Rise Interactive Partners with Rock Content Linkdex to Enable Clients Globally

Updated: February 12, 2021

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The Value of a Strategic Partnership

What happens when one of the world’s foremost SEO providers partners with the industry-leading SEO enterprise platform?

You get one of the fastest rising digital marketing agencies in the U.S. and a company that has received industry awards for its explosive growth, excellence in digital marketing and company culture.

Chicago-based Rise Interactive manages enterprise-level analytics, web development, creative and campaigns across all channels of digital marketing and is able to drive maximum impact for companies and brands like Atkins Nutritionals, Ulta Beauty, Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and Brightstar Care.

Since its inception in 2004, Rise has received numerous awards for its innovation and excellence. Rise also has been recognized the past two years by Forrester Research, which ranked Rise as a Strong Performer among the top 12 search marketing agencies globally, based on current offering, strategy, and market presence.

Finding the perfect match

Rise has a longtime strategic partnership with Linkdex, the world’s leading SEO platform for in-house teams and their agencies. Over 200 teams, covering thousands of brands, use the Linkdex Enterprise SEO platform across the globe, with the majority of the world’s largest advertising and SEO agencies relying on it as their primary solution.

Rise went through a rigorous head-to-head review of multiple SEO enterprise platforms before choosing Linkdex, part of the Rock Content Content Cloud.

Elizabeth Lang, Manager of the SEO team at Rise, said:

“It has been a great experience working with the Linkdex team and seeing all the…different features that Linkdex has. We always know that we can rely on Linkdex to give us accurate reliable data.”

Maximizing client potential

The Rankings tool allows the Rise SEO team to view a snapshot of the content that is currently ranking in search results for target client keywords. Rise uses this information to help influence the type and format of content optimizations to maximize ranking potential.

“Having that snapshot of the current content that’s ranking helps us to quickly and easily analyze what we can do in order to better compete within search results,” Lang said.

In addition to the Rankings tool, with the Visibility tool, Rise is able to pull keyword competitive data in order to uncover optimization opportunities for new clients.

“Using the Visibility tool to aggregate and streamline data, we’re able to save, on average, 12 percent of the typical hours that are used. That’s time we can repurpose and use to continue to grow our clients’ profiles,” Lang explained.

Providing valuable insights

Through the Rankings and Visibility tools, Linkdex helps clients gain the flexibility and understanding they need to be competitive.

With the Visibility tool, for instance, Rise is able to pull vast keyword profiles for clients that have thousands of keywords and thousands of pages.

“The fact that Linkdex is able to handle such a large keyword profile is helpful for us because we’re able to scale around certain topics and prioritize around different keywords,” Lang said.

The competitive insights Rise pulls from Linkdex, including keyword information and search result snapshots, help illustrate proven impact behind the recommendations Rise presents to clients.

Lang explained. “Our clients aren’t necessarily coming into contact with Linkdex directly, but they’ve seen the impact of Linkdex as far as their goals being met.” For example, an ecommerce client that Rise has worked with consistently has multiple technical category pages that rank for large selections of keywords. Rise is able to review the ranking keywords and then scale down to focus on the most important keywords and optimize towards those keywords.

For Rise, Linkdex has proven to be more than a tool, they are a partner– and not just because of its innovative and market-leading technology.

“The team at Linkdex is always working hand-in-hand with us,” Lang said. “If there’s a feature that we’re really interested in, they will work to see if it can be built out. Lang followed up by adding, “The industry is always changing; Linkdex thoroughly understands this and, together, we can work to help provide clients with the results that they are looking for.”


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