7 SEO Case Studies to Help You Improve Your Own Strategy

SEO case studies are real-world examples of how to successfully generate more organic traffic to a website, capture better leads, and improve conversion rates.

7 SEO Case Studies to Help You Improve Your Own Strategy

When it comes to getting noticed in today’s crowded online arena, your business needs to find strategic ways to make a breakthrough.

These breakthroughs rely heavily on your content, and for that content to be found by your targeted audience, you need an optimized SEO strategy.

Not only will your improved SEO strategy raise your visibility online, but it will also lead to higher possibilities of converting website traffic to potential customers.

So, where can you learn how to improve your strategy and get ahead?

Start with real-world examples, or SEO case studies, which can provide you with access to the best practices already proving successful online.

Keep reading to learn more about this topic. 

    Why SEO Case Studies?

    SEO case studies present the various ways you can increase performance on search engines. By studying the key findings for each, you can then apply what you find to your own strategy.

    Also, case studies give you a unique opportunity to discover things in a practical way, providing examples and results you can easily relate to, making them a valuable information resource.

    The benefits of utilizing the best SEO techniques are many, so why not learn from those already in the mix?

    Here are seven success stories to learn from.

    1. Gadget Flow

    Gadget Flow is a product discovery platform, keeping readers informed on the latest tech and gear out there and also staying on top of unique crowdfunding campaigns.

    When the business first started, they had little if any competition, but as the internet grew and the web became crowded with information, they realized they needed to find a way to increase organic traffic and boost visibility on the search engines.

    So, they began to look for innovative solutions and an SEO strategy that would accomplish these goals.

    Their focus soon centered on content relevancy.

    Gadget Flow wanted to provide readers with the most relevant content, so they stay longer on their site.

    The resulting goal, then, became to provide relevant, high-quality content to customers at every level and topic and become the trusted resource customers return to again and again.

    With the help of the SEO tool WordLift, Gadget Flow devised a knowledge graph to implement and guide a site-wide content model and enhance its overall SEO.

    As part of this growth strategy, structured data was created and added to content, including reviews, blog posts, products, and even videos.

    With this new, improved focus on relevant content, Gadget Flow was able to grow organic traffic:

    • by 185% for clicks on video content;
    • by 198% for news articles (within three months’ time).

    In addition, the reviews traffic increased, gaining 100% in clicks.

    Bottom line? By providing high-quality content online for your targeted audience, you can attract more traffic and qualified leads and rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs).

    2. Backlinko

    Backlinko, a blog created by Brian Dean, is one of the most popular resources to learn about SEO techniques. 

    Yet, Dean needed to find ways to boost his own visibility in search engine rankings and raise organic traffic to his site.

    As a result, his strategy, which he labels “Skyscraper Technique 2.0,” worked, resulting in an increase in organic traffic to his website pages by 652% in just seven days!

    Here are the steps he took to reach such an increase.

    Determine user intent

    To determine the types of information consumers are searching for and user intent, start by thoroughly analyzing the first page of the search results for a specific keyword. These can provide valuable insight. Next, examine each keyword closely.

    Satisfy that user intent

    Adjust your content marketing strategy and apply this gained knowledge to brand new posts you are planning or by improving existing pieces of content. Cover every aspect of your content, from changing to a favored format to covering more subtopics.

    Optimize User Experience (UX) signals

    Find ways to optimize your content to minimize bounce rate, increase dwell time, and improve organic CTR. Backlinko’s strategy to accomplish all these and grow his audience included:

    • Adding embedded videos, which can keep visitors on a website longer.
    • Inserting a Table of Contents to help the reader as well as boost organic CTR.
    • Creating short introductions of 5-8 sentences for content.
    • Using subheaders (H2 and H3) to break up content.
    • Providing numerous examples within content.

    3. Gotch SEO

    Nathan Gotch owns Gotch SEO and believes that squeeze pages, content designed to convince readers to give you their contact information, are essential to building your email list and business overall.

    The question, however, became how to create a highly performing squeeze page.

    So, Gotch got to work and devised a nine-step process for creating a squeeze page that will provide a 74.5% conversion rate!

    That process includes the following.

