The 5 Best Online Conference Software To Use In 2022

[SEO] The 5 best online conference software to use in 2020

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It is increasingly important to find ways to communicate remotely. Strategies such as webinars have become popular, facilitating teamwork. But in addition to knowing the best practices to reduce geographic distances, it is essential to have quality online conference software.

What’s the point of bringing your entire team together if the chosen tool doesn’t provide the resources needed for a productive meeting? Or even if it’s too confusing and some participants can’t properly connect? 

You need to evaluate the smallest details when defining a virtual conference software for your company.

That’s why we’ll cover the following topics in this article:

Are you ready to know which are the best online conference software suites for your company? Keep reading this article to find out!


How important is it to choose the right online conference software?

As much as digital tools such as email, social media, and other platforms make contact easier, a face-to-face meeting is still the best option. 

Whether it’s communicating with your team or relating to potential customers, the dialogue becomes more active.

Harvard Business Review study shows that a face-to-face meeting is 34 times more effective than email contact

For example, for a lead generation campaign, your chances of attracting more interested consumers to your company increase considerably.

The same HBR research indicates that users are more likely to fill out a form when the request is made face-to-face. In other words, your power of persuasion becomes much higher. But none of this will work if you do not have the support of a quality virtual conference software.


What are the 5 best online conference software available?

The good news is that there is numerous online conference software available. Free or paid, we list the best tools on the market for you to make the best decision for your company. 

Check it out!

1. Zoom

With most of its free resources, Zoom Meetings is ideal for a small team or a more restricted budget. Having both usability and an intuitive command layout, it is one of the best virtual conference software available in the market.

The platform supports up to 100 people in the same meeting for up to 40 minutes for free. For those willing to spend a little more, Zoom offers paid plans, which support video and audio in HD for up to a thousand simultaneous participants.

Features such as screen and file sharing are available in the free version. If you decide on a complete package to meet higher demand, pricing ranges from $14.99 to $19.99 monthly.

2. Google Meet

When we talk about efficient solutions, Google always has one of the platforms, right? 

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When it comes to online conference software, it’s no different: Google Meet is a great option. Focusing on the reality of companies with remote work is ideal for serving large teams efficiently.

With a simple interface, it is effortless to follow a transmission on the platform. 

Offering a web app experience, there is no need for downloads. It also provides integration with other G Suite solutions, optimizing your organization, file presentation, and other resources.

The monthly plans vary between US$ 6.00 and US$ 25.00 per user, but all of them have Google’s support for solving problems, for example. According to your budget, you can find the best plan for a face-to-face meeting.

3. Live

Live is a paid tool ideal when the subject is engagement. Its resources are all focused on increasing the interaction of the audience. The platform can be used to live blogging, webinars, or even a poll & quizzes.

Another relevant Live resource is the possibility of performing live Q&As. Imagine a product presentation to potential clients. After highlighting your offer’s features, those interested can ask questions to learn more about your solution.

This allows the offer of a complete experience to the consumer. After all, they will not only buy the product they are selling, but they will analyze each option in depth. In the end, this resource becomes another efficient tool to sell more.

live banner

4. GoToMeeting

Designed for the mobile audience, GoToMeeting is a virtual conference software optimized for mobile devices. 

Adapting to the current audience profile, the goal is to make it easier to use and allow face-to-face meetings from anywhere, without any problems.

The application also allows screen sharing, meeting invitations, and chat tools among participants. The downside is that all its functions are paid. The most basic plan, for example, costs $14.00 per month for 150 users, an affordable price.

For those with larger teams, monthly plans of $19.00 allow up to 250 users and offer more administrative features, such as design tools and even mouse sharing.

5. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is another exciting option for those who want to work with great teams. The platform allows the creation of webinars and meetings with up to 10 thousand participants.

With features for scheduling and meeting invitations, it also does not require the download of any application for external users.

Within the platform, it is possible to share screens, record the calls, and insert live subtitles and other chat features. 

With an organization as one of its pillars, audio and video quality should also be valued. Monthly prices vary between US$ 5.00 and US$ 35.

The options to choose the best online conference software are varied. The most important is to find a solution that fits your budget, team, buyer persona, and even your goals. By analyzing all these factors, the right tool can enhance your results.

But are you fully prepared to make a quality broadcast? Download now our checklist for webinars!


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