What does a Lead Generation Specialist do? [+ How to become one]

Those who specialize in lead generation help companies find and qualify potential customers for more business growth.

What does a Lead Generation Specialist do? [+ How to become one]

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No matter what industry a business is in, there’s a good chance they’re looking for more customers.

That said, lead generation is one of those inbound marketing topics that’s sometimes a giant pain for sales teams. Why?

Even the best organizations have times where they struggle with where to improve their sales tactics and enjoy faster growth.

Additionally, many businesses of all sizes are now turning to specialized help to achieve better results. And they’re doing it by hiring a lead generation specialist.

If you’re great at looking through data and understanding the best ways to attract new leads, then you’ll want to pay attention to this guide.

Here’s what you need to know about becoming a lead generation specialist and why it is a good career choice.

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    What is a Lead Generation Specialist?

    A lead generation specialist is a person who specializes in helping businesses attract and qualify more potential customers.

    Often, they work directly for B2B companies as part of a sales team. In addition, they can also be independent or freelance consultants who offer their services in exchange for a retainer fee.

    In some cases, a lead generation specialist might also assist marketing teams in coming up with creative ways for the organization to tailor certain campaigns or digital advertising for better results.

    Skills a Lead Generation Specialist Should Have

    There are certain skills a lead generation specialist should have to be good in their chosen career.

    For example, they need to be excellent communicators. 

    There are many times when writing copy for a sales page or curating an email nurture sequence is important. 

    Being able to accurately convey the value of the product or service you’re working to sell is paramount to your success in this position.

    Lead generation specialists should also be skilled at problem-solving. 

    There are numerous times when a lead generation campaign doesn’t work out as well as you hoped and you have to make adjustments. 

    Being able to see a potential issue and identify change areas is important.

    Finally, lead generation specialists should like the research process. 

    Diving into data to find results, learning more about a particular target market, or thinking of innovative ways to attract new customers is crucial to this job position.

    Do You Need a College Degree as a Lead Generation Specialist?

    The short answer to this question is no. 

    These days, anyone can learn the skills necessary to thrive in digital marketing and sales by simply taking a few classes online and working towards gaining expertise.

    However, if you plan on working for a specific company or a digital agency, you’ll want to have some sort of college degree in a field like business or marketing.

    These degree paths are usually a good way to hone in on your skills, as many include classes like management, consumer behavior, sales, and other key components of the lead generation process.

    Even classes or a minor in psychology can be helpful to those interested in this career, as knowing how people act and the reasons behind what they do is a key component of lead generation.

    What Does a Lead Generation Specialist Do?

    So, what exactly does a lead generation specialist do? Here are a few examples of the different tasks that they might engage in on a daily basis.

    Database Management

    Lead generation specialists are in charge of maintaining and keeping records within a CRM program or other database. 

    Often, these duties include updating client files, adding notes, inputting new leads, and more.

    Sales Management

    Another aspect of the lead generation specialist position is sales management. Understanding what your team needs to thrive and attract new customers is important. 

    Further, having a plan for how representatives should contact or approach potential leads after they’ve requested a demo, quote, or appointment is crucial.

    Process Efficiency

    A big part of this position is coming up with more efficient ways to deploy the lead generation process. 

    Understanding how to move customers through sales funnels in a manner that makes sense and provides enough information for a customer to make a decision about a product or service is vital.

    Data Analysis

    Excellent lead generation specialists understand and love digging through data. 

    Whether it is metrics around a specific campaign or just data on their target market, they aren’t afraid to look at the numbers and anticipate how to move forward.

    Content Curation

    One part of the lead generation specialist job is to create and publish content as part of a bigger digital marketing strategy. 

    While the exact format can vary by individual industry or niche, generally this includes things like blog posts, social media content, videos, landing pages, email marketing, and much more.

    What is the Salary of a Lead Generation Specialist?

    If you’re thinking about becoming a lead generation specialist, there’s a good chance that you’re concerned about pay. 

    The answer? It really depends on your expertise.

    In some cases, lead generation specialists can make around $10 to $15 per hour. However, this is generally a starting figure for someone who has little to no experience in digital marketing.

    To put this concept into perspective, a seasoned lead generation specialist with a few years of experience, solid results, and a varied profile of skills can make upwards of $40 to $50 per hour.

    And those with a highly specialized industry niche? Expect to get paid anywhere from $40 to $80 per hour as an in-house team member.

    Furthermore, consultants and entrepreneurs with their own agencies have the ability to set rates. 

    This offers the opportunity to potentially earn even higher, depending on client needs and overall skill set.

    How to Become a Lead Generation Specialist

    Are you ready to learn how to become a lead generation specialist? Here are a few steps to follow if you feel as though this is your ideal career.

    Step One: Learn the Basics of the Job

    In order to become a fantastic lead generation specialist, you’ll need to start by learning the basics of the job. 

    It is important to understand how lead generation works, the main stages of the process, and why it is beneficial to B2B companies.

    Step Two: Become Knowledgeable About Different Facets of Marketing

    The best lead generation specialists aren’t just good at acquiring new leads. 

    Instead, they understand a wide range of different marketing techniques and truly understand the basics of consumer behavior

    After all, when you know how to anticipate the way a lead might think or how a product or service can fulfill their needs, it becomes easier to tailor the lead generation process.

    Step Three: Become Familiar with Metrics

    A big part of the lead generation specialist job is to study and analyze metrics to determine potential patterns. 

    To be able to do this, you need to become familiar with elements like return on investment (ROI), sales qualified leads (SQR), win rate (WR), cost per lead (CPL), cost per acquisition (CPA), and others.

    Step Four: Get Experience

    If you plan on becoming a professional lead generation specialist, the next logical step is to get experience within your industry. 

    Having solid results and case studies to show potential employers or consulting clients is paramount in building your career in this field. 

    Look for small projects on freelancer websites or job boards, then work your way up to more complicated endeavors.

    Step Five: Put Together a Portfolio

    After you’ve gained a bit of experience as a lead generation specialist, it is a good idea to put together a fairly extensive portfolio. 

    Include things like metrics, case studies, and even client testimonials where possible. The more descriptive you can be, the more your skills in this career shine.

    Step Six: Network with Others

    Lead generation specialists aren’t afraid to get in touch with people. After all, that’s a big part of the job. 

    Take extra time to network with others in digital marketing and B2B sales. The more approachable and knowledgeable you can be, the more likely you’ll get a job offer when a company needs the extra help.

    Step Seven: Constantly Improve Your Processes

    The good news is that the lead generation specialist position is constantly evolving. 

    As new SaaS platforms and CRM software programs launch, there are more and more ways to improve how you approach lead generation. 

    Even the inclusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in sales offers potential areas for growth within your industry. 

    Find opportunities to include these items in your skillset whenever possible.

    Step Eight: Go After Your Dream Job

    If your goal is to become a lead generation specialist, then it is important to take the reins and go after your dream job. 

    Don’t be afraid to show off your skills by contacting potential employers, using outbound marketing, or even cold emailing. 

    After all, you never know when one of them just might say yes!

    Wrap Up: Starting a Career as a Lead Generation Specialist

    If you’re excellent at lead generation and looking for an exciting career path, then you’ll love being a lead generation specialist. 

    With the tips and information we’ve included in this guide, finding your way to employment in this field is definitely possible.

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