Rock Content Acquires Linkdex, The Enterprise SEO Platform

Rock Content is proud to acquire Linkdex, the Enterprise SEO platform that will amalgamate search engine optimization with the leading content marketing software.

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There are roughly 4.75 billion indexed pages across the world wide web, and an estimated 3.5 billion daily Google searches. Businesses that are serious about improving their digital visibility need solutions to create the best content for both their audiences and search engines like Google.

Merging Content Marketing With SEO

Content marketing and SEO have never been more co-dependent, but both disciplines tend to live separately at an operational level. That’s why we’re excited to announce that we’ve acquired Linkdex, the Enterprise SEO Platform, which is the first major alignment of organic search and content marketing software.

Rock Content combines predictive analytics with content planning, creation, and distribution technologies. Rock Content’s data-driven approach to content marketing compliments Linkdex, which measures the organic search performance of billions of web pages. Linkdex also maintains a unique author database combined with reporting and productivity tools, helping marketers earn the most value out of their content marketing efforts.

What The Acquisition Means

This acquisition streamlines content marketing and SEO software to empower an all-in-one marketing platform. Marketers can now operationalize their strategies, create beautiful content, target the right audiences, and measure the organic impact of their efforts. By reaffirming a commitment to data-driven processes, marketers can measure the direct effects of their work and map out how to produce content to complete the customer journey. This convergence of content marketing and SEO technology brings marketing teams one step closer to becoming the most effective revenue drivers in their organization.

Linkdex has also developed strong relationships with some of the world’s largest brands and agencies, which will be a tremendous addition to the Rock Content network.

Mark Smith, CEO of Linkdex, will continue to lead the division’s growth, and directly report to Rock Content CEO Vince Mifsud in the role of Managing Director. We’re also excited to bring on top SEO product and engineering experts, including Matt Roberts and Martin Armstrong.

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Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

Human Crafted Content

Find top content freelancers on WriterAccess.

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