drive Conversions

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With companies specializing in getting the audience’s attention, it has become increasingly challenging to stand out. 

The best copywriting techniques may simply not bring the expected results if the user does not see a differential in the content. As a result, they might leave, and the competition for their attention will continue. 

That is why we decided to produce this content about conversions with interactive content.

Interactive content can capture the user’s interest with impressive efficiency, and marketing professionals are starting to realize that. A study performed by Demand Metric showed that:

  • 96% of the marketing professionals surveyed believe that interactive content impacts buyer decisions along their journey.
  • 90% believe that interactive content is effective in educating the customer, while only 60% consider that traditional content can achieve this goal.
  • 68% of the participating companies reported revenue growth within a year after they started employing interactivity in their content.

We cannot forget something fundamental: interactive content is a powerful source of first-party data

Several companies, including those in finance, have been successful in collecting data with this type of content. Of course, it is also effective at engaging, attracting qualified leads, and optimizing conversions.

Keep on reading to see examples of interactive finance content and the benefits of using it in a marketing strategy.

    6 Companies in the Financial Sector that use Interactive Content

    To better visualize the benefits of interactive finance content, a great strategy is to observe what other companies do. In the following sections, get to know 6 brands in the area that are making great use of interactivity in their content.

    1. Nerdwallet

    Nerdwallet website

    Nerdwallet’s mission is to help people have clarity when making decisions related to their financial life. 

    Through its content, which includes interactive tools, the company guides users to pay off their debts, choose good financial products and services, buy a house, or save money for retirement.

    On the calculators’ page on the Nerdwallet website, there are dozens of interactive tools that users can use to make useful calculations for their financial life. 

    The starting point is a calculator that, using the 50-30-20 rule, shows how someone should organize their budget to pay off debts or invest:

    Nerdwallet (interactive finance content)

    But there is also more elaborate interactive content. Another example aims to help the user to find out how much money they should have in their emergency fund:

    Nerdwallet (emercency fund calculator)

    Calculators and quizzes like these help the user discover and learn simple concepts for financial market professionals but can be quite complex for the average person.

    As for the company producing the content, do you realize how much data can be collected? From these numbers, it is possible to have a much better view of the audience’s financial situation, which helps improve the company’s Digital Marketing strategy.

    2. Premier Members Credit Union

    Premier Members Credit Union website

    This non-profit financial institution aims to provide financial solutions to individuals and businesses in the city of Boulder and the Denver metro area in the state of Colorado.

    The Premier Members Credit Union website contains a page with calculators focused on personal financial activities. 

    These help users make decisions related to private pensions, savings, loans, and personal organization. Take, for example, the calculator that helps the user decide whether to buy or rent a home:

    Premier Members Credit Union (rent vs own calculator)

    Imagine how much value an interactive calculator creates for the audience. 

    A financial professional can come to a conclusion on this subject with relative ease. But, in general, people really appreciate tools that help them make such important decisions.

    Another interesting kind of material is a combination of a calculator and an interactive infographic that can help the user plan for retirement:

    Premier Members Credit Union (interactive finance content)

    These are just two examples of the interactive content available on Premier Members Credit Union’s website. With the help of those materials, the user can make decisions with confidence and wisdom, as the company itself puts it.

    3. Bankrate

    Bankrate website

    Bankrate’s goal is to help people with their personal finances. 

    In addition to traditional content, their website offers calculators that contribute to audience engagement and collect data related to the user’s purchasing power and financial limitations.

    Bankrate’s calculators’ page lists dozens of tools tailored to specific needs. These include tax payment calculations, insurance expenses, and loan and financing simulations.

    This calculator, for example, helps the user simulate what will be the result of their monthly investments after a certain time:

    Bankrate interactive calculator

    The calculator design draws attention since it displays a colorful graphic that makes it easy to understand. 

    What is interesting is that, right below the calculator, the user sees suggestions of investments they can make, and they can click on the links to access the partner’s website.

    Bankrate interactive finance content

    Want to see another calculator that would certainly catch the public’s attention? Take a look at this one, which suggests the ideal value for life insurance coverage:

    Bankrate (life insurance calculator)

    Quizzes and calculators create value because they help users make informed decisions. 

    More than that, such tools are excellent at generating leads since they teach in a simple way, making the person want to learn more and showing that the company understands the subject.

    Not to mention the amount of data generated, which can be used to optimize a Content Marketing strategy.

