10 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Visibility

Your social media visibility plays a major role in how your brand is discovered and viewed by potential customers, so finding strategies to boost your visibility is an important investment.

Updated: October 13, 2022
social media visibility

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There are many different aspects of digital marketing, including social media. 

Social media provides brands with a unique opportunity to showcase their personality and connect directly to customers in the places they spend their time online. Rather than hoping your message reaches the right people, you can speak to your followers and even have one-on-one conversations. 

However, all of that depends on the range of your online visibility. If you don’t reach enough eyes on social media, you won’t get the most out of your efforts. 

Strategies to boost your social media visibility can help you achieve your goals quickly and expand your digital marketing efforts to new audiences. 

    What Does Online Visibility Mean?

    Online visibility is an element of digital marketing that refers to the scope of your online presence. 

    If your business is visible, then your brand reputation reaches a wide range of people and your content is more likely to get viewed and shared. 

    Think about it: it doesn’t matter how great your website is or how important your products are if no one can find you or know about what you do. 

    Your online visibility is essential to the growth of your business and, ultimately, your bottom line. 

    What Does Visibility Mean on Social Media?

    Social media visibility is a specific type of online visibility that takes place on social platforms. 

    If your brand does well with social media visibility, then your posts will appear on more social media feeds and have a higher chance of getting clicks, likes, and shares. 

    Your social media presence should reflect the overall visibility of your brand. 

    How Does Social Media Increase Your Visibility?

    Social media provides a perfect platform for increasing visibility. Social networks are full of potential leads and customers. 

    After all, do you know anyone who doesn’t have at least one social media account? The odds are you don’t. 

    Social media is also an inexpensive marketing channel. 

    Rather than pricey advertising and brand deals, social media posts can come at no upfront cost for basic posts on your own pages. 

    You can also use social media to engage directly with your followers by responding to their questions, liking their user-generated content, and following them back. 

    This helps you gain trust and increase your visibility. 

    In addition, social media is a place where you can explore different formats and content types from your website or other channels. 

    You have a greater ability to have fun and create a distinct and interesting brand personality. 

    Why is Social Media Visibility Important?

    Social media is not an optional strategy for brands who want to succeed. 

    While in the past some brands might have gotten away with a minimal social presence, today’s customers spend a significant portion of their time on social platforms. 

    If you aren’t engaging with them online and using social media to your advantage, your competition will happily take your customers away from you. 

    Investing in social media strategies ultimately helps you increase revenue and get more customers. 

    By boosting your visibility and focusing on expanding your social following, you can increase those areas of your business and build your brand reputation at the same time. 

    10 Ways to Increase Your Social Media Visibility

    Now that you understand why having social media visibility in your digital marketing strategies matters, let’s dive into some of the best tips and tricks you can use to increase your social media presence and create plans that work for your business goals. 

    1. Create Great Content

    The best way to increase your social media visibility is to make sure that your content is of high quality. You want to make sure that the posts you share with your audiences are carefully written and don’t have spelling or grammar errors. 

    When you have great content, you can stand out from the rest of your audience’s feed and attract the eyes of new viewers.

    2. Know When Your Audiences are Online

    Different social media platforms have different times of the day and the week when they are more active. 

    In addition to that, your specific audiences might spend certain times online and certain times away from social media. 

    Plan ahead to pick the best times to post on social media by studying your data and metrics and make sure to schedule your upcoming social media posts for those peak hours. 

    3. Include Links in Your Profiles

    Not all social media posts will allow you to post links and buttons in the post itself. 

    Having relevant links located in your bio or on your profile will help audiences find their next steps. Try including things like your contact information, links to other social media platforms, any relevant links to recent posts, and links back to your website or eCommerce store. 

    This will help you guide users along the path toward success with your brand. 

    4. Use Calls to Action

    Calls to action, or CTAs are important guides to tell users exactly what to do next. 

    All of your social media posts should play into a larger social media strategy, so using calls to action ensures that when a post is viewed by your readers, it takes them to the right place to continue their buyer journey. 

    This also increases visibility for your brand and builds trust with your customers. 

    5. Engage with Your Followers

    Social media provides you with the ability to connect directly to your audiences. 

    Rather than hoping that your customers come to you, you can directly message them, respond to their posts, answer questions, and build relationships that last. 

    If you aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity to talk to customers, you won’t be able to build trust and expand your brand visibility on social media. 

    6. Explore New Formats

    Not all social media is just a text post or an image. There are countless formats you can explore, like videos, polls, surveys, live broadcasts, questions, GIFs, memes, infographics, and more. 

    By changing up the format of your posts and keeping things interesting, you can make your profile more interesting and engaging to users, which helps people find your brand interesting and go out of their way to follow you.

    7. Collaborate with New Partners

    Social media isn’t just about posting your own content. It’s also about collaboration with different partners and working with different brands. 

    You can use social media to work together with other brands for a creative collaborative experience or use user-generated content to showcase how customers are interacting with your brand. 

    You can also partner with influencers to help promote your products and expand your social media visibility to new audiences. 

    8. Don’t Forget About Hashtags

    Hashtags are an important part of social media. 

    While they aren’t the most important element of social media posting on many platforms, they still help you categorize and index your social media posts. 

    This allows your posts to be found by new people who might not have otherwise heard of your brand. 

    Make sure to include a hashtag strategy in your social media planning and pick the best hashtag options for your brand.

    9. Take Advantage of Visual Formats

    There are many ways to visually communicate with audiences. 

    While some platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are 100% visual, you can still use your other social media accounts in interesting ways. 

    Try doing Facebook Live broadcasts or LinkedIn videos to showcase your visual messages, and add images to your regular text posts for an additional bit of interest on your timeline. 

    Infographics, memes, carousels, charts, and diagrams can also help you add visual interest to your posts.

    10. Connect with Your Audiences

    Social media is all about connection. It brings people together and allows you to connect to your audiences on a personal level. 

    Your brand should use social media to create genuine, emotional connections with your followers and prove that you understand them and their concerns. 

    When you continue to build relationships and engage with your audiences, it builds trust in your brand and helps you expand your social media visibility. 

    Wrap Up

    Your social media visibility is what gets your posts and messages in front of audiences. 

    If you don’t have the right boost strategies in place, you can risk losing out on potential followers and views on your posts. 

    By committing to a social media visibility strategy and following these tips, you can increase your follower count, improve your click rates, and get more leads. 

    Visibility is only one aspect of social media, which is becoming a more valuable part of digital marketing each and every day. 

    To learn more about the power of social media, check out our blog on social media marketing. There you’ll learn the best strategies for success on each of the major social platforms as well as ideas on how you can grow. 


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