The best 34 SEO add-ons and extensions to increase your traffic

top SEO add-ons

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Looking for a list of free SEO extensions for Chrome that will help you work faster and easier? Then you’ve found exactly what you need. The extensions in this list were not randomly selected.

We’ve tested all these tools individually and are now more than sure they are absolutely worth your attention. We use many of them ourselves all the time.

Our list includes 30+ extensions (including a couple of extensions for WordPress).

Whether you are an independent SEO consultant, run a SEO agency or have an in-house SEO team to market your own products or services, you are surely going to find all these extensions helpful.

Let’s get to each of the extensions at a time.

    Internal Optimization

    First, a few great extensions for WordPress site owners:

    1. YoastSEO

    This is one of the most powerful plugins for WP sites, which allows you to do the following:

    • generate XMLs;
    • customize the robots.txt file;
    • control WordPress Breadcrumbs;
    • set canonical links to avoid content duplication;
    • prescribe meta tags (title, keywords, description) by a ready-made or custom templates;
    • analyze your content for successful promotion;
    • visualize the appearance of snippets in search engines and social networks;
    • make massive changes on your site;
    • customize the RSS feed;
    • quickly remove or add prefixes from headings, etc.

    According to most webmasters on various forums, Yoast is the best SEO plugin for WordPress. This is confirmed by official statistics – YoastSEO is used by 5 million web resources and features 41 languages.

    This extension has two versions: paid and free. The first one, obviously, has additional advantages, including the following features:

    • user support via email;
    • article preview possibility;
    • redirection manager (in case of accidental deletion of pages, change or incorrect writing of the URL);
    • additional extensions support: NewsSEO, VideoSEO, LocalSEO, and WooCommerceSEO.

    2. All in One SEO Pack

    If you consider the best SEO-plugins for WordPress, this extension can be safely put on the `second line in popularity.

    According to its developers, All in One SEO Pack is actively used on 2 million web resources and is available in 57 languages. The functionality is largely similar to the previous plugin, but if YoastSEO is more oriented to beginners, then All in One SEO Pack is designed for experienced professionals.

    The main advantages of the plugin are as follows:

    • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) support;
    • Google Analytics support;
    • introduction support;
    • Redirect adjustment support;
    • Free work with WooCommerce;

    Also, note that All in One SEO Pack is an automatic SEO extension for WordPress sites, which itself sends information about any changes on web resources to Google and Bing, and performs automatic generation of meta tags.

    Among the drawbacks, users note the inability to prescribe meta tags for headings and no compatibility with YoastSEO, SEO Framework, etc.

    Now let’s move on to other SEO Chrome extensions to improve the quality of your webpages.

    3. SEOInfo

    This extension effectively identifies search engine optimization problems on your webpage and informs you about them. It checks meta tags, canonical links, the possibility of indexing, Open Graph tags, structured data, hreflang annotations, page load speed, and other elements.

    There is also the “Audit” module, which uses API Pagespeed Insights from Google.

    4. SEO META in 1 CLICK 

    With Seo Meta 1 Click, you can get the following important information for the marketer in a short time:

    • Meta tag analysis and display of headers;
    • Image value/role in a particular fragment;
    • Link in header values and a path;
    • Open Graph type protocol check;
    • Installed web analytics counters check.

    The main advantage of Seo Meta in 1 Click is, probably, an intuitive and simple interface with clear tabs.

    One of them has access to links for quick checking in other Google tools. These include markup checking, Mobile Friendly, Google PageSpeed.  

    With this Chrome add-on, you can view important page details in minutes. In general, the extension allows you to comprehensively analyze the site and quickly extract the necessary SEO information.

    5. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

    It parses outbound links. Like many other link checking tools, Free Backlink Checker by LRT highlights broken links in red and marks those that work in green.

    This extension also allows exporting all links on the page to a CSV/XLSX file along with their anchor text, HTTP status code, and rel attribute for further analysis.

    Unlike many other SEO tools for checking non-working links, Free Backlink Checker by LRT allows increased response waiting time, which is useful when analyzing slower pages.

    This will protect you from false results caused by server protection tools.

    6. Hreflang Tag Checker

    There are many extensions that display hreflang data, but specifically, this one does much more. Hreflang Tag Checker scans pages specified in the hreflang tags and checks for backlinks on them.


    For a user to feel comfortable on a site, the resource must be adapted to different devices. Window Resizer allows you to clearly see how the page will look in different screen resolutions. The extension is especially useful when developing a website from scratch.

    Keyword Search 

    The following extensions will allow you to choose the right key phrases.

    8. SEOStack Keyword Tool

    This solution allows you to generate thousands of variants from the original key phrase, typing them from autocompletion in Google, Youtube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay searches.

