Social Media Marketing Jobs that are on the rise

Jobs in social media marketing are on the rise. Understand their roles in a company and their average salaries in this blog post.

Social Media Marketing Jobs that are on the rise

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Socializing occurs on a whole new level these days, thanks to the various social media platforms available across the globe.

It’s no wonder then that marketing efforts are focusing more and more on these platforms to capture the attention of targeted audiences.

Incorporating more social media into a digital marketing strategy is no longer a voluntary option. It is a necessity. 

And this means new career opportunities are cropping up — for you to move into next or to hire to benefit your business’ social media team.

Take a glance at all the social media marketing jobs found listed on online job boards these days, and you gain a sense of how vast it’s becoming. 

Some require experience, while others may accept proof of training or certifications in social media marketing. Check it out: 

    1. Social Media Marketing Coordinator

    For people that enjoy working with various departments, clients, and others on a marketing team, becoming a Social Media Marketing Coordinator may be the optimal next move.

    To excel in this role, you’ll need top-notch communication skills as you’ll be spending most of your time coordinating with everyone involved, including the Social Media Manager and others within the marketing realm.

    Other skills you’ll need in this role include teamwork, collaboration techniques, and organizational abilities.

    Depending on the place you work, you may be able to gain valuable experience in social media strategy development, content management, campaign implementation, reporting, and event management.

    Average Salary: $43,749

    2. Social Media Assistant

    As a Social Media Assistant, you’ll work alongside a Social Media Manager. 

    Chances abound in this role to learn more and gain practical experience that you can then use to eventually move up to a position with higher responsibility.

    While tasks will depend on your organization and marketing department leads, you may be involved with strategy development, the idea-generating process, or other important steps in the digital marketing plan.

    More than likely, you’ll also serve as the point of contact for the entire social media marketing team.

    Essentially, though, your main role will be to assist senior managers as needed.

    Salary ranges for this position can be on the lower side, especially at the beginning, but add in the value of how much you learn about the social media marketing world and use it to grow in your career.

    Average Salary: $35,860

    3. Engagement Coordinator/Online Community Manager

    Sharpen your social media marketing skills as you coordinate or manage the messaging and engagement on one or all of the platforms your employer uses to promote their products or services.

    There are different titles floating around out there for this type of role in a marketing department, including Social Media Engagement Coordinator or Online Community Manager. 

    You may need to search using different keywords to find one that is the right fit for your skills and experience.

    In a sense, you’ll be policing the online behavior of commenters

    You may be responsible for responding to comments, always keeping your brand awareness and guidelines in mind.

    You also may be charged with finding ways to get the public more involved, such as sharing posts, retweeting, and commenting. 

    Usually, the goal is to encourage as much positive participation as possible.

    Average Salary: $46,220

    4. Social Media Marketing Specialist

    When you’re ready to take on additional responsibility, consider a role as a Social Media Marketing Specialist.

    Planning, creating, collecting, tracking, and collaborating are all parts of this position, so you need to feel comfortable with a variety of marketing skills. 

    More specifically, you may be responsible for any or all of the following:

    • Developing a social media strategy, including how to incorporate SEO into the mix.
    • Identifying where your buyer personas are hanging out.
    • Managing the strategy once in place.
    • Conducting competitive research.
    • Establishing an editorial calendar and other content governance tools.
    • Collecting data.
    • Tracking effectiveness and ROI.
    • Selecting social media tools to facilitate specific post scheduling.
    • Collaborating with the digital marketing team and management.
    • Coordinating and collaborating with the content marketing team.

    With so much responsibility, expect to receive a higher salary in this social media marketing role as long as you have the skills and experience to back it up.

    Average Salary: $50,391

    5. Social Media Manager

    A Social Media Manager monitors an organization’s social media networks and manages the digital marketing key performance indicators (KPIs) specific to this medium.

    Managing digital marketing KPIs often includes monitoring dashboards, sales goals, budgets, and online behavior such as shares and retweets.

    In a nutshell, as a Social Media Manager, you will manage the social media accounts and may also manage a team.

    Additional responsibilities may include creating action plans for achieving objectives, developing strategies to increase the company’s online presence, and optimizing social media campaigns. 

    You may also find yourself seeking out ways to partner with social media influencers.

    Average Salary: $55,117

    6. Social Media Strategist

    Strategy can make or break a digital marketing plan. 

    Someone specializing in social media strategy, then, is a must for companies serious about reaching people online.

    Depending on the business, the Social Media Strategist position can fall under different titles, but usually, all will indicate a more senior position. 

    Some may go all the way up to titling the position of Director of Social Media Strategy and have others working underneath them.

    Developing an effective social media strategy is at the heart of this career choice, followed by its successful execution.

    Instead of dealing with the day-to-day hands-on postings and such, this role will continually examine how the current strategy in place is working and analyze all social media campaigns for results. 

    You will also adjust accordingly if something is not providing the results expected or required.

    In addition, in this position you can expect to:

    • Work closely with senior management to plan and set goals and objectives.
    • Monitor the implemented social media strategy along with the allocated budget.
    • Track the various success metrics.
    • Analyze feedback and data to determine ways to adjust and improve the strategy, with both short and long-term goals.

    You also may need to work directly with the content marketing team.

    Expect high competition for these roles as more and more marketers now have the experience required to be successful.

    Average Salary: $58,704

    7. Social Media Analyst

    If you prefer a behind-the-scenes position, combing through vast amounts of data, the Social Media Analyst role may be for you.

    Social Media Analysts review all results from social media campaigns utilizing analytics tools (such as Google Analytics) as well as the native analytics found on each platform.

    In this role, you will dive deep into the numbers, identifying the effectiveness of each campaign and the return on investment (ROI) for each.

    You may also be tasked with presenting this information to senior management to assist in budget decisions as well as marketing strategy.

    Average Salary: $50,321

    8. Social Media Director/Director of Social Media

    Larger organizations will often have a Social Media Director position available. 

    This role is not a full-scale marketing director position but just a segment of the overall marketing strategy. 

    Whether it exists or not will depend upon how social media marketing is valued by an organization.

    Still, when it does exist, the Social Media Director is involved in the high-level decision-making within a marketing department and organization as a whole.

    In this role, you won’t be involved directly with the daily, weekly, or monthly social media tasks. 

    The focus, instead, is on yearly performance, long-term goals and objectives, policy development, and public relations. You’ll rely on managers, strategists, and analysts to keep you informed.

    Average Salary: $68.644

    9. Social Media Consultant (Entrepreneur)

    When you realize you have thorough experience in marketing and social media, you may want to go out on your own and become a Social Media Consultant.

    This entrepreneurial role focuses on helping others, small or large, increase the success of their social media marketing efforts. 

    Methods may include paid or organic strategies, so you need to be familiar with all available options and which ones will serve your client best.

    You can even choose the type of organizations you want to help, such as focusing on non-profits, small businesses, or those in particular fields or industries. 

    In other words, you can create the type of job you want.

    Average Salary: $46,520

    Wrap Up: Are you Interested in any of these Social Media Marketing Jobs?

    It’s an exciting time in the marketing world when it comes to social media. 

    Join in and help your marketing team expand and succeed while also creating a lucrative career for yourself.

    For ideas on how to rock a social media strategy in whatever position you are in, check out our tips to increase engagement.


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