9 Thought Leadership Examples You’ll Love to Know

Sharing your knowledge and experience to showcase your business as a thought leader in your industry is easier than you might think. Here are a few excellent examples to help jumpstart your journey.

9 Thought Leadership Examples You’ll Love to Know

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The buzzword thought leader is one that’s been around for quite some time. 

While it technically means someone who is considered an authority or leader in their industry, it can have other connotations, too.

For example, a thought leader could be a company that is exceptionally experienced and successful within its given marketplace. 

Or it can be a compilation of content from individuals who know an industry better than anybody else, as showcased by a brand’s content marketing to spread the word about important topics.

To help you on your way to becoming an individual thought leader or in positioning your business as one, we’ve compiled this list of nine powerful thought leadership examples to consider.

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    1. Grow by Acorns and CNBC

    Grow example

    When the micro-investment app Acorns decided to pair with media outlet CNBC, the end result was a blog that consumers could turn to with all of their biggest financial questions.

    While the website is a co-project between two companies, it shows that both organizations are able to take the trust they’ve earned with their respective audiences and bring it together to create a blog that gives the most value possible.

    Through interviews with billionaire investors, financial experts, and more, Grow is a blog that covers nearly every aspect of financial wellness. 

    While only a small amount of their content is about investing — Acorns’ industry — they already know that there are plenty of opportunities to provide great information to people that could eventually become customers in the future. 

    And that’s what makes this blog a good example of thought leadership.

    2. American Express Business Class Blog

    Business Class example

    Content can be an incredibly powerful way to showcase a company’s talents within a given industry. 

    In the case of American Express, the financial giant helps startups and small companies with sage advice in its Business Class blog.

    On this page, the company regularly posts business tips, ideas, marketing advice, and a whole lot more. 

    With the power of the American Express name behind the content, they’re leveraging trust that the company has earned within the financial and banking markets, while also providing a lot of solid information their audience needs to thrive.

    3. REI’s Blog

    REI example

    While not always, blogs are usually a great way for any brand to showcase their knowledge of their industry and build customer trust. 

    Outdoor brand REI’s website is a great example of this.

    Not only do they use the words “expert advice” in the heading, but they also continue to post on a variety of outdoor living and activity-related topics.

    For example, one could learn about what to pack for a hiking adventure and then find those items at the retailer’s online store.

    This allows the brand to position themselves in a place of trust by using content curated by experts, while also giving suggestions of products within their catalog that fulfills the needs brought up in the articles. 

    It’s a great strategy and example as to how eCommerce companies can also be thought leaders.

    4. Deloitte’s Research Page

    Deloitte example

    When most people think about financial research, they might not know that the vast majority is handled by just one of the few major accounting firms in the United States. 

    Deloitte is one of those companies and they’re helping spread the ideas behind their extensive research through a special page on their website.

    Their Insights blog includes information about retail shopping surveys, consumer trends, and other highly important topics. 

    While it is relevant to note that the data they provide is mainly only crucial for those in certain industries, it does show that they’re working as a thought leader by providing critical industry insights that help companies make better decisions.

    5. Txchnologist by GE

    Txchnologist example

    As a microsite, Txchnologist doesn’t seem like something more than just a generalized blog. 

    However, dig a little deeper and you will see that it is actually the brainchild of General Electric (GE) — one of the biggest global firms in the world.

    The coolest part about this page as a thought leadership example is that it highlights areas where other companies are using their technology to increase their respective industries.

    Instead of just including niche information, it looks at how a global marketplace can use GE’s innovations to grow. 

    In the end, this creates excitement, buzz, and showcases the firm as a global leader.

    6. Johnson & Johnson’s Website

    Johnson & Johnson example

    There’s no doubt that Johnson & Johnson is a household name in the personal care, health, and wellness industries. 

    State of Marketing Report 2024

    Whether you’re talking basic beauty products or major medical breakthroughs, they’re constantly looking for ways to draw attention to their hundreds of brands within the marketplace.

    A unique way they’ve done this is through the blog and content of their website. 

    Not only does it position them as a trusted source, but it offers answers that people are looking for when they need valuable advice. 

    It is an excellent example of thought leadership, as it shows even massive corporations can connect directly to consumers.

    7. Marie Forleo’s MarieTV

    MarieTV example

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a few years, you’ve probably heard of Marie Forleo

    This entrepreneur and businesswoman has made it her mission to help others live their best lives. 

    Whether it is through her regular website content, email blasts, or B-School course series, Forleo’s sole goal is to give people the guidance necessary to thrive.

    Her path to success has certainly been unconventional, but that doesn’t make it any less special. 

    Once a trader on Wall Street and a dance instructor, she’s learned how to harness the power of content marketing to leverage herself as one of the best resources for those looking to learn new skills, overcome bad habits, and grow a business from scratch.

    That’s where her MarieTV content comes into play. 

    The whole web series isn’t focused on what she’s accomplished, but on how others in business can get the best from both their professional and personal lives. 

    Likewise, Forleo is always interviewing specific thought leaders, which makes her content an excellent example of how one can showcase the best of the best in a way that inspires.

    8. IBM

    IBM example

    Big corporations can be excellent thought leadership examples, too. 

    In fact, IBM has dedicated an entire section on their website to the topic of growth through knowledge. 

    There, they discuss different areas where their team innovators are making huge strides, such as AI and cloud computing.

    What makes this example a little different is that the company is choosing to highlight individual, lesser-known thought leaders through their content. 

    They know they have special people who are incredibly talented at what they do, which is why they use the blog as a way to shine light on many people instead of just their brand. 

    For that, they’re a great example of how companies can thank talent for all of their hard work with additional recognition.

    9. Rock Content’s International SEO Case Study

    Rock Content example.

    We can’t write up a blog post about powerful thought leadership examples without first tooting our own horn, right? 

    Our Rock Content writers and experts are constantly working to bring value to our audience — that’s you! — through engaging and informative content.

    Simply put, we try to be your best resource for all things related to business, digital marketing, management, content marketing, and more. 

    A great example is our International SEO Case Study, which outlines how we’ve gotten to where we are today without spending anything on ads.

    Our experience with growth is designed to show you that you can achieve great things with digital marketing without spending a ton on paid advertising. 

    We highly encourage you to take a look at it and decide how you can implement a similar process in your own content marketing.

    Wrap Up: Excellent Thought Leadership Examples to Consider

    Sharing knowledge with the world is a powerful way to excite and inspire, which is why we’ve just outlined nine powerful thought leadership examples to motivate you. 

    We hope you find this information useful and take what you’ve learned to expand your own mark within your unique industry.

    Ready to showcase your knowledge and become a thought leader in your industry? Take inspiration from these nine excellent examples and start your journey today.

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