    4. Johnson Financial Group

    Johnson Financial Group website

    Johnson Financial Group is the holding company that manages Johnson Bank and Johnson Insurance. The group offers financial products and services in the states of Wisconsin and Arizona.

    The company’s website contains a page that brings together several calculators that meet the needs of people who are concerned about their finances. 

    One of them aims to help the user understand how to accumulate a million dollars:

    Johnson Financial Group (interactive finance content)

    It is worth noting that the calculation results are presented in graphical form, which is very helpful for understanding. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    The CTA (call-to-action) button appears a little further down — an invitation for the visitor to contact an investment advisor for help.

    As we can see, this content is quite helpful for conversion since it encourages the person to make plans and count on professional help to achieve their long-term goals. 

    Those who accept the CTA become qualified as they advance in the content, boosting the ROI of this strategy.

    5. CNN Money

    CNN Money website

    CNN, the pay-TV news channel, has an area on its website dedicated to business journalism. 

    This way, it goes beyond just reporting what is happening in the world of finance to educating readers and creating value for them.

    Part of the interactive content available on CNN Money consists of maps, such as this one showing the performance of stock markets in various countries:

    CNN Money interactive map

    There is also a map showing the average rent in various regions of the United States:

    CNN Money (interactive finance content)

    Content like this generates engagement, which is excellent for reducing the bounce rate and increasing the time spent on the website, as well as contributing to brand positioning.

    6. Save and Invest.org

    Save and Invest website

    Save and Invest’s goal is to promote financial education. 

    The organization’s website is rich in content, including calculators, games, and quizzes, located under the Tools and Resources tab. 

    These materials allow users to test their knowledge of finance and plan investments more accurately.

    One of the calculators is designed to help the user calculate how much they need to invest each month to accumulate enough funds to pay for college:

    Save and Invest (college savings calculator)

    Another interactive content that deserves to be highlighted is the quiz that helps the user test their knowledge of finance:

    Save and Invest (interactive finance content)

    This way, Save and Invest simplifies something that many people consider complicated: personal finance. 

    In addition, the organization can collect data that helps it get to know its audience better and develop solutions aligned with the needs of its persona.

    3 Reasons Why Interactive Finance Content is Valuable for Brands

    The interactive experiences you have just seen promote engagement. They work in harmony with human nature itself, which appreciates a good interaction.

    Moreover, such content teaches in an interesting and — why not? — fun way

    The knowledge acquired by the user has a significant impact on their decision, as the study by Demand Metric pointed out.

    The exciting thing is that the leads generated through interactive content tend to be more qualified. 

    This is because, depending on the material, the user provides a series of data that will be useful for the sales department. 

    Interactive finance content is advantageous for several factors, but we highlight some of them in the following sections.

    1. First-party data collection

    The concern about individual data is growing, and obtaining it is not as easy as it used to be.

    In fact, it is good to see that consumers have become aware of the importance of their personal information, but this leads to companies needing to find ethical methods to collect it.

    Interactive content solves this problem, provided, of course, that you warn users about this collection. Primary data, provided voluntarily and directly by the user during the interactive experiences, is invaluable.

    By obtaining this data, you have confirmation that your branding strategy is working since the user has shown enough confidence to provide their data. 

    In addition, the segmentation made possible by the data collected directly from the user is more detailed, which allows for greater personalization in the approach to the potential customer.

    2. Conversion optimization

    The interactive content favors conversions based on the qualification of leads, which can be done with the data obtained in each user interaction. 

    This way, the CTAs and the offers displayed can be customized to be more compatible with their needs and interests.

    This has a lot to do with respecting the moment the lead is in through the buyer’s journey

    Making a sales approach when they don’t even fully comprehend that they have a problem usually causes a negative effect. But personalization is a solution that increases the chances of conversion.

    3. Increased audience engagement

    Interactive content increases engagement by offering something the user wants. This alignment between expectation and reality makes the experience more immersive.

    Besides, to receive information, the person needs to participate, either by providing data or by clicking on content elements. This is common in video games, and we know how captivating this interaction can be.

    Since the user needs to participate, they tend to consume the content to the end and are likely to continue the experience by following the CTA.

    Wrap Up

    Finance companies have modernized a lot in recent times, and Content Marketing strategies need to keep up with this movement. 

    As you have seen, interactive finance content meets this need, bringing superior benefits to traditional content.

    Explore Ion, a powerful tool within our Content Cloud suite, offering the perfect solution to transform your finance content into engaging interactive experiences. Request a free demo now!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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