    1. First provide valuable content to build trust and rapport, then send those visitors to your squeeze page.
    2. Offer some type of lead magnet on the squeeze page.
    3. Keep your squeeze page highly focused and simple.
    4. Utilize benefit-driven headlines to attract interest.
    5. Design the page to be free of unnecessary distractions.
    6. Include minimal fields for collecting information.
    7. Provide clear directions.
    8. Add a distinctive call-to-action (CTA) and make it stand out.
    9. Include trust signals, including your brand logo, disclaimers, and also meet GDP compliance.

    4. Windows Report

    Founded in 2012, the UK-based independent online publication Windows Report focuses on contextualizing the Microsoft Windows platform along with other related services and products.

    When their organic traffic stalled and remained this way for a long time, they knew they had to do something.

    No longer focusing on just the traditional SEO improvements, they looked for other available options to add to their digital marketing strategy.

    The solutions they came up with included:

    • Building a linked graph on data.windowsreport.com for the magazine.
    • Redesigning the way their content is organized utilizing the “entity-based content model.”

    What were the results? Windows Report gained over one million new organic users every month.

    5. Tharawat Magazine

    Tharawat Magazine is one of the world’s premier publications focusing on family-owned businesses, providing inspiration and guidance to all.

    With over a thousand articles published and more than a decade in the industry, the magazine soon began thinking about ways to improve its SEO strategy.

    More specifically, they desired to incorporate an SEO approach into the editorial workflow of Tharawat Magazine as a way to increase organic traffic.

    With the help of a marketing consultant, it was quickly determined that the magazine had accumulated a wealth of content, but that content was being underutilized.

    As a solution, a clean-up of all content occurred, and over 1,000 articles were structured.

    The goal of these measures? To increase visibility by better utilizing the content they already had.

    As a result, within five months, Tharawat experienced accelerated returns, with an impressive +321% in traffic.

    The reasoning behind these returns involved the acknowledgment that the editorial team’s gained understanding and ability to read traffic data helped facilitate a more SEO-friendly editorial plan.

    6. Robbie Richards

    Robbie Richards is a marketing expert with a popular website. 

    When one of his readers became an SEO success story, he had him share a case study to show others how it was accomplished.

    UAV Coach is a fast-growing business specializing in commercial drones. The founder, Alan Pearlman, found that he needed to generate more recurring traffic and build leads.

    The solution involved an SEO strategy built around evergreen content for long-term exposure, authority positioning, lead generation, and higher conversions.

    As a result, they built a 6-step process that generated UAV Coach 150,732 visits and a boost to the #1 spot on Google.

    UAV Coach also increased its overall organic traffic by 11,065% in just months.

    The successful process is repeatable, so you too can use it to drive more qualified leads to your site from the search engines. 

    Here are the six steps.

    1. Conduct keyword research to find evergreen content topics and optimal keywords.
    2. Focus on high-quality content creation.
    3. Maximize on-page optimization.
    4. Develop a lead magnet to generate more email subscribers.
    5. Promote content.
    6. Focus on link building strategies, including backlinks.

    You can use this scalable SEO process in any niche to rank higher on SERPs.

    7. Freeyork

    Freeyork is a community-driven platform for users to share stories and artwork and to increase their exposure.

    However, as a small publisher, Freeyork has to compete with the larger publishers out there today. To help this, they needed to find a way to become more productive and rise above that competition.

    The solution arrived in the form of an emboldened editorial team. How was this accomplished?

    Freeyork decided to rely on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the editorial workflow of the platform. In essence, they then focused on improving content organization and search engine optimization.

    As a result of their efforts, Freeyork increased the number of organic sessions by +18.47% and grew new users by +12.13%.

    Wrap Up: Successful SEO Case Studies are a Valuable and Time-Saving Resource

    Implementing SEO strategies and seeing successful results does take time. It’s not an overnight get-popular fix by any means. 

    That’s precisely why one of the best ways to learn the tactics that are already working for other companies is to study SEO case studies like those above.

    By closely studying these SEO case studies, you can apply the lessons to your own strategy development and generate more organic traffic to your website, capture better leads, and improve conversion rates.

    To learn even more creative ways to improve your SEO strategy, check out this article on SEO statistics!

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