6 Best Legal Content Writing Tips

Legal content writing is different from standard content writing, because there are potential pitfalls with legal knowledge. Writers have to be very careful about accuracy, and ensure they're conveying proper information for legal professionals and their clients.

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Writing legal content can be interesting and rewarding, and can help attorneys and others in the legal field get great content. 

Here are 6 tips to help you create content captivating legal content

    What is Legal Content Writing?

    Legal content writing comes in two forms. The most common form is writing that’s produced for an attorney. 

    Many attorneys hire writers to produce content for their websites and blogs. That can include blog posts, landing pages, social media posts, and more.

    Another form of legal writing is content briefs and other legal documents. This takes a special skill set and a strong eye for detail because the law can be very nuanced and accuracy is vital.

    What is the Role of the Legal Content Writer?

    The main role of a legal content writer is to provide accurate high-quality content for attorneys and other legal professionals. Legal content writers can do this through agencies, or through working directly with attorneys.

    While an attorney can hire a full-time content writer, most law firms aren’t that large and don’t need a content writer on staff. Instead, they hire a freelancer on an as-needed basis.

    Legal content writers also have a duty to research the work they’re providing to attorneys. They need to make sure it’s accurate for the location and the area of law that the attorney works in.

    Inaccurate information in the legal field can cause problems for attorneys that put incorrect information on their websites. 

    It can also be a problem for potential clients of those attorneys, because they may make choices based on legal information that is actually wrong.

    Is Legal Writing in Demand?

    Legal writing is in demand. There are attorneys all over the world, and they all need content for their sites. 

    Without quality websites, updated blogs, and proper SEO for lawyers they may see potential clients heading to the competition.

    Since they want to make sure clients come to them instead, they have to showcase what they can offer. 

    The best way to do that is by hiring a trusted, vetted professional who handles legal content writing.

    As long as attorneys continue to seek out clients, and clients look for legal professionals, there will always be a need for legal content. 

    Writers who have a background in law are often the ones selected for this writing niche.

    What are the Three C’s of Legal Writing?

    The three C’s of legal writing are counterarguments, concessions, and credibility. 

    Counterarguments would typically be made in the courtroom or during a legal settlement process. However, counterarguments can also be made through legal content, by showing potential clients why a particular attorney is the best one for the job.

    Hiring a legal content writer who understands the three C’s can mean higher quality content that more accurately meets the needs of legal professionals. 

    By writing with the three C’s in mind, a legal content writer may also help attorneys appeal to potential clients.

    What are the Main Legal Writing Skills?

    The main legal writing skills include accuracy, clarity, attention to detail, and an ability to make complex topics easily understandable. It is not always easy for laypeople to understand the law, and a legal writer who can help them do that is a great asset to a law firm.

    Legal content writing can take time, because breaking down legal concepts clearly and accurately isn’t always easy. 

    A good legal writer will work with an attorney to make sure what they’re producing for the law firm is an accurate representation of what the law actually says.

    While it’s possible to teach these legal writing skills to other writers, choosing a writer who already has experience in this area can mean getting the right content faster. That can help keep your law firm moving forward.

    What are the Top 6 Best Legal Writing Tips?

    For an attorney looking to hire someone for legal content writing, understanding what they’re specifically searching for can help. 

    Additionally, the writer will have a clear picture from the beginning, so they know if they can provide what the client needs. 

    The top legal writing tips are:

    1. Don’t write for keywords. Write for people instead.

    2. Be aware of what makes great legal content.

    3. Choose the right types of content for the audience.

    4. Measure conversions to see if the writing is working.

    5. Understand client personas, and write to their needs.

    6. Promote the content where potential clients will find it.

    With quality legal writing and the right promotion, attorneys can get a valuable boost. 

    Choosing the right person to assist with legal content writing is a big part of that, and an important place to start.

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    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

    Human Crafted Content

    Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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