    If you used the Keyword Sheeter tool before, you already have the idea. Plus, SEOStack Keyword Tool allows exporting all data to a CSV file.

    9. TextOptimizer

    TextOptimizer is positioned as an assistant in content creation. This extension analyzes search results by relevant phrases and optimizes your content for both Google and Bing.

    The extension suggests other words that you can use in your text to “better meet the expectations of search engines.”

    10. Keyword Surfer

    Keyword Surfer is a handy SEO extension that can be used to efficiently analyze key phrases and search results.

    As a free tool, it provides an astounding amount of data: domain level search traffic estimates, key phrase queries (both nationally and globally), key phrase variants, and domain level backlinks.

    Pro-tip: If you are struggling to create your own SEO-software, don’t hesitate to try DataForSEO, the most prominent SEO data provider using API-led approach to data delivery. Their keywords database provides countless opportunities for SEO businesses to enrich and diversify your keyword list, as well as to conduct large-scale keyword analysis.

    Search Engine Ranking

    11. MozBar

    The main feature of this extension is the ability to display a list of keywords, by which users can find certain site pages. With its help, you can make a detailed analysis of search results available at the moment, as well as effortlessly perform a competent SEO audit.

    Among the main advantages of using the plugin, expert marketers mention the ability to analyze site speed and the effectiveness of headers and tags.

    The plugin will help find outbound links. A keyword, looked for by a marketer, can be highlighted online by finding the necessary text fragments or pages for further analysis.

    If the user has a Moz account, the information about link parameters will be automatically generated. This will significantly save time with additional settings.

    12. GeoClever

    Search engines generate different types of pages for different regions. This means that residents of different countries/cities will receive a different list of pages on the same request. For SEO-specialists, it’s important to know how to display the promoted site for all users.

    This is where GeoClever can become really useful. The ability to display search results in a particular city is initially embedded in the system. It’s just an indispensable assistant in the manual analysis of Google search results.

    13. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

    Imitates Google Search from anywhere and checks if a particular URL is in the top 100 results. It’s very useful to see how different query rankings are in different parts of the world.

    14. SERPTrends SEO Extension

    Keeps track of your requests in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. When you make the same requests, after a while, the extension displays changes in search results, right on the search engine page.

    Technical Optimization

    To improve your site from a technical point of view, you can use the following Chrome extensions.

    15. Link Redirect Trace

    This all-in-one redirect path analyzer shows all URLs in the redirection chain, including redirects by 301, 302 codes, and through JavaScript. Among other features, it helps find (and return) the lost “link weight.”

    16. Google Lighthouse

    Google Lighthouse checks your webpages and offers variants to improve performance, availability, implementation of advanced developer solutions, and, of course, search engine optimization.

    17. AMP Validator

    AMP Validator tracks whether the page has an AMP version (Accelerated Mobile Page). The extension then detects whether the AMP page is being validated and reports the result.

    18. OpenLink Structured Data Sniffer

    The Sniffer displays structured metadata on any page. Currently supports Microdata, RDF/XML, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, and POSH formats.

    19. User-Agent Switcher for Chrome

    The extension supports different user-agent values to check if your site is displayed correctly in different browsers and operating systems.

    20. The Tech SEO — Quick Click Website Audit

    This tool provides prepared links (for the current page) to many popular SEO services. A very undervalued tool that reduces the need to implement a routine “copy-paste” procedure.

    21. View Rendered Source

    An extremely useful tool for those who work with sites in JavaScript. It compares the source code of a page with its browser version. As an SEO specialist, you can, for example, check if JavaScript rewrites meta tags.

    22. WhatRuns 

    A very convenient and useful extension for SEO-specialists. WhatRuns identifies the technologies of any website. Additionally, it also discovers new and future tools and services that the website uses.

    Link Building

    The extensions below help improve the search for potential link donors, study, and manage them.

    23. LinkClump

    This extension allows you to open several links on one page (in new tabs or windows) or copy them to the clipboard. Saves a lot of time, especially when searching for potential link donors.

    23. NoFollow 

    Another tiny extension that highlights no-follow-links on a webpage. NoFollow is absolutely indispensable when looking for potential link donors.

    24. SimilarWeb

    SimilarWeb tracks approximate traffic, sources, key phrase positions, and other key figures for any website. This extension is really helpful in evaluating potential links.

    SimilarWeb is useful for those who want to analyze the competitors’ strategy, purchase links from popular resources, or just find out site statistics.

