9 Top SEO Newsletters to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

Keeping an eye on industry trends is the key to staying relevant in the marketing world, and subscribing to the right SEO newsletters makes it easy. Here are a few examples that belong on every marketer’s reading list.

Updated: May 11, 2023
9 Top SEO Newsletters to Boost Your Marketing Campaign

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Although there’s definitely still something to be said for blogs, social media, and traditional publications when it comes to staying abreast of industry trends, newsletters are having a real moment right now. 

Whatever your key area of interest, there are likely at least a few newsletters out there these days designed with your needs in mind.

And if you’re a marketing professional who deals with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then adding the right SEO newsletter or two to your repertoire could be a real game-changer. 

But which of the many options out there are truly worth reading? 

Here’s a closer look at several top-rated SEO newsletters that deserve a spot in every marketing professional’s inbox, as well as how subscribing to them can enhance your SEO campaign.

    Before we jump to the list, we must answer: why bother with newsletters anyway?

    The simple concept of the newsletter has been around for a long time — almost as long as email itself. But don’t let that convince you it’s all played out.

    Thanks to the current “old is new again” trend in web marketing, newsletters are red hot thanks to key publishing platforms like Substack.

    Some of the benefits of subscribing to the best and brightest include:

    • Convenient delivery to your inbox without the need to visit a separate website.
    • Solid advice straight from some of the leading SEO experts in the industry.
    • Timely information on emerging trends, breaking news, and key developments.
    • A steady stream of inspiration for attention-grabbing posts of your own.

    With the best SEO newsletter options making their way straight to your inbox, you don’t have to remember to check your favorite publications or social media accounts to see what’s new. 

    Anytime big news or a hot new take hits the scene, you’ll know about it right away. 

    Here are a few of the essential SEO newsletters to know today:

    1. TL;DR Marketing

    Of course, not everyone’s into longer newsletters that go super deep when it comes to the topics they discuss. 

    And some prefer more frequent mailings to the more standard weekly newsletters, as well. 

    If that sounds like you, then tl;dr Marketing just might be the SEO newsletter of your dreams.

    Owner Saijo George sends daily newsletters consisting entirely of hot takes, industry developments, and important industry news stories from the day before, so you’ll always be among the first to know about anything critical. 

    Saijo is also fantastic about organizing and thoroughly tagging the individual pieces on his website, so whatever you need is never more than a couple of clicks away.

    2. SEO Notebook

    If you’re like many marketing professionals, you probably already make it a point to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new. 

    When that’s the case, you may sometimes feel like you see the same old advice presented over and over again. 

    If that’s you, then SEO Notebook may be just the newsletter options you’re looking for.

    Owned and run by Steve Toth, SEO Notebook consists of weekly emails pulled straight from Steve’s personal Evernote stash, so they’re packed with tips you’ve likely never heard before. 

    Think confidential insider advice and juicy insights gleaned from Steve’s own considerable professional experience.

    3. Copyblogger

    At Copyblogger, the going philosophy is that envy-worthy SEO results always start with stellar content production, and their newsletter is all about helping marketing professionals produce precisely that. 

    They also provide easy access to additional helpful resources, including masterclasses and workshops designed to help marketing professionals of all types — especially writers and other content producers — be their very best.

    The topics at Copyblogger cover a wide range of different issues. 

    Examples include the actual value of online content creation, how to successfully get into the head of your ideal customer, and detailed answers to commonly asked content creation questions. 

    And the posts are written in an engaging, approachable style that’s a pleasure to read, as well.

    4. #SEOFOMO

    Aleyda Solis is a significant industry thought leader, so her #SEOFOMO newsletter is every ambitious marketing professional’s ticket to some seriously useful insights. 

    To begin with, each email is good and meaty, so you definitely get what you signed up for. 

    Aleyda also shines an intense spotlight on the latest industry news and developments, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on anything.

    Add #SEOFOMO to your running subscription list if you want easy, timely access to items like essential case studies and red hot news stories from that week.

