5 Ways to Supercharge Revenue with Rock Content’s Sell-Side Experience

Are you looking to boost your revenue with interactive content? Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side Experiences from Rock Content is just the ticket! Discover how your marketing and sales teams can supercharge your revenue with customized content your audience will love!

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Need more conversions and sales? Create interactive experiences with Ion!

Although all types of marketing are essential for promoting your brand, content marketing practices often get the most traction and have the most impact.

Not only can you drive more traffic to your website, but you can boost your SEO tactics in the process.

However, while all content marketing is valuable, interactive content is a step above the rest. Instead of relying on the user receiving information passively, interactive content invites them to be a part of the experience.

Engagement drives conversions, which leads to stronger sales and a better bottom line.

Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side Experience from Rock Content is designed to make interactive content easier.

Now, you can create valuable content that helps your marketing and sales teams align in new ways.

To that end, let’s look at five ways you can supercharge your revenue by using Ion.

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    What is Ion Sell-Side Experience?

    Ion is an all-in-one interactive content platform that aligns all of your departments under a single umbrella. On the marketing side, your team can create engaging pieces like:

    • Quizzes
    • Surveys
    • Calculators
    • Assessments
    • Interactive Infographics

    Then, as your audience uses this content, you can capture plenty of insightful data. Each action is logged within the system, making it easy for both marketing and sales teams to view how users are engaging with each piece.

    Best of all, Ion Sell-Side allows you to utilize multiple content pieces within the same funnel. As a consequence, you have more control over the customer’s journey from start to finish.

    By getting this kind of bird’s-eye view of the process, it’s much easier for sales reps to reach out to leads and create meaningful interactions based on what they’ve done already.

    Ion works for ongoing content marketing and SEO, and it can be deployed for specific campaigns. Once you realize the revenue potential of Ion, you’re sure to get extra creative with its possibilities.

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    5 Ways to Supercharge Revenue by Using Ion Sell-Side Experience

    Understanding the basics of Ion Sell-Side Experience is only the beginning. As you familiarize yourself with the platform, it’ll be much easier to see how it can generate sales. Here are five ways to maximize your ROI with Ion Sell-Side.

    1- Create a cohesive marketing and sales strategy

    All too often, companies struggle because of the disconnect between their marketing and sales departments. On the one hand, marketing teams are there to promote the brand and specific products or services.

    Basically, marketing reps are the ones making promises.

    On the other hand, sales teams are there to close deals and make sure that customers get what they expect. Overall, the sales team has to deliver what the marketing team promised.

    Unfortunately, when these departments aren’t aligned, sales reps aren’t familiar with the specific details regarding various ads and promotions. So, the customer is expecting one thing and getting another.

    This kind of disharmony can lead to higher churn rates and more dissatisfaction among new leads.

    Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side Experience bridges the gap and allows both departments to work side-by-side within the same platform.

    Now, sales reps can get a behind-the-scenes look at the kind of content the marketing team is developing and plan their sales pitch accordingly.

    Additionally, Ion can help facilitate more communication between both sides. For example, the sales team can make recommendations about specific language to use (or avoid) to drive more conversions.

    Also, since sales reps are the ones speaking with customers, they can provide valuable insight into what those customers want the most.

    When both teams are working together instead of separately, it’s much easier to generate revenue. Now, the marketing team is making promises that appeal to a client’s target demographic, and sales reps can take that momentum and close the deal that much faster.

    Overall, Ion Sell-Side Experience boosts your bottom line by making your teams more efficient and effective.

    2- Gather more personalized data from your audience

    If there’s one core operating word for modern marketing techniques, it’s “niche.”

    Gone are the days of promoting your brand or product to the maximum number of people in the hopes of getting conversions.

    Now, targeted marketing can make it much easier to convert a lead into a sale.

    However, for niche marketing to work, you need to know as much about your audience as possible. Fortunately, Ion Sell-Side makes that a breeze, thanks to the way its interactive content works.

