Rock Content Participates In The Next Nasdaq Opening Bell Ringing Ceremony

Updated: November 29, 2022
rock content at nasdaq opening bell ringing

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“Making marketing better while having a positive impact in the world.” That’s Rock Content’s main purpose. Our commitment to social causes is something that is in our DNA and part of our core business.

We are thrilled to announce that we will participate in the upcoming in-person Nasdaq Opening Bell Ringing today, November 29 in NYC. We were invited by Pledge 1%, our social impact partner, to represent our company at the ceremony.

Annually, Pledge 1% has an opportunity to ring the bell at Nasdaq and shares this moment with companies that are actively working to improve the state of the world —  Rock Content is one of the 50 companies of the Pledge 1% movement in 2022. Other big players also are part of it and will be present at the event, such as Salesforce, Twilio and Asana.

The moment is important for all companies with commitments to corporate social responsibility through the Pledge 1% movement.

Our representative at the event will be Lakeshia Highsmith, VP of the People and Culture Team. Let’s understand what this ceremony is and what it represents for Rock Content.

You can watch the ceremony live using this link!

The importance of the Pledge 1% movement for brands and society

Pledge 1% is a global movement to create a new reality, where giving back becomes part of the structure of companies of all sizes and stages. Its role is to inspire, educate and empower all businesses to be a force for good. 

The impact of initiatives like this is real, as companies are international in the act of improving the state of the world. It brings companies closer to people who think about impact in the same way. Therefore, brands can attract and retain top talent, stay closer to investors that have this same DNA, and strengthen customer relationships.

For Rock Content, participating in the Nasdaq Bell Ringing means that we are on the right path with our journey of scaling and growing our impact initiative. The impact we create now is tied to the growth of the business. It is an honor for us to be one of the Pledge 1% members who are making a meaningful difference in the world.

All brands can give back to the community

The Pledge 1% movement makes it clear that no matter the company segment, no matter their size, they can start a commitment to social impact.

They empower everyone who wants to start doing something, but doesn’t know how. So companies don’t need to wait to get to a certain size or to reach a certain revenue level. They can all start now.

And it can be simple, such as committing 1% of the employees time to volunteering, selecting causes that are important for the organization, and making support with skill based volunteering. Small actions can have a huge impact in the future.

Rock Content’s plans for the future related to social initiatives

We understand that we have a long path ahead. We will keep taking important steps to ensure that our commitment to social impact is present at all levels and in everything we do at Rock Content.

We have publicly declared our commitment to donate equity towards Social Impact activities, and we will continue working strategically to leverage efforts and join forces between DE&I and social impact.

We remain in this eternal learning journey, learning how to make marketing better while positively impacting the world every year.

Tips to other organizations to start building social impact initiatives

  • First, try to find what the theory of change for your organization is, what social challenges you want to commit to working on and how you will achieve the final intended impact. That can be done by involving the leadership to co-create this process. 
  • Study successful cases and do benchmarking so you can get inspired. 
  • Join Pledge 1% in the early stage of your initiative, they can help formalize it internally, create procedures, and connect you with more late stage companies in social impact. 
  • Connect social impact goals, with business goals, that will help be more efficient and grow faster. 
  • Have one person/one area 100% dedicated to running the initiative. And last but not least, make it a priority for the company. 

If you want to know more about Rock Content’s social impact initiatives, you can check this page here!


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