    In addition, Aleyda gives you the skinny on hot job listings, important SEO thought leaders to follow on Twitter, and more, as well.

    5. #SEOForLunch

    Marketing professionals have a lot of topics they want to stay on top of, but what’s new with Google is perhaps the most critical one. 

    Nick LeRoy’s #SEOForLunch is one of the more popular newsletters on all things Google. 

    Nick covers all the latest Google updates, as well as any related SEO news. He addresses additional subjects of interest like known Google bugs, as well.

    Each weekly newsletter features one critical read hand-picked by Nick himself and various other recommended reads you can explore further in your spare time. 

    This simple but effective format makes #SEOForLunch a must-read for industry professionals of all types.

    6. Marketing Examples

    Run by industry expert Harry Dry, Marketing Examples has been around a little over a year, but it’s amassed an incredible following in that amount of time — over 50,000 subscribers. 

    What’s his secret? 

    His bi-weekly newsletter delivers an astonishing amount of value for marketing professionals of all types. 

    And the primary focus is on successful industry case studies, too, the better to show eager readers what really works and what doesn’t.

    Beautifully formatted and easy to read, Harry’s newsletter covers an impressive amount of ground. 

    So whether you’re a copywriter or an SEO guy, a business owner or a thought leader, Marketing Examples brings something to the table for you that’s sure to help you meet your goals.

    7. Social Media Examiner

    If you’re specifically looking for a way to take your company’s social media presence to the next level, you don’t want to miss out on Social Media Examiner

    It’s packed with news, tricks, techniques, and solid good advice designed to help you dominate any or all of today’s leading platforms.

    And you’ll be happy to know Social Media Examiner is another SEO newsletter that makes it a point not to rehash the same old information any seasoned professional has heard a million times by now. 

    Instead, you’ll get helpful, instantly applicable info on topics like quick and dirty Instagram filter hacks, tips for repurposing reels, using Facebook to grow an email list, and much more.

    8. Growth Memo

    Kevin Indig is the mind behind Growth Memo, formerly known as Tech Bound. 

    And Kevin isn’t just any industry expert, either. He’s the Director of SEO at Shopify, so you could definitely say he knows a thing or two about growth-focused marketing techniques.

    In its early days, Growth Memo sported a classic layout that was exactly what most readers would expect from a marketing newsletter. 

    However, as Kevin began to include more of his own analytic takes on the trends and industry news he was covering, he quickly realized that’s where the real value was.

    These days, that valuable, one-of-a-kind analysis is what Growth Memo is all about, and it’s a definite must-read. 

    Each issue takes the reader deeply into a different topic of interest. Kevin then wraps up with some additional reading options if you’re still hungry for more.

    9. Top Tier

    Looking for industry know-how that’s fully backed by solid data and proven facts? 

    If so, Top Tier is the newsletter for you. Explore everything from in-depth affiliate marketing how-to guides, to useful SEO hacks, to little-known digital marketing practices right from the convenience of your own inbox.

    Top Tier is famous for helping marketing pros from all parts of the map take their brands from good to great. 

    So if you’re looking for great ways to bring an ailing brand back to life or help an already thriving business ascend to the next level, you’ve come to the right place.

    A lot goes into building a truly successful SEO strategy, and mastering all of the known techniques is only the beginning of the process. 

    Every successful marketing professional has their own take on the industry and their own valuable tips to add to what you already know.

    That’s precisely why SEO newsletters are such a valuable resource. 

    They mean getting all the collective knowledge from the best and brightest delivered straight to your inbox in a timely, convenient manner.

    You’ll never miss a critical development or important news story again.

    And when you’re ready to take your SEO strategy even further with even more priceless knowledge, there’s nothing like a solid guide to help you take those crucial next steps. 

    Our comprehensive SEO guide covers everything you need to know to make an unparalleled success of your next campaign. 

    So get it today, and take the next step toward your biggest SEO goals!


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