Marketing Agency Software: 7 Options to Streamline Workflows and Grow Your Agency

If you’re trying to run your marketing agency all on your own without any kind of help, things are likely to crash sooner rather than later. Marketing agency software can help streamline your processes and workflows, save you money and time, and simply make life easier.

Updated: June 20, 2022
Marketing Agency Software: Options to Streamline Workflows and Grow Your Agency

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As a content marketing agency, your plate probably seems to be full of numerous responsibilities all the time. 

Some days, you aren’t even sure how you can manage all of the tasks that need to be performed that day.

Luckily, you have options available to you: marketing agency software. There are various forms of this all-in-one software that can help you keep things straight while improving productivity and efficiency within your agency.

Here’s a look at the top 7 marketing agency software options that agency managers should consider this year.

    1. Improvado

    Improvado - Marketing Agency Software

    Built by marketers for marketers, Improvado is a popular cloud-based marketing agency software that helps agencies bring all of their data into one, easy-to-access area while also automating client reports. It is often referred to as a data aggregation tool.

    Agencies can create their own methods for performance metrics, which can be automatically calculated. Virtually any metric can be measured and compared for campaign performance. In fact, custom metrics can be created to track.

    Data can be viewed at the keyword level or the ad level. And, while you can view your data within the Improvado dashboard, you also have the option to export it, visualize it in a tool of your choosing, or send it to a data warehouse.

    Improvado says they can reduce your manual reporting time by at least 90 percent. This frees up a lot of your time to focus on other important marketing tasks.

    The software integrates with more than 150 different apps, software, and systems. In addition, if you need a custom integration, they’ll work on it for you. Pricing for Improvado is not set, as it is customized based on your needs.

    2. Teamwork

    Teamwork - Marketing Agency Software

    It is not uncommon at all for marketing agencies to juggle numerous projects simultaneously, and more often than not, these projects are not for the same client. 

    This is why project management software is necessary to help manage the team and prioritize tasks.

    Teamwork is just one of the many options available to you. It is an all-in-one, cloud-based platform that more than 20,000 companies use regularly.

    Teamwork is designed to help marketing companies manage their projects from start to finish across multiple departments, which helps to guarantee a smooth collaboration. 

    This software can improve productivity by helping to keep tasks more organized. Organization can help ensure everyone is on the same page, minimizing missed deadlines, and poor client communication.

    Although you can view tasks on a user-friendly interface, Teamwork offers much more. For instance, you can track each project’s progress using the dashboard while also checking the health of each task to ensure each project is on track.

    Automated workflows are also possible with Teamwork, which can help improve the delivery and efficiency of projects. Plus, it just saves time.

    There are numerous features and tools available through this software, including built-in time tracking, workflow visualization, budget management, and software integration. Teamwork integrates with other tools like Slack, Gmail, Dropbox, and QuickBooks.

    Teamwork is free, but the free version limits marketing agencies to 5 team members and two projects at any given time. Therefore, it is great for smaller teams. However, an upgraded version is available.

    3. SEMrush

    SEMrush tool - Marketing Agency Software

    SEMrush is one of those software that any marketing agency should have in its arsenal due to everything it brings to the table, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC, social media, and content features.

    There are thousands of agencies that use this software to identify targeted keywords for their campaigns, and with these keywords, agencies can get their clients’ websites noticed in the SERPs. 

    The SEO keyword research tool will help agencies determine the difficulty of a given keyword as well as a client’s competition if they move forward with said keyword.

    At the same time, SEMrush can assist you with your PPC and paid advertising campaign by providing you with an estimate of the cost of each keyword. By integrating other apps with SEMrush, you can easily track the entire campaign.

    The Client Manager features of SEMrush allow you to manage clients, prioritize tasks, configure and store projects and reports, and track individual project tasks.

    SEMrush can integrate with social media platforms, WordPress, Google products, and more. The Pro Plan begins at just under $120 per month for a maximum of five projects.

