9 Best SEO Reporting Tools to Meet Your Needs

Having the right reporting tools makes it much easier to analyze data and make adjustments to truly optimize your website for better rankings and increased organic traffic.

9 Best SEO Reporting Tools to Meet Your Needs

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You already know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a necessary part of any digital marketing strategy. 

After all, you want your target audience to find you when looking for information or services within your niche.

However, the actual optimization process is really only part of what it takes to reach your organic traffic goals.

In addition, you need a way to analyze where you’re currently at and see what your improvements are doing to help you reach your goals.

This is where quality SEO reporting tools are important. 

To help you choose the right one for your needs and budget, we’ve compiled a list of the top nine on the market. Let’s get started.

    1. Google Analytics

    You can’t start a conversation about SEO reporting tools without including Google Analytics at the top of the list.

    After all, it is the quintessential way to track website traffic and see where your visitors are coming from.

    Best of all, it is totally free to use. This is a big plus if you’re on a budget or not sure that you need a super robust tool at the current time.

    However, the key to using Google Analytics as a primary SEO reporting tool is to learn how to take advantage of all the features it offers.

    Most new digital marketers aren’t familiar with in-depth features, like adding custom dashboards or automated reporting. This is where the platform really shines in terms of the type of data it can keep track of for you.

    The good news? 

    Google offers a special online academy to help you get the most from the platform — and it is also free!

    2. Ahrefs

    As a general digital marketing tool, Ahrefs offers tons of great features that make analyzing the competition and making key campaign strategies super easy.

    However, as one of the best SEO reporting tools out there, the platform is also ideal for additional reporting.

    For example, you can analyze your overall backlink profile to see who is currently linking to your content. 

    This is a super key aspect to off-page optimization and knowing whether you’re being seen by search engines as in conjunction with spammy websites is important.

    With Ahrefs, you also have the option to have it crawl your page like Google or Bing would, which is important to compare against your other data to spot potential problems that could hinder your traffic.

    While there is a fee associated with using Ahrefs, the number of features you get for the cost is well worth it in the long run.

    3. SEMrush

    There’s a reason why SEMrush is considered one of the top three SEO reporting tools on the market today.

    Not only does it have more features than many competitors combined, but it also offers the opportunity to set automated alerts and reports to suit your needs.

    For example, the SERP tracking feature allows you to keep tabs on where your website ranks for specific keywords, domains, and in contrast to competitors. 

    If there’s a dramatic change, you’ll receive an alert.

    SEMrush also offers a tool for doing market analysis, making it easier to see where your competition is ranking within your niche and how they’re making it happen.

    While this particular option is a bit on the pricier end with plans starting at around a hundred bucks a month, the end result and sheer number of SEO reporting tools you gain access to are highly impressive.

    4. Moz Pro

    Another big name on this list of the best SEO reporting tools is Moz Pro

    Since the company is a big player in the digital marketing industry, it is no surprise that they’re in the top echelon of options we recommend.

    Whether you’re running a competitive analysis or a rank tracking report, the tool offers dozens of templates to help get you started.

    You can also create custom reporting dashboards, which can also be automated to save you time. 

    In the end, you’ll only see the data that matters to your specific needs and what your company cares about tracking.

    Additionally, there’s an option to run keyword reports to see what you’re currently ranking for and how you might improve upon those positions.

    As expected, Moz Pro is a paid SEO reporting tool. 

    However, they do offer a thirty-day trial period, which gives you plenty of time to see why you’ll want a subscription and what it can really offer.

    5. Siteliner

    In a hurry and on a low budget? That’s okay. 

    Siteliner is a great alternative to the bigger SEO reporting tools and it is absolutely free. (And it was created by the same people as Copyscape, which is a big plus.)

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    While you won’t be able to automate custom reporting or create flashy PDFs to share with your team, you will gain insight into any potential issues your website is having for search optimization.

    By just typing in your page URL into the box, the app will alert you to areas where you might need to pay a little more attention.

    What’s more is that it works for any website. 

    This means you can quickly analyze competitors to uncover flaws that might allow you to outrank them.

    While the basic option doesn’t cost anything, you are limited to 250 pages a month. However, the premium version is affordable and allows up to 25,000 crawls a month.

    6. Authority Labs

    If you have a brick-and-mortar business that needs additional local SEO reporting, then you’ll really like Authority Labs.

    This tool features the ability to keep track of ranking position, plus review local data for tracking search results by zip code, city, state, and more.

    It also comes with unlimited users, which is a nice feature for teams with a larger digital marketing department. 

    And there’s a white-label option for agencies to use the tool as a way to track SEO data for clients.

    So, what really makes Authority Labs stand out as an SEO reporting tool?

    We especially enjoy the Now Provided feature, which makes it simple to identify potential keyword targeting opportunities by revealing how site visitors are really finding the page.

    The most basic plan they offer is $49 per month, but a free trial period is available to help you see if it will truly meet your needs before you purchase.

    7. Google Data Studio

    As another free option, Google Data Studio offers the chance to convert data into customizable reports.

    However, it is worth noting that the tool itself doesn’t actually collect or analyze the SEO data for you. 

    Rather, it is a way to make numbers from other sources look pretty and easier to view than just looking at a spreadsheet alone.

    But here’s where the best part is: you can connect Google Data Studio to other tools, like Google Analytics and Authority Labs.

    So, if you’re looking for a free way to take lots of data and turn it into an eye-catching report, this tool is a great option to consider.

    8. GrowthBar

    If you haven’t looked into the best SEO reporting tools until now, then there’s a good chance you might have missed GrowthBar.

    While it certainly isn’t one of the more popular options, there’s a lot to offer that you’ll want to check out.

    Through an integration with another great reporting tool called SpyFu, the platform allows you to run detailed reports on any website’s domain authority, organic keywords, backlinks, and a lot more.

    This includes both your page and the competition, making it super easy to see how the two compare in terms of search engine optimization.

    The team behind the tool is also integrating some AI-powered technology to help improve the reporting and analytics processes. 

    While this still seems a little meager, it does offer promise in the future.

    9. Agency Analytics

    If you have an omnichannel digital marketing strategy, then you must check out Agency Analytics.

    This super robust tool features a whopping seven different categories to track your results: SEO reports, social reports, call tracking reports, eCommerce reports, PPC reports, email marketing reports, and reputation management reports.

    That’s a whole lot of data, right at your fingertips. 

    If you’ve wondered how each of these channels fits together to create your overall digital optimization structure, then you’ll really like this tool.

    Additionally, it integrates with over sixty different tools and platforms, like Google Analytics, Twitter, Google Ads, Shopify, and others.

    This is super helpful if you’re running an enterprise-level website that has many facets and you want the most specific data analytics reporting possible.

    There’s also the option to run weekly SEO website audits, which can be an excellent way to uncover any trouble spots that might hinder your organic traffic success.

    While it is primarily designed for (you guessed it) agencies, Agency Analytics does have a freelancer plan with limited features for only $10 per month. 

    This is a good way to decide if you really need all of these reporting tools or if another option on this list is a better choice.

    Wrap Up

    There’s no doubt that accurate and complete analytics is a big part of any organic traffic strategy. 

    With the nine SEO reporting tools we’ve just listed, you should be able to find one that suits your needs and budget accordingly.

    Want more tips for improving your domain’s position in the SERPs? 

    We’ve got you covered with our complete SEO guide — it’s full of tips, tricks, and ideas!


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