How to create an interactive map for your digital strategy

How to create an interactive map for your digital strategy

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If you are struggling in engaging your leads, a very efficient option is using interactive content on your website.

With so much competition in the digital world, it is necessary to enhance the reach and efficiency of the experience you offer to the user. 

Discovering how to create an interactive map, for example, can become a competitive advantage.

In a scenario where the average user attention span is only 8 seconds, you need to captivate the visitor if you want to create an efficient Digital Marketing plan.

Moreover, with so much accessible data and information, putting them together in interactive content can be a way to generate relevance for your brand.

For you to understand a little more about the value of this strategy, we will address the following topics in this article:

    How important is interactivity for your digital strategy?

    Within your Content Marketing strategy, you need to find ways to make your content and campaigns more attractive.

    Users tend to ignore digital ads, and the competition is increasing for the attention of those on the Internet. Thus, interactivity can be the ideal answer, and the numbers prove it.

    No wonder, a Klick Wire survey shows that 81 percent of marketers believe interactivity can capture visitors’ attention

    Also, these professionals believe it is an excellent tool to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

    When analyzing the buyer’s journeyDemand Metric shows that interactive content is more effective than static in the middle of the sales funnel.

    For you to understand the impact of this feature, the New York Times’ most accessed page is not news, but a quiz that, once answered, turns into a map.

    interactive map ny times

    Therefore, if you want to increase the impact of your Digital Marketing strategy, interactivity should be one of your priorities. 

    What is an interactive map?

    With so many interactive content types, such as calculators, contests, quizzes, and ebooks, there is one with some differentials: the interactive map.

    In practice, it is a map with relevant information that can be explored by the user. 

    In other words, the visitor will not only visualize but also interact.

    They can customize what is displayed and thus visualize what interests them most.

    For those producing the content, it can be a way to reveal valuable data or even arouse curiosity in readers. An example is an interactive map that shows where football players call home.

    interactive map example

    If your company works, for example, in the field of Education, an interactive map could show the Education index of countries or even states and cities.

    The possibilities to work with this type of content are the most diverse, creating unique experiences for users.

    When the material is well-produced, it can even become a reference material for the visitor to return more often. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    Also, they start to trust your content even more, which creates a closer relationship and facilitates engagement. 

    How to create an interactive map for your digital strategy?

    So, what about finding how to create an interactive map? Check out some steps you must take on creating this type of content!

    1. Set a goal for your content

    Before you start producing an interactive map, you need to keep some points in mind. The first one is the fit of this material into your digital strategy.

    In other words, what will it add to your long-term goals? Does it make any sense to, for example, your sales funnel?

    Then, you need to define what your lead will learn with your content. After all, it’s not enough to make an interactive material: it needs to be relevant.

    Also, be aware of the purchase journey stage your lead is at. In some cases, the interactive map may not be the most suitable option.

    Finally, you need to understand what the reader will be able to do with the displayed information. 

    If the purpose is not so clear, it may be interesting to indicate a direction to make the most of the map data.

    2. Use a tool to optimize your work

    To create an interactive map, you can do more in-depth work on coding techniques, for example. Also, even with Microsoft Excel, you can create a map.

    The problem, however, is that these two options are expensive, time-consuming, and difficult for future changes.

    So the ideal would be to have a tool for it. 

    With solutions like Ion Interactiveall this information can be added and managed without any problems.

    Easy to use, Ion offers the possibility of creating different interactive content, not just maps.

    Thus, your strategy can be optimized, speeding up the creation and editing time of the materials. All this without disturbing your productivity in other tasks.

    3. Remember: content matters

    Interactivity is a strategy to attract more visitors and capture the reader’s attention, but the most important thing is the content. 

    So make sure you are presenting relevant information, and your content will generate engagement.

    One tip is to analyze the desires, difficulties, and goals of your buyer persona. With this information, it is easier to define what content could become more attractive to the reader.

    On the other hand, if the material is not relevant, not even interactivity will capture your lead’s interest.

    With so much technology available, knowing how to create an interactive map is an easier task than it seems.

    When we put the benefits in perspective, this strategy becomes even more relevant for those who want to use Digital Marketing channels more efficiently.

    Now that you know how to create an interactive map, how about understanding the importance of interactivity on your strategy? Download our free guide on Interactive Content!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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