Why Use an ROI Calculator?

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An interactive calculator is a tool used on some websites to promote interaction between the company and its customers.

When you enter the information requested in the calculator, the tool will provide a unique result, which can assist the user in making a decision.

Using an interactive calculator on your website provides many benefits, such as increasing engagement rates and gaining reach for your brand. In this article, we will talk specifically about the ROI (Return on Investment) calculator.

We will explain in a fast step-by-step how to create your interactive calculator with a calculator builder, how it can be incorporated into your marketing strategy, and show some successful cases of large companies that used ROI calculator tools in their marketing strategies.

How to build an interactive calculator with a calculator builder?

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Creating an interactive calculator may be a simple task or a little more complicated: everything will depend on the method you use to build it.

It is possible to do it manually, using programming. But it’s also possible using websites and platforms that already have pre-assembled models, which makes the whole process faster.

Interactive calculators can have several uses, which can be applied to different types of marketing strategies, such as inbound, email marketing. or even in re-marketing campaigns.

Below are some of the most important steps for creating your calculator.

1. Define the type of calculator you want to create

What information do you want to offer your user with your calculator? It is necessary that your content is relevant to your audience and the type of product/service sold by your company.

Therefore, analyze your company and find out what kind of problems can be solved and explored through an interactive calculator. For example: if your company is in the internet business, you can create a calculator that shows how much internet users are consuming.

2. Choose the creation model of your interactive calculator

As we talked about earlier, it is possible to create an interactive calculator in different ways.

Choose the one that best suits your investment and resource possibilities. Investing in a model made entirely through coding will require the hiring of a specialized team, which will result in an extra monthly expenses to pay these employees.

For those who would rather use a pre-made model, such as those made available by Ion, you can personalize them yourself, without code.

Ion offers several quick start templates for interactive calculators that are highly customizable.

3. Make it work

With everything properly set up, it’s time to get your interactive calculator discovered by your audience.

You can place it on your website as if it were a new guide or transform it into a rich material type, which can be accessed after filling out a form on a specific landing page.

After your interactive calculator is online, you need to make it known. For this, you can use social networks or trigger emails, as long as the news is up and calling users to test it.

If it starts to perform well, people will share their results on social media and tell others to use the tool, which will increase the reach of your brand, as well as your engagement rate.

ROI calculators do not usually go viral, but they do manage to attract a more specific audience with a high chance of continuing to interact with your company even after using the tool.

You can use this opportunity to show these new users the services and products offered by your company, and how they can also serve as solutions to other problems that their respective companies may have, or even as a way to increase your ROI.

Wrap Up

Investing in interactive calculators is a great way to attract more profits and customers to your business, in addition to having a lower cost than other marketing strategies used today.

Creating an ROI calculator with a calculator builder for your clients is a great way to start using this tool, as it resolves a persistent pain of your persona.

In addition to resulting in greater profits for both sides, in the possibility of attracting a more specific audience, and more likely to become your customers.

How about getting to know Ion’s successful use cases and what the platform can do for your business? Check out some reviews from our customers!


Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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