Internal Dialogue: The Genuine Pleasure Of Small Talk

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Let’s face it, internal dialogue among global organisations has always been a challenge. On the one hand you want depth of personal colleague relationships to assist daily conversations and tasks. But international cultural differences, time zones, and language barriers often reduce conversations to the very basics.

Prime methods of contact have always been email, telephone or instant messaging and these tend to be one-to-one dialogues that struggle to relay the personality and intelligence of each individual.

Emoji’s reflect the implied tone of conversations but as use widens, so too does the cryptic nature. If you don’t take time to learn Emoji vocabulary, you will soon struggle to be understood.

Long Time No See

Security and Data Retention

Security issues are a big deal for any company operating in today’s technological landscape. Using Twitter or other social networking platforms for internal communication can be riddled with danger. You certainly would not want to share sensitive data or unfavourable personal opinions about clients across an open social platform. Just ask British Gas how their Twitter chat went when activists decided to comment assertively and repeatedly!

State of Marketing Report 2024

If you feel brave enough to host your company chats in the public domain, you better be sure the chats are well moderated!

Daily Grind or Daily Habit?

At Rock Content we take a different approach to colleague interaction and use our own real time live platform to publish “The Daily” via our website. This lives publicly on our website and is moderated by our own staff. Moderation needs no special skills, just a good sense of “what is right” and the ability to click a tick or a cross. Given we have offices in most time zones, we operate a very simple ‘follow the sun’ method to ensure all content is moderated by a human.

Aside from being great fun, this live stream carries several purposes:

    1. Our talent acquisition team shares this link with prospective employees to showcase our company culture. Typically Rock Content hires intelligent and ever so slightly quirky people which makes for a fun stream of personal celebrations, cool gadgets, client images and silly pranks that keep us entertained.

    2. New additions to the Scribble team are announced on The Daily. They can then share the link with their business circle, adding an average of 70 new readers per new hire.

    3. Our clients use our platform in the same way; to deliver ‘cascade’ messages from management, run Q&A sessions, or make company-wide announcements.

    4. Most importantly, Rock Content has several offices around the world. As a globally-dispersed collection of individuals, the Daily gives us a “sense of family,” I haven’t met my colleagues in Dubai personally, but when I speak to them, I already know them on a personal level [congrats on the new baby Mo!] which makes for a very personable and pleasant way to engage colleagues.

Rock Content uses a real-time stream called the Daily to communicate internally, which builds relationships and team morale across departments.

Rock Content’s content marketing software solution allows you to establish an internal communication stream for your own brand. Book a demo to learn more about your options.


2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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