    4. Sprout Social

    Sprout Social tool

    A social media management platform, Sprout Social aids marketing agencies as they work to organize and manage content. 

    This particular platform makes use of scheduling and calendars, along with an easy-to-use dashboard.

    Agencies can integrate a number of social media platforms with the Sprout Social software. 

    Sprout Social makes it easy to post to social media and allows you to see your scheduled posts by the week and month. This allows you to quickly and easily see where you are lacking content for the week/month.

    Sprout Social has a number of built-in features and analytics that help you in the tracking of each post and social media channel. 

    You can easily see which posts are performing well, which hashtags seem to be getting the most attention, and when followers are more likely to interact on each social media platform.

    Sprout Social can easily be integrated with Facebook and other social media platforms, as well as Slack, Google Analytics, and Canva. The Standard Plan for Sprout Social begins at $89 per user per month.

    If your agency juggles a lot of social media work, then Sprout Social is a must-have software.

    5. Screendragon

    Screendragon tool

    Screendragon is a software that is best for managing processes, projects, team members, and profits on one platform. 

    It offers incredible functionality for project and workflow management, forecasting, budget and asset management, and time tracking.

    The interface is both intuitive and easy to use. Task management features allow agencies to go between different features like interactive Gantt charts, visual Kanban boards, and list views.

    The software is highly configurable, allowing agencies to customize dashboards, forms, workflow rules, templates, notifications, permissions, reports and more. 

    It’s easy to review and approve tasks thanks to numerous features for visual proofing and real-time collaboration. Automated approvals can also be set up.

    Screendragon can integrate with multiple apps and systems like PeopleSoft, Slack, Google Drive, Trello, Microsoft Dynamics, and Microsoft Office 365. The tool is available as a free demo and then plans start at $20 per user per month.

    6. CoSchedule

    CoSchedule tool

    CoSchedule is another excellent marketing agency software option for agencies that focus a lot on social media. 

    Not only does this software allow you to manage your social media calendar, you can also build marketing campaigns directly inside of the dashboard.

    There are plenty of built-in templates that can be used to help ensure everything is organized and on track. You can allocate tasks to team members and automatically push social media posts for publication.

    In the event you ever need to change the date or time of a post, it is easy to do with the drag-and-drop feature of the software. Simply drag it from its original day to the new day and drop it!

    When something is changed in CoSchedule, all members of the team that are connected to that particular campaign will receive a notification. This ensures everyone is on the same page.

    CoSchedule can integrate with major social media networks, Google Docs, MailChimp, DropBox, and more. The Marketing Calendar plan begins at $29 per user per month.

    7. Calendly

    Marketing agencies who find that their schedules are jam-packed may benefit from using Calendly

    This software is designed to find spaces where meetings can be held without you having to lift a finger.

    When you have multiple calendars that hold your meeting times and personal appointments, things can get hectic trying to move from one calendar to the next attempting to find an open time slot to schedule a client for a meeting.

    On top of that, you don’t have to go back and forth with emails or phone calls trying to determine the best time for your client. 

    Instead, all you need to do is send a link to your Calendly calendar. This allows them to see the times you are available and choose the time that is most convenient for them.

    Once a time and day are chosen by the client, it will automatically be scheduled into your calendar.

    Calendly doesn’t only save your agency time, but it is also incredibly flexible and customizable. 

    For instance, you can create different types of events that will allow the scheduling of meetings of different lengths. While a 15-minute call may work for an initial meeting with a client, this likely won’t cut it for a client you’re discussing campaign strategy with.

    Calendly integrates with a number of software and apps like MailChimp, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Zoom. 

    There is a Basic Plan that is free of charge, but if you want access to additional features, the Premium Plan is available for $8 per user per month.

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    The aforementioned is just a brief look at some of the best marketing agency software options available to you and your agency. 

    All offer something a little different, but when you know what it is your agency needs, it will be easier to find the right software to streamline and scale your agency processes.

    As you move forward with the streamlining and growth of your agency, familiarize yourself with a few ways you can boost lead generation with quality agency leads!


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