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    On the customer side of things, taking a quiz or survey can be fun and rewarding. In some cases, the reward may be literal in the form of free products or discounts for participation.

    On the marketing and sales side, both departments can see how users interact with the content and make decisions accordingly.

    For example, if one content piece is getting the most engagement, the marketing team can focus their attention on refining that piece or creating similar types of content.

    Overall, this kind of personalized information allows both marketing and sales to adjust their techniques to drive conversions. By analyzing the data, it’s much easier to understand the user and answer questions like:

    • Why does this person want to interact with this content?
    • What does the user hope to achieve with this content?
    • How does this content benefit or add value to the user?
    • What actions will the person take after engaging with this content?

    That’s not to say that all interactive content should have the same answers. Some pieces may be designed to boost brand awareness by being fun and enjoyable. Other content may have specific objectives, such as curating a product or service experience for a user based on their results.

    Either way, interactive content provides so much more insight because users have to engage with it. For example, gathering information about someone based on how they interact with a blog page is much harder than if they took a quiz or filled out a survey.

    With passive content, you have to make educated guesses about how it impacted the user. With interactive content, you know what they did and why.

    Screenshot Ion Sell-Side Assessment

    3- Make better content that drives engagement

    As we mentioned, engagement drives conversions, so Ion Sell-Side Experience makes it much easier to create content that is highly engaging. However, the same rules regarding value and relevancy still apply.

    For example, let’s say that someone wants to find the best product for their needs. You could create a comparison tool that allows users to see side-by-side comparisons of different products.

    Even better, if the user inputs their preferences beforehand, the tool could even rank products based on how well they meet the user’s criteria.

    However, if the comparison tool was limited to only your products (or a select few alternatives), it wouldn’t be as impactful.

    Thankfully, once you know what your customers value the most, you can create targeted, interactive content to appeal to those values.

    From there, your sales team can step in and add context or answer questions the user may have about the content, your products, or your brand. This kind of nurturing can then lead to better sales overall.

    4- Build an easy-to-see marketing and sales funnel

    One area where many businesses struggle is knowing where a lead is in the marketing or sales funnel at any given time.

    Since users can interact with a brand on multiple platforms at multiple times, it’s virtually impossible to get a full view of those interactions and touchpoints.

    Ion Sell-Side Experience helps alleviate this issue by integrating with other CRM tools and providing back-end data for all content within a specific campaign.

    Basically, from a single dashboard, your sales team can see which content pieces the user has engaged with so far and where they would fit within the funnel.

    By laying this information out so clearly, it’s much easier for sales reps to contact leads at strategic touchpoints.

    Since the reps know what the user has (and hasn’t) done already, they can use that information to create a more appealing and personalized sales pitch.

    5Focus on qualified leads

    Part of the reason why so many sales reps struggle is that they’re trying to appeal to users who have no interest in the product or service. These kinds of interactions can be defeating and lead to a lower closing rate for most of your sales staff.

    With Ion Sell-Side Experience, interactive content can help qualify leads, so they’re either warm or hot, not cold.

    By allowing your sales reps to focus more of their time and energy on qualified leads, they can close more deals and boost your brand’s revenue in the process.

    Ion’s customization options allow you to gather as much information as possible about a lead before your sales team reaches out. You can also use analytics to determine the best time to make contact.

    This way, you’re stacking the deck in your reps’ favor with each new lead. With that kind of foundation, it’s much easier to supercharge your revenue.

    Create a Better Sales Strategy With Sell-Side Interactive Content!

    Are you ready to see how Ion Sell-Side can boost your bottom line? Does the idea of an integrated and cohesive marketing and sales strategy sound exciting?

    We’re more than happy to schedule a free demo so you can see all the details of Ion’s interactive content up close.

    Our team can also help spur creative ideas so you can figure out how to boost engagement with each new content piece you create.

    Stop waiting for customer data to come to you.

    Be proactive and let Ion Sell-Side empower your marketing and sales teams today!


    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

    Start creating interactive content with Ion and increase your marketing results!

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