‘Many new best practices and tactics are surfacing, that are changing what we do and how we do it for content marketing success’, says Byron White, founder and chair of CMC

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See what 1400+ marketers had to say about the top marketing trends for 2024.

Content marketing evolves everyday. New tactics, new formats and new ways to create engaging content for the audience. And marketers need to keep up with trends and changes in the field to bring real results to their brands. What better way to get insights and learn about what’s going on with content marketing than attending the largest gathering of content marketers on the planet?

Content Marketing Conference (CMC) remains the premier event for tactical and actionable Content Marketing. Every year pro content marketers go to the stage, bearing fresh insights and strategies to consistently keep your brand ahead of the pack.

CMC2022 rolls out this week, November 9-11, with a virtual experience this year with a FREE 3 Day Ticket available for content marketers.

You can secure your free ticket for CMC now!

We had a chance to sit down with Byron White, founder and chair of Content Marketing Conference (and WriterAccess), acquired by Rock Content in December of 2021. He shared some topics attendees will experience in the conference and gave us insights on what to expect from the future of content marketing.

Rock Content: What should attendees expect from CMC 2022? Could you highlight the topics, tactics and takeaways this year?

Byron White: Holy Moly…. Where do I begin? The best answer I could offer would come from one question from many of our sessions that our speakers answer in 5 different tracks we cover. Collectively the answers offer a tip of the iceberg of what you can expect if you choose to dive in.

  • Planning

Struggling to find content ideas that will truly engage customers and prospects?

Is your brand the wallflower of the social media party, missing out on all the fun?

Having a hard time getting the attention of your customers and prospects?

Want one weird trick that’ll earn you more money?

How do you make a mark in an info-saturated world where everything is Google-able?

Does your brand pass the authenticity smell test?

What’s the best way to become the top authority in your industry?

Finding it tough to engage prospects with your high-ticket solutions?

Does your marketing turn clicks into customers?

Do you think the only way to grab attention is by being the loudest and most outrageous company in your industry?

  • Creation

Want to see some killer examples of how marketers are using “empathy” for experiential campaigns that connect brilliantly with an audience, linking to end points that drive conversion and sales?

Need a new plan for influencer marketing?

Want to stop the maddening merry-go-round of content revisions that kills off productivity, motivation and creativity?

Are you one of the marketers still segmenting and targeting customers by age groups?

Looking to incorporate fun into your content marketing strategy?

Have a complex product you’re finding tough to market?

Stuck when it comes to creating a steady supply of meaningful content?

Think getting on the first page of Google is beyond your grasp?

Ever wonder why some B2B marketers consistently rock clever, creative content while others perpetually fall flat?

Is your content sinking into the sea of boring mediocrity?

  • Optimization

Want to learn some shocking insights from email marketing data?

Looking for a new way to market your products and services?

A few pieces of ho-hum content don’t matter in the big scheme of your website, right?

Sick of being pulled down the rabbit hole of keyword research?

As a business owner, when should you delegate?

Are you up-to-the-minute on what Google’s latest “Helpful Content” ranking update means for you?

Feel like you have more obstacles than solutions when it comes to content marketing?

Do you simply blast the exact same content across all social channels, hoping for the best?

  • Distribution

Looking for an easy hack on how to lower LinkedIn advertising cost?

Wish your YouTube ads were turning a profit?

Do you run from video creation due to the hassle involved?

Finding it tough to build trust with your prospects and customers?

Can B2B brands really use TikTok to generate leads?

Sick of taking a back seat to your competitors in the social sphere?

Does it feel like you’re spinning your wheels on Twitter, only to get less and less traction?

How much of Gen Z’s $143 billion in spending power is landing with your brand?

Scrambling to keep up with the excitement and challenges of an early-stage startup?

  • Performance

Is your content marketing strategy missing propinquity?

Want to connect with your audience faster, better and in a more meaningful way while increasing your value as a marketer?

What metrics matter most, and how do you measure them?

Want more brand engagement and customer insights than you typically get in the overloaded digital space?

When’s the last time you updated your content marketing toolbox?

Want to level up your marketing to create a base of strong and steady returning customers?

Are you hustling, grinding and pushing yourself beyond human limits, yet still not enjoying the success you crave?

RC: CMC 2022 will be hosting 50 speakers, 8 keynotes and 7 comedy marketing keynotes, sharing a lot of Content Marketing related knowledge. Is it possible to highlight the most important trends that content marketers need to keep an eye on today to be updated in the market?

BW: You’ll find many new tactics and techniques that have surfaced this year, based on all the changes in the market and world that have happened in the last few years, and even months.  I’ll be featuring my Top Editors Pick session on the Dashboard that offers some guidance to some of our best content for attendees that are short on time.

RC: CMC will be virtual this year. Do you think this is a tendency for future CMC editions? What are the benefits for attendees to have a virtual event instead of a physical one?

BW: We all hope to feel comfortable returning to live events, and that’s true for Content Marketing Conference. But the learning must continue, and our audience is getting more global, so for that reason we’ll likely have a virtual event every year. Look for some updates in Q1 of 2023, fingers crossed that I’ll see you at a venue next year!

RC: We saw relevant growth of Digital Marketing during the pandemic. How do you see the growth of Content Marketing during this period of time? How is Content Marketing evolving?

BW: Marketing is always evolving, on all fronts. And Web3 is approaching us at lightspeed, much faster than the migration of Web1 to Web 2. Email is changing as well, in terms of what works and what does not based on data in the last few months.

And many new best practices and tactics are surfacing, that are changing what we do and how we do it for content marketing success.

RC: We’ve seen some softwares companies buying or building their own media companies. How is this trend impacting Content Marketing? Will it change the way brands do Content Marketing?

BW: Great question. Content marketing by definition (in my own words at least) is the art and science of gathering information, crafting stories, and publishing content consistently to engage readers, and keep them coming back for more.

Buying or building a media or publishing company or channel offers a way for companies to jump on the content marketing train and align their brand with the stories and beliefs and ideas created by that steady stream of content, building a deeper relationship with subscribers, prospect customers, and customers that become fans. I don’t think we’ll see changes in the way brands “do” content marketing.

But we will see a new type of media company enter the publishing world that is owned by the community members, and not a brand or company: Web 3 will bring that change to content marketing.

RC: Why did you choose to offer a FREE 3 Day Ticket with Content Marketing Conference this year?

BW: We’ve been sharing all the recordings from our annual conference with WriterAccess customers and writers for the last 4 years, as an appreciation for the engagement of our products and services.

Rock Content stepped in this year with further appreciation for the value of education, and agreed to open up CMC 3 day tickets to the world, hoping to advance the content marketing revolution around the world.  Additional tickets are available for purchase that open up all the content we’ve recorded. And group tickets are on sale for a small fee that allow any size company to invite their entire team for one low price.

You can secure your free ticket for CMC now!


2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

2024 State of Marketing Report

Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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