    The extension is easy to use but has quite rich functionality. Experienced SEO experts prefer to use three main features in their work:

    • Overview – shows the necessary statistics, including the number of visitors, 6-month traffic, the number of page views, and the average time each user spends on the site.
    • Sources – this is where you can specify the source of traffic. The application grades traffic flow to referral, direct, search engine, social networks, mail, and advertising.
    • Geo – as the name suggests, this feature provides information about geodata users.

    25. 3WhiteHats Structured Data Testing Tool 

    No modern website can do without links to social networks and messengers. The extension allows you to validate all of your structured data, markups, and rich snippets by simply clicking on the desired icon on the page.

    Structured Data Testing Tool reduces the time it takes to find possible errors or incorrectly working links.

    26. Hunter

    Hunter shows emails, names, job titles, social networks, and phone numbers associated with websites that you visit. The extension allows you to immediately find who to contact when you visit a certain website, giving you 50 credits per month for free.

    There is also an add-on for Google Sheets, designed for fast batch retrieval.

    27. Streak CRM for Gmail

    The customer relationship management system based on Gmail allows you to create mailing lists, track emails, maintain protocols of interaction with potential clients and donors, and much more. Streak CRM is a perfect extension for organizing outreach campaigns.

    Versatile Solutions

    The following Chrome extensions are ideal for various SEO tasks.

    28. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

    Get SEO metrics right in your browser! This extension offers a wide range of capabilities including instant on-page SEO reports, broken link checkers, redirect tracer, redirect tracking, search for broken links, and no-follow-link highlighting.

    What’s more, Ahrefs users can study key metrics of pages, domains, keywords for visited URLs and search results.

    29. MozBar

    This all-in-one SEO toolbar allows you to easily define Moz indicators such as domain credibility, page credibility, and a spam count for any site.

    MozBar also allows you to create custom searches, identify bugs on pages, access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any SERP, extract Google search results, find and highlight keywords on pages by type (Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal), etc.

    30. SEO Minion

    This versatile tool offers the following features: SEO parameters analysis, broken link check, on-page SEO analysis, external/internal links highlighting on different webpages, SERP preview, and Google search location simulator.

    It also has one exclusive feature that helps save a lot of time – hreflang tag validity check, plus, it also checks if there are return tags present.

    Other Extensions

    The following extensions may be useful for other search engine optimization tasks that do not fall into the categories described above.

    31. ObservePoint TagDebugger

    Checks your website and fixes any problems with tags intended for analytics and marketing (Google Analytics, Tag Manager, etc.).

    ObservePoint TagDebugger also tracks variables and events when you click on a link, scans batches of pages or sequences of actions to verify accurate data collection, tests analytics in development and staging environments before releasing.


    If you are working with Google Sheets and need a convenient data integration tool, Google Sheets integrations is your number one choice. It will help you get data from popular cloud services, create integration using the Append Import Mode (pull and append data in a spreadsheet), and build real-time activity monitors.

    You can also connect more apps that support JSON API and save time on writing code.

    With this tool you can get data from several sources to Google Sheets, where you can:

    • Perform custom calculations and create custom reports;
    • Visualize data and embed charts, dashboards, reports on third-party websites;
    • Schedule reports to be launched and updated automatically;
    • Control who can see your reports using Google Spreadsheets privacy settings. 

    You can create custom dashboards based on information from various sources, as well as experiment with different visualization types. Run your business confidently and utilize information easily. supports the following data sources: Airtable, Xero, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Quickbooks, Jira, and many more.

    The Professional plan costs $24.00 per month. There is also a free version available.

    33. gInfinity 

    Adds endless scrolling on Google search results. When you reach the bottom of the page – the next page with results is added automatically (+20 search results).

    Plus, in combination with Chris Ainsworth SERPs extension bookmarklet, the extension allows you to easily generate packages of search results.

    34. Web Scraper 

    Collects data from any page using XPath or jQuery. The information obtained in this way can be exported to Google Sheets in a single click or exported to Excel.

    Web Scraper offers data scraping from multiple pages, multiple data extraction types (text, images, URL’s, and more), data scraping from dynamic pages (JavaScript + AJAX, infinite scroll), scraped data browsing. No extra software needed to start using the extension.

    Similar extensions: Data Scraper – Easy Web Scraping, XPather.


    There are quite a few extensions for Chrome that add online SEO tools and services directly to your browser.

    We hope this article helps you find at least one or two extensions that will significantly improve your productivity and save you a lot of time (and money).

    Keep in mind, though, that too many extensions can significantly slow down your computer.

    So choose wisely.

    If you still do need a large number of extensions, you can always create multiple user profiles for specific tasks, and then install different extensions on each profile to switch between them when needed.

    This article was written by Kamelia Stone, Content Manager at Marketbusinessnews. She appreciates her time and always works for results. She likes to travel, meditate, and draw inspiration from different sources, primarily from books.


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