Top 10 most visited websites of the United States [2022]

Top most visited websites of the United States

See what 1400+ marketers had to say about the top marketing trends for 2024.

Working with Digital Marketing is a never-ending learning process.

The successful marketers who bring real results to their businesses are the ones who know how to investigate and identify what puts the biggest players in the market where they are.

So yes, the most visited websites in the US — even if they have nothing to do with your goals and strategies — should be used as inspiration and a lesson for those who want to gain visibility and convert more.

So what are the top 10 sites in the US? Let’s take a look at the list we found on Similarweb and try to understand better why they are there.

We will talk about:

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    1. Google

    Google page

    There’s a reason why we simply say, “Let me Google that,” when what we really mean is to use a search engine to find information. 

    With over 63k searches performed on Google every single second, it’s more than just the most popular search engine in the world. 

    It also easily tops the list of the most visited websites in America. Google is also the go-to for efficient, user-friendly web services like Google Drive, Gmail, and Google Docs.

    What to Learn: Google Search is so prevalent in our society that it became a marketing strategy of its own, the SEO. Planning and producing content with searches in mind is an efficient and cheap way to gain organic traffic.

    2. YouTube

    Youtube page

    YouTube has consistently made the list of most visited websites in America for years now, and it’s not hard to see why. 

    People flock to YouTube to watch an incredible 5 billion videos every single day. 

    Not only does YouTube give independent content creators a platform for their amazing ideas and creativity, but it’s become humanity’s go-to destination for learning just about anything.

    What to Learn: YouTube is an incredible testament to what people can do when they come together to create something incredible. It’s also living proof of the importance of engagement in content production and digital marketing.

    3. Facebook

    facebook page

    Although Facebook is no longer the only relevant name in the social media business, it’s still by far the most popular, widely-used one, with an impressive 3.4 billion active monthly users to its credit. 

    Since it was first established in 2004, Facebook has become so much more than a convenient way to kill some free time or keep in touch with friends.

    It’s a daily staple for many searching for information, social connection, and more.

    What to Learn: Today’s consumers want personal relationships with the brands they buy from, and Facebook gives today’s businesses all the tools they need to meet those expectations.

    4. Yahoo

    Yahoo page

    Yahoo may not be the world’s leading search engine anymore, but it’s still going strong and holding its own on the running list of America’s most visited websites. 

    The secret to its staying power is its adaptability and willingness to evolve with the times. 

    For that reason, Yahoo is still a fairly popular search engine, but it’s much better known as a resource for news, financial information, and articles on a wide variety of topics.

    What to Learn: The ability to evolve is crucial in today’s digital landscape, and modern businesses can learn a lot about how to do it right by looking at Yahoo.

    5. Amazon

    amazon page

    Like many entries on our list of the most visited websites in America, Amazon is so much more than just a successful business.

    It’s quite literally the first (and sometimes only) website people think of when it comes to buying just about anything online. 

    From clothes to books, digital streaming media to groceries, you name it, and it’s almost certainly for sale on Amazon. 

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    Amazon is also famous for the lightning-quick, affordable shipping its Amazon Prime members enjoy.

    What to Learn: Amazon long ago transformed itself from a successful company to a concept that redefined the shopping experience as we know it. They’re showing modern business pros how it’s done in a big way, setting a new gold standard in the process.

    6. Twitter

    twitter page

    If you’re like most people, Twitter is likely among the first websites that come to mind when you think “social media,” and with good reason. 

    With over 217 million daily active users, it’s an everyday essential for individuals and businesses alike. 

    It was also one of the first platforms to popularize the idea of microblogging, proving once and for all that you don’t need to use a lot of words to make a huge impact.

    What to Learn: Twitter is a shining example of how a simple interface can be made into a powerful force the entire world relies on to stay connected. It’s also worth noting that a large part of Twitter’s staying power is due not only to its simplicity but its adaptability.

    7. Wikipedia

    wikipedia page (most visited websites)

    Wikipedia isn’t just one of the world’s most popular places to go for information on just about any topic. 

    It’s also one of the fastest-growing entries on our running list of America’s most visited websites. 

    Wikipedia grows to the tune of another two edits every single second. Millions of users worldwide come together to share, curate, edit, and organize information on topics like history, nature, and so much more.

    What to Learn: Wikipedia is an excellent example of what can happen when you build a true community around your brand. Wikipedia’s users don’t just visit the site. They’re genuinely responsible for making it everything that it is.

    8. Instagram

    instagram page (most visited websites)

    When Instagram was first introduced in 2010, it was undoubtedly promising but mainly as a great new platform for sharing photos and videos. 

    And it certainly was that, with over a billion users building a home for their content there within the first two months. 

    However, Instagram’s focus on growth, innovation, and evolution has also transformed it into one of the essential platforms to include in your digital marketing strategies.

    What to Learn: Instagram has truly earned its position as one of the most visited websites thanks to innovative additions like Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels. Features like these changed how people use Instagram and raised the bar for all social media platforms.

    9. Reddit

    reddit page (most visited websites)

    Reddit isn’t just one of America’s most visited websites. It also boasts one of the fastest, most consistent climbs up the list, so it’s definitely one to keep your eye on. 

    Reddit describes itself as “the front page of the internet,” and it’s not hard to see why. 

    Users of all ages and across every demographic flock to Reddit to upload, discuss, rank, and vote on articles, images, and more, making it a great place to learn and socialize.

    What to Learn: Reddit is another stunning example to marketers everywhere of how incredible a community of empowered users can be when they come together to share what they know. When people feel like they’re genuinely part of something, there’s no limit to their loyalty.

    10. Discord

    discord page (most visited websites)

    Although instant messaging, text, and other forms of written communication are still top choices for today’s internet users, voice and video are seeing a real comeback, as well. 

    Discord is a free chat app that lets people hang out and discuss a wide range of topics and activities using voice, video, chat, or any combination of those as needed and desired. 

    Users can also use Discord to share various types of files with ease.

    What to Learn: Discord is among the most visited websites today for the way it brings a little bit of everything to the table for a wide variety of users, including teens, business owners, hobbyists, and so much more. It’s a great example of how to effectively bring together and manage large groups of people.

    The most viewed websites in the US teach us that success is based on visibility, user participation, and engagement. 

    If you manage to compile all those lessons into a single plan, you have your path leading straight towards success.

    So why don’t you start planning today? Come take a look at this exclusive article about how to build content that boosts engagement!


    2024 State of Marketing Report

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    2024 State of Marketing Report

    Your golden ticket to crush your goals with data-driven insights!

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