Join ESPN for Super Bowl XLVIII


    Rock Content fuels fan engagement for sports teams and organizations on their websites.

    This year, sports behemoth ESPN decided to change the way their viewers experienced football by introducing “NFL Nation Blitz“—a completely immersive fan experience powered by Rock Content.


    “ is expanding its NFL Nation network by creating a dedicated home for each of the 32 NFL teams,” said Matthew Lee, Deputy Editor of ESPN Blogs. “The team sites are staffed by industry leading reporters in every NFL city. We are using Rock Content to leverage the expansive live, on-the-ground reporting being done on game days and bring it to a one-stop destination for fans. This is the ultimate personalized experience for fans on game days.”

    The fan hub averages approximately 2.5 million engagement minutes per month, and has tallied in millions of unique page views since the NFL kickoff in September.

    Tune in on Sunday to see how ESPN and Rock Content put fans right in the middle of the action at Super Bowl XLVIII— and join the excitement of the biggest game in football!



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