Working from Home: 9 Types of Freelance Jobs to Get You Started

More and more opportunities are being presented within the freelance industry. This begs the question: which freelance jobs tend to be sought after the most?

Updated: February 15, 2023
Popular Types of Freelance Jobs in Demand Now

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There is no doubt about it: the freelance market is booming. 

Freelance websites are receiving an increase in the number of jobs being posted for freelance jobs, and it doesn’t appear that this will be changing anytime soon.

Because of the economy, companies are looking for ways to cut costs and avoid having to hire full-time employees. Freelancers solve this problem.

They can get the job done remotely, and companies don’t have to pay someone an hourly wage, purchase new equipment, or acquire additional office space.

Whether you are curious about starting a freelance career or you are looking to hire a freelancer, here is a look at nine of the most popular types of freelance jobs that are in high demand currently.

    1. Web Designer or Web Developer

    Since every business needs a website to be successful online, it makes sense that web designers and web developers are in high demand. 

    A web designer or web developer will work with their clients to plan, design, and code websites that look great and bring in traffic.

    Many designers have the capability of working in any industry as well as other design projects outside of websites, including brochures, emails, logos, and more. 

    Web developers, on the other hand, tend to specialize in different areas.

    There is a significant amount of web design work on various freelance platforms, so make sure to check it out.

    2. Virtual Assistant

    Virtual assistants are growing in popularity due to the fact that more companies are looking to outsource some of their more day-to-day tasks. 

    A virtual assistant can help clients free up some of their time so it can be spent on more business-related projects.

    These individuals offer a variety of administrative-related services remotely. They can take phone calls, schedule appointments and meetings, manage emails, make travel arrangements, and so much more. 

    Some can even handle website management, creating content, and bookkeeping duties. The exact duties will depend on the skills the VA has.

    This is a great job for people who are incredibly organized, can multi-task, have experience with a variety of tasks, and want to work from home. 

    The more skills you have and tasks you can perform, the more value you have to offer clients.

    The good news is that you can be a virtual assistant with limited experience. You simply need to be a quick worker, savvy with computers, accountable, and responsive.

    3. Accountant/Financial Consultant

    Every company is in need of financial expertise at some point in the duration of their business, which makes accountants, bookkeepers, and financial consultants in high demand. 

    Plus, there’s the fact that most people don’t like to deal with this side of the business, leading them to outsource.

    From handling a company’s finances to evaluating its financial status, these freelancers can handle most financial tasks for a client. 

    QuickBooks Online and other software options make it easy for accountants to work with multiple clients at one time.

    Extra work tends to be available around tax time, which serves as a great time to sign clients for the long term.

    4. Content Producer

    The opportunities are virtually endless for freelance writing and content-producing jobs. Content production is among the most popular types of freelance jobs today on platforms like WriterAccess

    As long as you are reliable and quick and can produce unique and quality content, you can keep yourself pretty busy.

    Medical and technical writing jobs tend to pay more, as well as press releases, but there are also plenty of options for website content, blogs, and social media content. 

    If you have a background or expertise in a particular industry or subject matter, you will be able to offer much more value to clients.

    One of the greatest things about trying your hand at a freelance writing career is that it takes limited equipment and experience. 

    As long as you have writing software, internet access, and a good grasp of the English language, this is a job that you can do.

    5. Bilingual Services

    With more businesses taking a global stance with their presence, the need for freelancers with bilingual skills is more important than ever before. 

    Translators for Spanish, French, and German tend to be the most popular, and remote bilingual jobs are steadily increasing on FlexJobs.

    These freelancers may be called upon to produce content, translate and transcribe, and more. 

    Because these skills are hard to come by, individuals who are fluent in multiple languages can expect to earn somewhere between $20 and $40, possibly more, per hour.

    6. Home Design and Renovation Services

    The housing market offers a wide variety of opportunities for freelance work, and this is true whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market. has seen an increase in the posting of jobs related to home design, interior design, and architecture.

    One of the best things about entering the freelance world of home design and renovation services is that you don’t need to have an architecture degree. 

    There is a little bit of something for freelancers of all backgrounds and experience.

    For instance, if you have a knack for keeping things organized, you may be able to secure gigs to help homeowners with downsizing or decluttering. 

    If you have a keen eye for design elements, helping sellers stage homes for the market may be up your alley.

    If you consider yourself a handyman and capable of fixing an assortment of things around the house, you may find some freelance gigs on a platform like

    7. Social Media Specialist

    In order to succeed in today’s day and age, it is imperative for all businesses to have an online presence and a brand following. 

    However, when it comes to social media efforts, it takes up a lot of time. As a result, many organizations opt-out.

    If you have a solid knowledge of how social media platforms work and can create a post that is engaging, then you may be able to secure a freelance gig as a social media specialist

    Some other skills that can come in handy include analytics tracking, ad creation, and customer service.

    As a social media specialist, you may be required to create social media posts, interact with followers, maintain certain key performance indicators (KPIs), or something else entirely. 

    Basically, businesses may need you to perform any aspect of social media management.

    8. App Developer

    Businesses are constantly looking for new ways to get into the hands of their customers, which is where a custom app can come into play. 

    After all, most consumers today have a smartphone that they spend the majority of their time on.

    If you have the skills to develop an app, especially a good one, you can earn six figures per year. 

    App developers are currently some of the top-paid freelancers. Ultimately, the more skilled at developing apps you become, the more you can earn.

    Keep in mind in order to get a company to hire you to develop an app for them, you’ll need to be able to come up with unique and creative ideas. 

    You should also ensure you have a portfolio of your previous work, along with any specific achievements that were earned with those apps.

    9. Graphic Designer

    At some point, every business will need some form of graphic design. This may be a logo, website design, or advertisement. 

    With that being said, graphic design pertains to various aspects of business, including advertising, marketing, business cards, outdoor signage, and more.

    Because of this, more people with the ability to design are starting to embark on a freelance career in this industry. 

    However, you will need experience with design software like Adobe Creative Suite. In fact, if you are able to show an Adobe certification, clients may find you more desirable.

    Like most freelancers, a graphic designer will need a diverse portfolio. 

    Some clients may prefer to work with individuals with an education in graphic design, but for the most part, if you have a solid portfolio and a good set of skills, you will be good to go.

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    Freelancing is a gig that can help individuals of all different backgrounds, industries, and careers while helping businesses as well. 

    And, with the numerous types of freelance jobs and job sites out there, you can easily launch your career.

    While it may take some time to land long-term clients, one-off gigs should come relatively easily and right off the bat. 

    Make sure to do a good job, be responsive, and deliver on time, as these are qualities clients look for in freelancers.

    If you are interested in expanding your skills so you can take your freelance career to the next level, or if you are interested in hiring a freelancer, check out our talent network!


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